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How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence


In a world where competition is fierce, survival strategies are a must. Whether you like it or not, you have been faced with a challenging task to protect, preserve, and advance your interests. You’ve gotta work hard and keep your head in the game. You’ve got to bring your “A” game always or else, you fall behind and falling behind is the worst thing that can happen to you. The world has taught you to be competitive, strong, and motivated. You’ve gotta have the guts to chase your goals and achieve them. The weak will always lose. And it seems like there is no place for the second winners. All benefits go to the champions. The world has come to a point that, with work, sometimes there will be no breather; no time to replenish your energies you’ve given off for a day.

Okay, we’re talking about reality here… but it’s not the kind of competition that would allow blood to be shed. Okay, you may have gone overboard from understanding the above statements. We mean no animalistic or savage uncivilized competitions like the animals who live with their natural instincts; the kind of instincts that would only drive them to protect oneself and by protecting oneself, sometimes it means killing the opponent. No, it’s not like that, but at some aspects, yes! Yes, it has always been the survival of the fittest. Reality check, that is what’s happening in whatever country and industry that you may be in. But you know what’s so fortunate for humans that distinguish them from animals? You probably know it. Four words − the ability to think. Again, animals act upon the guidance of their instincts; not because they have thought about it but humans they are given the capacity think and to transform their thoughts into actions. Okay, we may say that animals may be intelligent, but that is only based on their natural instincts. They act upon on what they feel to do; not necessarily on what is the right thing to do. And this, ladies and gents, is the true thing that we call intelligence.

It is through thinking that man has exhausted his ideas and thoughts with the world. It has given the world a lot of opportunities to enjoy and take advantage of. Now, brilliant minds have made the world a better and more convenient place to live in. We are talking about the ideas of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Jose Rizal, Aristotle, Alexander Fleming, and many more! Without these people, men could never prove their worth and contribution to the world. Their ideas were revolutionary. Now, things that they have created are strongly influencing every people’s behavior. Why would you choose another search engine but Google? Why do you prefer to buy iPhone amidst all other smartphone brands? You see, the world today will not be just the same without these brilliant people’s brilliant ideas… and what moved them to do all these? That’s right! Their intelligence; their capacity to think, discover, and act.

Fast forward, you are now living in a high-tech world, endowed with the greatest technological feats. It has come to a point where in all tasks that are needed to be done at home, school, and work, a certain technological gadget or machine can help you finish them. Wow! Impressive, huh. What was once impossible have become norms today. A lot has changed because of what technology has brought to the world and it all came from the brilliant minds of these technologies’ inventors and innovators! What is sure on what lies ahead in the future of high-tech industry is that there will be more tools and machines that will aid human activity; more discoveries and ideas that will be put into reality and what seems to be the next biggest thing is Artificial Intelligence.

Whoever thought that man’s capacity to think can be mimicked already through technology! Everything about artificial intelligence induces some excitement and anxiety to ordinary people like you, us. Now, people are getting more and more curious as to what artificial intelligence refers to. Let’s get to see how intelligent this artificial intelligence stuff could get!
Okay, first of all, artificial intelligence isn’t about a person learning things and stuff as he grows up with natural intelligence as his intuition and judgment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also called as machine intelligence (MI). It is the intelligent behavior of machines and robots.

So, obviously, it is not the natural intelligence that humans possess because humans are naturally expected to have the ability to think. Artificial intelligence is where machines imitate the cognitive functions of human brains. Like, for example, men’s ability to solve problems, think about solutions, reason out, and learn new concepts. Think about calculators! Calculators do sure know how to compute complicated equations that you can’t do… and oh, Google’s algorithms! And, you are probably enjoying the company of Siri who may just have the right comeback to your sarcasm and witty questions. Also, some self-driving cars or autopilot airplanes. You see, AI covers a broad range of instruments; not just through robots or machines.

The term, ‘artificial intelligence’ was coined in 1955. There are a lot of concerns about AI that have spread. Luckily, experts and AI researchers have debunked them as myths. One thing that concerns humans today is… would AI replace them? Would AI surpass natural human intelligence. Think about it, whoever made AI in the first place? And whoever made it could probably also destroy it.

The answer points out to only one powerful being − humans. In this logic and sense, the answer to that question that is packed with anxiety and fear, is a resounding NO. What’s more is that people could get panicked with a lot of concerns about AI, but look at the AI researchers! They could still sleep well at night! Experts have reassured that even though there may be cons as to what AI may bring, these are likely to happen decades later… or even NEVER. So, don’t let your fear about AI ruin the best of you.

At this point, experts have focused on the benefits that AI can offer to the world. Like, discovering cures and solutions to diseases; protecting confidential information; formulating strategic techniques to combat terrorism and crimes; conducting further research about various concepts in different fields. Let us focus on that and be positive that AI is progressing towards to the future like any other technological breakthrough with the same intent. Looks like the world is facing an even more brighter future with AI! That’s how intelligent this artificial intelligence could be!

The Money Manager: The Central Bank of all Central Banks


The world works materialistically. This is the reality. Everything that contributes to the persistence and survival of human activities on Earth involves man-made crafts, tools, gadgets, and machines. Such are what people refer to as technology. In modern times, these instruments are now essentials in order for people to perform their everyday tasks and routines. Aside from these, the world is also gifted with a wide range of resources. Men enjoy the perks of the Earth’s diverse creations. Out of all these natural resources, raw materials are extracted which are then used to manufacture various products. These products may be food turned into the best cuisines or the hottest and trendiest gadgets you can ever hope for.

These materials are becoming more sophisticated as people are experiencing the 21st century going further. With their sophistication and much convenience that they bring to people’s lives, they are worth a good sum of money. You see, you don’t get to have all of these for free! The world does not work that way. For every material in this world, there is a corresponding price to pay off. Nothing is really free. Name a thing, a price tag is always attached to it. A payoff is bound to happen. So, what should be exchanged to have the thing you want to have? Well, the answer is obvious. MONEY. The world revolves around money and it works because of money realistically speaking.

If there is a thing that all people would want to have an unlimited supply of, it is probably money. Who would not want to have money! Money can buy you anything. Do you want the latest released cell phone of Apple? You want to dine in the best restaurant in town? Do you want to travel all around the world? You want to live in the most luxurious house in the villa? Do you need to take a taxi cab going to work every day? Do you want to hold the grandest birthday party ever? You can have these if you pretty much have “the money.” People work hard and dedicate their whole life to earn what? Money.

The problem is, not all can have the money they want. That is why money may be considered very important and precious. Ideally, money is not everything. Happiness is not guaranteed that money can give but with it, you can buy ice cream that will make you happy, so, it is kinda’ the same. In the end, money could really give happiness to a person. Imagine having everything that you desire. Life would just be amazing! Use your money with caution, though and take note that not everything may have its price. Like a person, like you. You are priceless.
With all the wonders that money may bring, have you ever wondered that where money comes from? Like, who makes money. Who controls money? That person may be just the most powerful being on Earth. You are curious, aren’t you? Everyone is. Let us uncover some facts about who or what controls money.

Money is mass produced by an official and legal entity. It is not something that an ordinary person can make. That would be illegal. When we talk about the keepers of money, then, it is probably a bank. In this case, though, it is a nation’s central bank. Meaning, it not just any ordinary bank. Now, a country’s central bank manipulates the flow of money depending on its influence and on the country’s economic condition. Surely, money is not just being produced carelessly. There should be enough money and at the same time, not too much of it. Central banks like US’ Central Bank (Federal Reserve), European Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, and Bank of Japan are three of the most prominent central banks in the world.

Take it this way. If a country’s economy is a person, then, the heart is a country’s central bank. Just like how a heart pumps blood for a person to live, a central bank produces money to keep a country’s economy healthy. But hey, money is worldwide! It is used everywhere. Ever thought who controls all the money in the world? Well, only a handful of people are aware of this fact. There is an immensely powerful international organization that confidentially controls the money supply on Earth. It is the central bank of all central banks. It is called the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which has headquarters in Basel, Switzerland but also has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City.

Fifty eight central banks are affiliated with it. The BIS is deemed as unelected and unaccountable to any national government. It enjoys full immunity from any national taxation and laws. BIS was originally used to launder money during World War 2 to the Nazis. Now, its purpose is to direct the global financial economy. You see, it lays out the instructions on the financial game.

These make the BIS powerful even more than the US economy! You may not know it, but the elite central bankers would gather in Basel for a Global Economy Meeting every two months. In those meetings, decisions are made that could affect the buying behavior of the young and adult both the rich and the poor. The elite would decide whether to increase or decrease the equivalent values of currencies; to fix or to not fix the price of gold; and to raise or lower interest rates. At first, the elite met at an abandoned hotel to keep a low profile, but in 1977, they decided to move in a more convenient meeting place. The building that they have built is described to be an odd-looking eighteen high-storey circular building in a medieval city. Soon, it became known as the Tower of Basel. BIS’ secrecy is not really democratic in a widely democratic world. The elite rebuts this argument that big decisions are important and too crucial to be left to the people. The BIS elite believe that a global governance is what the world needs; hence, they are trying to unite all central banks in a single monetary system. Ambitious, huh.

Okay, everything above may sound boring and too technical but trust this, that’s just how the money world works. If you wanna know more about the BIS, well, now, they have a website that you can visit. Not so discreet of them, right! Now, you see the importance of money. It is now a global issue like health, education, and politics that to some extent, an international entity has to be created to direct the money flow in the world.

The Influential and Capacitated Toyota


The world is endowed with all the nature and resources it needs. It can sustain itself because there are abundant and rich resources. These help the Earth live and get by every day. The Earth is filled with various minerals, water, air, animals, and trees or plants. But there is one that is the greatest out of all these − humans. There may be nothing more powerful and knowledgeable than people who roam around the Earth and are created by God. What makes men the freest and the most capacitated? Animals act upon their instincts, they do not think. Trees and plants are not blessed with brains. They only remain still in one place, needing not to think. Nature takes care of their living and survival. On the other hand, humans have the ability to think. They can think and create. Because of this, they have a great role to portray on making the world go round and round.

Humans are bestowed with free will and intellect. They are made stewards in this world to take care of the other natural resources. At some point, in order to care about the natural resources, men create instruments, materials, gadgets, or machines. Now, almost all human activities can be assisted by the use of such tools. They have become prominent as the 21st century goes deeper and further. These tools are what people classify as part of technology. Simple tools like a can opener and a hammer are part of the technological evolution. Complex machines like computers, cell phones, cars, and washing machines are quite essential in everyday work of people. Yes, they are used every day that to some extent, they have become part of the norm in this era. It would be odd for company offices to send handwritten letters to their business partners or product suppliers. There are now electronic mails through social media platforms that can deliver faster and more convenient for a smooth business transaction.

It is undeniable that many and various technological tools are in demand because of their vitality and helpfulness to finish tasks at home, school, and work. And it seems that even though a lot of gadgets are released almost every day, the public just can’t get enough of them! In order to cater to the public demand, a lot of companies have opened to offer high-tech products and services. Brilliant minds have united and fabricated different useful technology for communication, transportation, office transactions, and personal activities. From the cell phone industry alone, the competition between gadget brands is tight. You bet, the number of cell phones produced worldwide is equal to the ratio of human population that is enough for all people to use one. Also, different companies do not stick to producing only one product. They aspire on producing the best quality of various gadgets. A company brand may specialize in the fabrication of one product but may also produce other products. Take for example Apple and Samsung. Apple is known as a pioneer in smartphone-making but it is also producing watches and computers. Samsung is known for its video players and stereos but has also endeavored on producing one of the top quality smartphones in the industry. This is not an unusual phenomenon.

There are a lot of companies that have grown stronger and more influential as years pass. One company worthy to be mentioned is Toyota. Okay, if you have never heard even this name, then, you have lived in a cave deep in the forests. Who would not know the top tier, Toyota! You see, its popularity is due largely because of its high-tech and sophisticated released machines. There is no denial that when we say Toyota, we immediately think about cars and motorcycles. Good! That means we are on the right track. With all other competitors, Toyota managed to survive and fend for itself, establishing its own name, reputation, and dignity in the industry. You might think that there are better companies than Toyota but really, Toyota is one of the best and leading brands in the automotive industry.

Let’s get to know more about Toyota, shan’t we? Toyota’s full name is Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures automotives. It came into birth in 1924 when Sakichi Toyoda invented the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom. Its patent was sold to the Platt Brothers in 1929 which generated the capital for the automobile creation. The production of automobiles started on 1933 under the leadership of Kiichiro Toyoda who is the son of Sakichi. In 1935, the first vehicles, A1 and G1 were introduced to the public. The company’s first passenger car, the Model AA, was released in 1936. A year after, the Toyota Motor Corporation was successfully established as an independent entity. Soon after, the name Toyoda was changed into Toyota. In 1980s, Toyota received the Japanese Quality Control Award. Since then, it has participated in a wide range of motorsports. Now, the influence of Toyota can be felt worldwide as it opened branches to the local markets. From Australia to South Africa, from the Philippines to the United Kingdom, Toyota automotives are being sold. But, you see, Toyota gains the most sales in its homeland, of course! In 2007, more than 8 million yen in Japan and Northe America separately, more than 3 million yen in Europe, more than 1 million yen in Asia and all other countries separately. In 2008, for the first time, it was labeled as the largest automobile manufacturer worldwide.

Forbes recognized Toyota as the 13th Most Regarded Company around the world. As of May 2017, its market capital is an impressive $171.8 billion. It is ranked as the 3rd in sales with $249.9 billion, 11th in profit, 77th in assets, and 39th in market value. You bet, Toyota’s employees are never gonna go hungry their whole life span. How much more the owners! Now, that’s a good pay off from hard work and dedication. Today, Toyota has successfully opened plants and negotiated distributors in many countries. Well, aside from automotive products, its subsidiaries fabricate steel, cork materials, cotton, rubber, and many other raw materials.

Indeed, Toyota is a great example among all other companies that manufacture technological machines that will aid men in their everyday tasks. In this case, cars are very essential to help you arrive in your destination. Kudos to the founder and owners of Toyota; they make the transportation process better and more convenient, proving that it is men who are the most capacitated being in the Earth.

The World’s Response to the LG V30


Technology, coupled with Science and Mathematics, has proven to be quite a great trio. They have contributed in making human living simpler, easier, and better. From simple to complicated tasks, there is no doubt that technological gadgets have made them more convenient. And in this era, it looks like the world of technology still has something up in its sleeve to continue releasing even better and sophisticated gadgets that will put the world in continuous awe.

Various technological gadgets have been introduced to the public. There are cell phones that have evolved into smartphones. Tablets with different features are also being released by different company brands. Computers just like televisions are now featured on flat screens. Laptops and netbooks are like computers, but are portable. There are also machines that can provide air like electric fans and air conditioners. At work, printers and scanners are very essential. At school, projectors are now being used instead of written visual aids. At a kitchen’s home, there are refrigerators, stoves and burners, ovens, blenders, and more! Also in playing games, there are various video game consoles innovated by experts. Even though a certain technological gadget unit has been produced, they are also continually being developed in order to offer different and better features. You see the trend how Apple releases different versions of iPhone every year, with the aim of making better innovations.

It is certain that one of the most useful and most common technological gadget is a cell phone. It is like the basic thing that every person, at least, should own. It has evolved into a ‘must-have’ and not just a ‘want’ anymore. And yes, it is overrated because it should be. Now, you can almost do anything with a phone. You can call, text, connect to the internet, make video calls, make voice records, take notes, take pictures, videos and view them. Name it, no task is impossible to do with a cell phone or more specifically, with a smart phone! There is a lot that you can do, you bet! But whatever ‘good thing’ that the world is enjoying right now, brilliant inventors and innovators seem to never cease innovating. Yes, there are a lot of cell phone companies and brands that have taken the challenge on manufacturing the best cell phones that you can have.

One of the persistent and leading smartphone company brands is the LG. Yes, yes, life’s good with LG. Its latest and trendiest cell phone released is the LG V30. It was released on September 21 in South Korea. Ever since, it has been positively contributing to the technological phenomenon that smartphones have started. Soon, it will be gracing the US markets. However, an unfortunate news would be that the LG V30 would be limited, not being made available in some markets in other countries. The LG V30 maybe just a month old in the market, but it has been gaining love and interest from people all over the world. The reason lies in the features and specifications of the smartphone. Let’s get into details. So, let your imagination do the work from here on.

The LG V30 has a 128GB storage capacity. In the US, it costs $800 but may vary depending on the carrier. The phone is available in four different colors: Aurora Black, Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, and Cloud Silver. So, you can choose your own color. In some markets, a B&O Play earphone is packaged with the phone. It has a dimension of 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm (5.97 x 2.97 x 0.29 in) and a weight of 158 grams. Of course, it’s a touchscreen! The display size is 6.0 inches, 92.9 cm2. With this, you can say that this phone is quite large. Its glass protection is featured with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Its OS platform is Android 7.1.2 (Nougat). You can either have a single or dual sim card and a microSD memory card. Its camera is Dual 16 MP. You can connect to the wifi and make Bluetooth connections. Its default browser is HTML 5. You can enjoy your earphones with a 3.5mm jack and a loudspeaker that is believed to be the best feature. A lot of consumers claim that the LG V30 sounds amazing as it is the best sounding phone ever.

Now, everything has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although the LG V30 may be endowed with amazing features, there are also some imperfections. Here, we will be discussing some reasons why people are loving the LG V30 and why there may be some people who are hesitant on buying the phone. First, although this phone is 6-inch wide with an OLED display and is equipped with the latest hardware, it is thin and lightweight. So, it is quite handy and comfortable to carry around. Second, it has a dual camera which is of high quality. Okay, it may not have the best camera, but it is relevantly better than others.

Also, there is no worry in recording videos in a noisy environment as the phone will filter the noise. That’s impressive! It is equipped with a wide range of cool video editing tools and adjustable filters. Third, its sound system. It features a HiFi Quad DAC that boosts high quality sound and power to your earphones. Now, the worst parts. First, its display. The screen can suffer from blotchiness and banding when brightness drops below 30% or so. Second, the software is unpleasant with convoluted settings. Third, its battery life is below average. People nowadays are into smartphones that have a long span of battery time. The LG V30 features a 3,300mAh battery. It can survive a day, but there will be no enough room for some extra time.

It is inevitable for technological gadgets to have their weaknesses. That’s natural! This is the reason why cell phone manufacturers may release cell phones annually to continuously discover better features. No matter what score the experts give to LG V30, at the end of the day, it brings quite good contributions to the world of technology.

Stem Cells: Regenerative Medicine that Saves Lives


Technology has openly wonders to the world with the help of Science. The laws of Science help scientists and experts innovate machines and gadgets that would contribute to the betterment of human living. Ever since the Science world discovered 1 amazing feat, it did not stop there. The world witnessed thousands no, millions of technological advancements for more than a hundred years. We are talking about simple tools to complex machines here. These materials have dominated the technological scene and have aided people in their tasks, may it be at home, school, or work.

Technological tools and gadgets are used at home. Family members enjoy watching television and using their own personal computer or laptop. The kitchen is completely equipped with a stove, refrigerator, oven, blender, shake maker, juicer, and any cooking pans that a mother fantasize about. The living room or bedrooms are placed with electric fans or air conditioners. At school, teachers use laptops and flat screen televisions as instructional methods to teach and discuss. And yes, air conditioners or electric fans are also put in classrooms or faculty rooms. What’s more is that the wireless connection is now provided by schools that let both the students and faculty have easy access to the internet which is undeniably convenient for teaching and learning. At work for the professionals, various technological machines are being used. There are computers, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets, televisions, telephones, and fax machines take part of the everyday work routine. Without these, tasks at home, school, and work will never be just the same. These have become essential gadgets that without them, tasks will not be performed.

Technological gadgets and breakthroughs have become very helpful in different life areas: politics, economics, medicine and health, education, forensics, fashion, and more. Ever wondered next breakthrough is gonna put the world in awe? One of the greatest uses of technology is when it is utilized in Science and medicine. Let’s just say giving humans another chance to live or to continue living. We have reached to the point that technological breakthroughs and discoveries can save a person’s life. Scientists and experts may not be able to raise the dead to live again, but they surely did discover something that can prolong or add more days to a suffering or ill person. Quite unbelievable, right? Not anymore. Vaccines and medicines have been fabricated to address certain illnesses.

What is dire to think about is that no cure has been made for some major diseases. But it gives the suffering patients to see their future more brightly because of a certain revolutionary discovery in medicine and Science. Remember what makes up a disease. Sicknesses just don’t appear out of the blue. They infect people. Where? How? Everything that commands a person’s physical characteristics, emotional drives, and attitude boil down to the make-up of their system. Now, we are talking about cells; cells that flow freely in a human’s bloodstream or are fixed in a person’s body organ. Yes, these cells are very small that there is still difficulty in viewing them through microscopes. So small yet so essential that these cells contain the genetic instructions as to how a person should look like and behave. When a person acquires a disease, these cells are targeted. Imagine the damage it can cause. If these cells malfunction because of being inhabited by foreign substances, abnormalities would occur. All body parts would be affected. There would be a total change of a person’s appearance, activity, and even emotions.

In the past, there was nothing that people can do when the cells are already being under attacked by foreign substances. Now, this scenario is non-existent anymore. Experts have discovered and developed on how to regenerate cells in order to replace the dead cells. There came the idea of stem cells.

Stem cells are valued preciously as they can produce more stem cells that can transform into other cells in its early life stages to make up the loss of certain cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells because of this capability. Hence, they are potent. They also have the property of self-renewal where they can undergo through numerous cycles of cell division while staying as undifferentiated state. So, where do stem cells come from? They are from two main sources: embryos in a blastocyst phase during the embryological development and in adult tissues. You see, they are abundant. These tissues may be from the brain, skeletal muscles, blood, skin, liver, and blood vessels. This idea is brilliant; it paved way to stem cell operations or what they call a regenerative medicine.

Bone marrow transplantation is by far the most widely used as a stem cell therapy. With regenerative medicine, there is no need for organ transplants anymore, which is actually limited. The cells are grown in a lab and are manipulated to grow into specialized cells. These specialized cells, then, are implanted into a person. For example, a person with a heart disease could be injected with the specialized stem cell. These cells, then, are set to contribute to the betterment of the patient’s condition. There were already many stem cell operations. One of them was a wheelchair-bound man who was given another chance to walk again after undergoing a cutting edge stem cell operation. This incident gave hope to other suffering patients. However, experts have also been very careful about the possibilities of side effects or negative consequences. There are worries that a person’s immune system would target the stem cell as a foreign substance or that a stem cell would just basically not function at all.

Currently, the experts are working hard to test if stem cell therapy can be used to treat diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and heart disease. Hopefully, they would also study about stem cell therapy for curing cancer. Yes, stem cell operations may be highly an option to treat seriously ill patients, but at this rate where further studies are still conducted, it is not really a highly-reliable and a hundred percent solution. But hey, with all the technological breakthroughs in Science and medicine, you could not be just too pessimistic on this one. There will come a time that stem cell therapies would be an established area in medicine. You see, technology has not just made life easier, simpler, and better. It can prolong life.

Human Inhabitation: Journey to Mars


Technological feats are closely-linked to the beauty of Science and Mathematics. Without Science and Mathematics, technological gadgets will not presumably be existing nowadays. Science has the laws, Mathematics does the equation. All technological breakthroughs have a scientific and mathematical explanation behind. When combined, these two are such a powerful combination. And indeed, technology has revolutionized the world, affecting different human aspects. Technology has made human living simpler, easier, and better. It has ambitioned to create and innovate ideas that never failed to put the world in awe. What was deemed impossible in the past are now mere ordinary occurrences. Technology has transformed impossibilities into possibilities.

Getting late for a job interview? Need to call an ambulance for an emergency? Want to cook different food at once? Want to listen to music where only you can hear? Need to write down a long list of notes in a short period of time? Need to pass a file to your boss who is living 7 miles away from you? You can accomplish these tasks through various technological gadgets with less effort and maximum convenience and satisfaction! Who would not want that! Nowadays, using technological tools, gadgets, and machines are part of the norm. There is nothing new to this occurrence already. And no one will question why you do such thing.

With all the endless possibilities that technology has brought, people are left to wonder what the next big thing can happen. When Apple released the first ever Iphone, the people made sure that they have it. When the MAC laptop was released, almost all corporate offices are utilizing them. When the first music device became known to the public, people soon began to enjoy streaming music wherever they are and whenever they want. When stoves came into existence, modern people abandoned the method of cooking on an open fire. Now, ask yourself, why. The answer is simple. We go back to the purpose of technology, which is to make life easier, simpler, better and more convenient. There is a great pleasure and satisfaction using these high technological tools and gadgets. Tasks at home, school, or work became quicker to accomplish. You can say that in the world of technology, there is an easy way out of doing things and performing tasks.

What is sure nowadays is that technology will continue to delight and put the world in awe with the brilliant ideas and discoveries of inventors and innovators alike. Even though there is a great level of confidence of what technology can bring in the future, some people still doubt about some prospective that ambitious people want to achieve through technology. An example of this that is worthy to be discussed is the chance to live somewhere else other than the Earth. The idea alone, in a conservative or traditional perspective, is scary. This is quite ambitious but who knows! This advancement might open to other beautiful opportunities beyond what the Earth can give.

Okay, why can’t people just stay on Earth? Why, out of all possible places to live, outside the Earth? And if not Earth, then, where else is there to live? Think about the rumors for the past few years. There is a planet that scientists and researchers believe to be inhabitable. You’re right! The “other place” being talked about here is the red planet. It is believed that the Mars can sustain life just like the Earth. Ever since this idea became known to the public, there has been a series of tests and experiments. It took not too long and not too short for the experts to solidify their claims. And what do you know next, people are aspiring to live on Mars already! Well, that escalated quickly.

It is not just the experts who are obsessed with the idea that Mars can be a place to live in for humans. Even businessmen gained interest in sending people to Mars just as how real estate agents sell off real estate homes. One prominent person who dared to claim by sending people to Mars is Elon Musk. He stated that by the year, 2024, people can be transported to Mars and be able to start their lives there.

Looks like human beings from Earth are soon not just gonna be multicultural people, but also gonna be multiplanet species. How’s that! On September 29, during the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, outlined a strategy that will let humans enjoy a casual trip to Mars. Soon after the trip, a human colony can be propagated, Musk added. Just how can this be achieved? Of course, Musk has something up his sleeve to reinforce his claim. SpaceX has created a reusable rocket which was nicknamed as FBR could travel up to 27,000 kilometers per hour or 16,777 miles per hour.

That is already deemed fast, considering all the laws of Science and Mathematical computations. In 2022, SpaceX would establish a base on the moon and then send two cargo missions to Mars that would find water and place life support mechanisms. In 2024, then, humans will travel for a trip. A city in Mars is achievable in half a decade and that in order to assure survival of the human race, humans should live on other planets, Musk continued.

This is pretty ambitious and idealistic at the time being. But with Science and Mathematics behind Musk, the best of luck goes to him. Aside from transporting humans from Earth to Mars, the BFR could be used for transportation between Earth destinations where a 48-hour travel between Canada and the Philippines could be reduced to 20 hours. Amazing, huh. Imagine how this transport could also cost you, but hey, as long as you find satisfaction with it, the hell with the price!

With this ambitious endeavor, the endless possibilities that were conceived in the realm of the Earth transcends not just between country borders anymore but beyond the Earth. Hey, what is more exciting than having a trip among the stars! Mars, here we come!

Tips to Becoming A More Efficient You


With all the developments that occurred and that are currently in progress, the world has undeniably gotten busier and busier than ever. There are more tasks to be done. The world is getting more demanding. The school requires, for some countries, 8 hours. The same goes for work. This is very demanding. There seems to be no more time to relax and rejuvenate. No breather and no oasis to refresh you. Then, it gets to the point of being exhausted. With all the demands of life, it is inevitable to get tired not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. At some point, you will be drained. Even if you love your job so much, you will need some time out.

It always seems like the survival of the fittest. The strong will conquer and the weak will be left behind. The world can be characterized like this. The level of competition is intense. Because of this, people are driven to do even more and to achieve more. Well, there is nothing wrong with aiming for what is better. It is admirable to see people who are always hungry and thirsty to know more. A healthy competition should live up to its name as healthy; not something that destroys relationships and statuses. With a lot of people working hard, competition surely will follow. And there are times that competition can become very self-destructive. Competition should drive you to do even better and to do more. It should not drive you to destroy all other competitors.

There are those who arise as champions of strong competitions and there are those who lag behind. Each person has their own different strategies. Sadly, some do not employ the best strategies that do not fit them. There is always the importance of knowing yourself in order to be more productive and efficient may it be at school or at work. A lot of experts have listed their own tips and have published self-help books that are very beneficial and that can help people discover themselves in order to do better at doing their tasks. Now, the point here is not just to arise as the champion of a competition. The essence is how to be more productive and efficient.

Here is a list of the tips that experts claim:

  1. Know thyself: Use strategies that you can take advantage of in regards to your abilities and characteristics.

2. Do not multitask: As much as possible, focus all your attention and energy to one task at a time. This will help you induce brilliant ideas for your next project.

3. Believe in teamwork: Yes, cliche as it may sound, ‘no man is an island.’ It’s true! You will always need the help of other people. So, don’t own all the problems all the tasks. Assign people to perform certain tasks. Learn to believe in others’ capabilities. You will surely accomplish much more. This also saves you from unnecessary stress.

4. Enhance communication: You need to express yourself well in order to be understood; to let the meaning of your message be understood by your classmates or colleagues. Your project will most probably fail if you have misunderstandings.

5. Plan ahead of time: The more time you have to plan, the more time there is to prepare and to make every step of your project efficiently. You also need to be flexible in case emergencies arise. You bet, there are times that not all thy plans will be done according to how you wanted them to be. Prepare yourself for some obstacles along the way, too!

6. Set schedules: Make your own deadlines ahead the real deadlines set by your teachers or by your bosses. Make sure that you follow them faithfully. Keep in mind that you have to make your schedule feasible and reachable. It is impossible to finish a big task within a day. Tomorrow is another day!

7. Organize belongings: Mess will create stress. The more clutter, the more your ideas will also be disorganized. There is a psychological effect − from what you see in your physical surroundings, you will integrate in your inner thoughts. So, clean up all those mess! You will surely be able to think straight.

8. Be optimistic: Those who think positively are believed to live longer. Who would not want that! It may be difficult to stay optimistic when you feel like your project is crashing and your plans are not going right, but trust this, you will be always to find a solution. You will also overcome this project’s problems just as how you did in the past.

9. Do extra things that will make you efficient: This stemmed out from knowing yourself. What is something that helps you do even better? Do you need to eat while working? Do you need to listen to music? Do you need to stay standing up for you to think properly? Do you need a power nap to help you remember details? Do you need to straddle your hair to calm you with your distress? Do it! Take advantage of them! Just make sure that no one else gets hurt just so you can be efficient.

10. Rest for some time: Overworking will not help. Overworked people do not produce efficient outputs. Reality is you need inspiration and some time to take a break in order to regain your strength, enthusiasm, and motivation for your next project. Rest days are very important! Use them wisely. Enjoy and do not even dare to think about work.

11. Stay away from temptations: There are a lot of distractions. One greatest distraction for both students and professionals is the internet. So, if you are working a big and important project, make sure to turn off your computers, laptops, or cell phones. Better to cut out your internet connection.

12. Balance work and life: Okay, it is difficult to balance everything. There will always come a point that you’ll get exhausted for spending too much time at work or spending too much time playing. Dedicate yourself for work on work days and work hours. When you arrive at home, leave tasks at your work place. Relax on weekdays. It is better to avoid stress than to cure to it.

13. Do not get overworked: Do not get too comfortable either. Learn to place yourself in the right condition.

14. Do not bring personal matters to your work: Act like a real professional that you are.

15. Keep your emotions steady: It is not right to bottle your emotions. This could result to worst consequences. Make sure that you have someone to talk to or something that can help you reduce stress.

16. Eat healthy: Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body. You need these. At most, eat veggies and fruits twice a day. That’s not too much to ask, right?

17. Wake up early and sleep early: This might sound impossible. The demands of work will haunt your dreams. Make sure that you get to sleep, at least, 6 hours a day. Sleep is important to regain your strength also.

18. Stay hydrated: Everyone needs water. The more tasks you are going to do, the more you will sweat. Meaning, you will lose more water. So, drink 8 glasses of water a day.

19. Do not adhere to popular opinion: You have to be odd to be number one. Do not immediately believe what other people believe in. You need not to do that. If you adhere to other people’s ideas, you will appear weak and dependent in the eyes of others. If you analyze and challenge other people’s ideas, you will be able to develop critical thinking skills and you will appear strong, independent, and smart.

20. Challenge yourself: There is always a room for improvement. You may feel great for a recent project success, but you will remain stagnant after that if you do not pursue the next level that will demand a better you.

21. Stay away from negativity: You will attract what you think, feel, and believe in. Think that everything is possible to do for the success of your project.

22. Learn to say no: Don’t be the “Yes Man” at school or at work. You will only hurt yourself while people take you for granted or take advantage of you. There is growth and strength in saying no.

23. Get fit: Being physically fit affect the way you think and behave. Undeniably, it will help you boost your confidence and aura. Dedicate some time to exercise.

24. Be brave to accept mistakes: Committing mistakes is not a sign of weakness. It shows your strength on facing the consequences of your actions. This is part of the growing up process.

25. Explore new things: You will be able to get new ideas. You will be able to broaden your thinking. Do not stay stagnant.

26. Don’t stay in your comfort zone: There is beauty in getting lost for a while. You will learn new things, places, and people that will ultimately help you learn new lessons and values.

27. Stay committed: Focus. If it is the prize, promotion, or award that motivate you, then, go for it. Better be motivated than not. Be loyal to your plans. In the end, it will be you who greatly benefit from them.

28. Make your own rules: Stay on your lane. Even if you are moving forward that is relevantly slower than others, you are still moving forward. Be at your pace.

29. Be comfortable to who you are: It is meaningless to compare yourself to others although you may set other people as your role models or good examples in life. Yes, everyone is unique, so, it is impossible to be like someone else identically. Even twins have varying characteristics and attitude.

30. Take advantage of technology: Technological feats have made life simpler, better, and easier. You can always use your gadgets to perform your tasks.

These tips may not work on every individual, so, choose those that will complement your work attitude and character. Practice them and in no time, you will be more efficient than ever before. Now, go slay those paper works!

Hero: 3D Bioprinting, Saving Lives


The structure and how the 21st century world works are unprecedented in many ways. If ancient and medieval people get to have the chance to observe the current generation’s routines, they would be in awe. Some people in this generation are even still in awe. Thanks to the different technological gadgets invented by the living brilliant minds of this era. The things and occurrences that were once believed to be impossible transformed into norms. Human activities that can be improved with the aid of technology seem to be ordinary situations. These became parts of the everyday routines of almost all people. You say it, may it be for school, work, or home tasks, you’ll be thankful for the help of technology. From school alone, students are bombarded with projects that require a lot of their energy. The question now is, can the students finish all their tasks manually? That’s not sure. They need their cell phones or even iPads to take pictures of their notes rather than to waste their time writing them down on a notebook. They surely will need to write a lot of information. No worries! They can now use a printer to write their essays or to draw pictures. Surely, cell phones and printers are such resourceful ideas! At work, we are talking’ about paper works here. Obviously, you need to photocopy or print contents as well. Undeniably, there are still more brilliant technological perks.

Technology covers not only complex machines, but also simple tools. Meaning, its scope is wide, proving that it has been improving through time. Knives, scissors, ball pens, roller skates, electric fans, microwave ovens, televisions, light bulbs, cell phones, and computers − these are just a few examples of what is referred to as technology. Having a diverse set of tools, this implicates that different technological gadgets are quite helpful in different human areas; areas like in education, health, environment, politics, economics, development, and the like. It is amazing how technology has changed the behavior and the ways of the world.

Technology, through the different technological feats, have blessed the world in countless ways. This puts technology in a position where people demand more what it can do to make life simpler, easier, and better. One of the amazing ways that a technology can do is to print. We are talking about printers here. A printer is one of the most essential equipments that a school or workplace should have. Trust this, within one semester, one student prints 200-400 pages of school work. How much more in the corporate world where things get to be more serious. An ordinary company would house 10-20 printers approximately. Imagine how many contents are needed to be printed. Printing makes up a big cost in a company’s budget. That is reasonable. There is no day that there will be no activities that will require printing some papers.

Printing contents provide you a hard copy of an information that you need. You can print both write-ups and pictures. You can print anything you want. If only people can print real food and clothes, I will print non-stop. Who knows it might come to a point where food and clothes can be downloaded already. We’ll anticipate when that time comes. Imagine printing things in 3D? This would give an illusion that the printed material is really real.

This might be impossible and too ambitious to achieve, but believe it or not, 3D printing has made its way into the modern world. Exciting! Can we now print food and clothes. Well, that’s not the main reason why 3D printing was put into existence. It is believed that 3D printing was invented to study materials more carefully, hoping that circumstances will improve. 3D printing gave hope to scientists, experts, and even to people who have serious sicknesses or diseases. Printing 3D organs seem to be monopolizing the spotlight of 3D printing. So what if people can now print human or other organs in 3D? That’s such a breakthrough! So, let us get to know more about it.

A printable organ is an artificially-structured material with the purpose of organ replacement. In short, it is used for transplantation of organs. 3D printing was first introduced in 2003 when Thomas Boland from Clemson University filed a patent for inkjet printing cells. The process became known to be bioprinting and has been further developed. This is good news! This could solve the problem of shortage in donor organs. One of the few doctors interested in bioprinting is Dr. Anthony Atala from Winston Salem in North Carolina. He has been printing complex organs, cells, and bones through “ITOP.” ITOP stands for Integrated Tissue and Organ Printing System that weighs about 800 pounds. Instead of printing in ink, the ITOP prints using human cells. A small piece of a tissue from a patient is extracted. Then, the tissue’s cells are expanded. A new organ is then created that naturally came from the patient’s very own cells. There is a layer by layer construction of an organ to form a cell scaffold. The ITOP uses data from MRI and CT Scans to tailor-fit patients’ organs. This is revolutionary, but some people may find this skeptical. The people behind 3D printing knows and that it will take time to have government approval on transplanting 3D organs into human beings. 3D organ printing can be done through different techniques. It can be through Drop-based bioprinting or through Extrusion bioprinting.

This is quite promising. A lot of companies are already manufacturing bioprinters. One of them is Russia’s 3D Printing Solutions. Printing complex 3D organs like the heart, brain, kidney, and liver have been subjects of researches. What is sure right now is the hope of patients to finally have their desired transplant has the possibility to be realized. This means that more lives will be saved. Whoever thought that printing could be upgraded into 3D style and that could actually make a mark in saving lives! It is both brilliant and wonderful at the same time. With this technology’s pure reason of existence, experts will surely do their best to advance it. The future is getting brighter, isn’t it?

To Slack or To Basecamp?


The magnanimity of technological advancements has opened a lot of different opportunities. Tasks that were once thought to be impossible to happen have become possible. Technological gadgets, from computers to cell phones, play vital roles in how a modern world works. May it be both for work or play, you will surely need the assistance or enjoy the company of a high technological gadget. Getting deeper into the 21st century, there is no denial that living in an era like this, blessed with technological advancements, technological advancements have become a norm. It becomes an ordinary scenario where grade school students have their own cell phones already and that they have their own facebook accounts. Gosh. People from the 90s even just opened their facebook accounts approximately at the age of 20. The world we are living in right now is truly unprecedented.

Mention any task you have to do in a day, surely, you can do them more conveniently and even better with the aid of complex machines. One of the greatest gifts technology bestowed on humanity is the ability to communicate or contact people. You want to talk to your friend in Alaska? To your cousin in Brazil? Or to your long-distance boyfriend in Japan? No sweat. Through computers, laptops, cell phones, and everything in between, you can now call and connect with other people coming from the different continents of the world. You can call, text, send emails, do video chat, or even sing together and compose a word document together. Amazing! To an ancient person’s perspective, this is impossible. Well, guess what? It is not anymore. More than texting or calling whoever you want living 20,000 miles from you, you can now contact them through different social media platforms and different mobile applications that your smartphone supports. How convenient, huh. You can use them with different purposes as more and even better cell phone and gadget features are being developed. What else could get better than this!
When we talk about having fun with technological applications or software, there are endless stories to tell. The same goes for using what technology can offer in business endeavors of the business-minded people. You see, technology caters to all facets in life and to all other needs or wants of the people − the customers. A lot of companies offer sophisticated software and applications that can ease the work of businessmen and office workers.

Have you ever heard of “Slack?” Okay, we are talking about the noun and not the verb. Those two are different. The word stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. Slack is a software that offers team collaboration tools and services which are cloud-based. The collaborative software was founded on 2013 by Stewart Butterfield of Stack Technologies. To put it simply, Slack is a chatting program, but not like your usual chatting platform through yahoo/google mail and facebook. It once started as an internal tool used by a company to develop an online game. As years, pass by, Slack was destined to face a bigger world. Inside Slack, you will find yourself with a workspace owner, workspace admins, members, and guests. You can connect with them if ever you are planning for your new business proposal, next board meeting, or the company goals you want to achieve. The components of Slack include Teams and workspaces, Channels, Messages, Search feature, and notification area. Slack gets you covered. A lot of customer rate their Slack experience as something great, client-centered, and user navigation friendly. Indeed, Slack offers a digital workspace like no other thing did before. It is proved that Slack is where work happens!

Another notable digital workspace provider is Basecamp. No, we are not camping at the base this time. Basecamp is web application founded by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim in Illinois on 1999. It is formerly known as the 37 Signals. It allows you to chat with other your colleagues, regularly check your team’s work progress, plot schedules, and create and upload various documents. Basecamp offers a digital working space for all the corporate people whose needs and wants may vary.

Technically speaking, though, Slack is more of a collaboration chat platform while Basecamp is a project management tool. In Slack, users communicate in a collaborative environment. In Basecamp, users work virtually for a project on a digital platform.

nullThese two software are so good that it is inevitable no to compare one from each other. So, now, you are faced with a dilemma, “to Slack or to Basecamp?” This is not easy to decide for those who had great experiences of these two. Let us compare the two, shan’t we? Both has operating sytems of Appls OSX, Windows, and Linux. It is compatible to Windows, IOS, and Android. Basecamp may relatively have a higher price. Basecamp features Activity Dashboards, Activity Management, Activity Tracking, Employee Profile, File Management, and Message Boards, among all others which Slack does not offer. On the other hand, Slack features Application Integration, Call Sharing, Authentication and Security, Data Encryption, Document Imaging, File Transfer, Mobile Integration, and Video Support, among all others which Basecamp lacks.

If you are a meticulous client, it may take some time which to choose. Aside from these two, there are all other highly-competent and reliable online workspaces that you can utilize. The advancement of technology to offer different applications and software nowadays, opens the eye of future generations that further technological feats will come. Who knew how technology could transform connection and collaboration in this modern world.

Spying on Your Children’s Online Activities


As the world gets to witness the perks of being technologically equipped, every task, may it be small or big, is possible. The world goes deeper and further into the 21st century, blessed with technological advancements being created by brilliant innovators from all around the world. You bet, people from the past generation would die to live in this era, but they are already dead, so… (I’ll just leave this hanging).

From simple tools like can openers and watches up to complex machines like computers and databases, they all aid in worldly activities. These gadgets are so common that they are part of the norm; so common that people take them for granted. Nowadays, young and adults alike, are familiar with every necessary gadget that a person should have. Come one, who does not have a cell phone or a facebook account!

Adults are well-versed when it comes to adapting or adjusting to new trends or changes. This, however, is not the same in the case for children. The children of this generation are overwhelmed with the technological phenomenon. They are living in an era where high technological feats already exist. For these children, such gadgets are already part of the norm. This means that in whatever activities that they may be engaged in, technology would take part in it. They want to watch their favorite cartoons? Listen to music? Call their friends? Pass assignments online? Take exams online? Play interactive games? Color an online drawing book or draw on an online sketch pad? Children have easy access to these already whenever and wherever they want. This is quite convenient for them. Through this, they also learn a lot of skills and digest updated information available in the world wide web. The services or features of technological gadgets are really amazing for growing children as long as these facilitate the children’s growth and learning.

Yes, there are always pros and cons for everything. However, it is important to be reminded that the technological advancements that people enjoy right now were invented and created by their inventors with the purest intent and that is to make life easier, simpler, and better. Who would not want that! In this case, the problem arises with the fact that the internet that kids can access through their gadgets are immense. The very strength of the internet could inflict possible harm to children. It is inevitable that different ads or information are presented on any website. Sure, people need to be informed about the latest happenings or things. These advertisements vary. There are advertisements for jobs, games, food, beauty products, home appliances, gadgets or clothes, but what if your child happens to encounter malicious contents? Harmful but inevitable. So, as parents, you have to be very careful on what you introduce your child into. You have to make sure that you guide and monitor your children’s online whereabouts. Basically, we are talking about spying your children. Some people may perceive this negatively, but some do view this positively if they really want to protect their child from online harm. Okay, that may be a breach of their privacy, but hey, they need to be directed and taught.

When we say online harm, this means different things. They may be exposed to violent content games or to violence, in general. They may be encountered with obscene, adult content like porn. They may have met someone online who may be possibly be a pedophile and a maniac. You don’t want to put your children in these risky situations and believe it or not, there are countless children who became victims.

The government and parents could not just stand and stare, waiting for their children to be the next victims. So, there are innovative ways that can track your children’s online activities and whereabouts. And yes, you guessed it right, we are still using technological advancements to carry out this task. There are computer software and applications that will babysit your children that means spying your children.

Here’s a list:

• Family Cyber Alert: Blocks access to questionable websites. Monitors online activities. Records keystrokes and separate logs of visited websites.

• Anti-porn: Prevents access to internet porn. You can create whitelists and blacklists. You can filter keywords. Takes screen captures of online activities. You can also control amount of internet per day.

• K9 Web Protection: Restricts access time, blocks websites. View internet history. You can control and apply actions when someone opens a blocked site and can shut down internet access if there are repeated attempts.

• Kids Place: Only allows approved apps to open. You can block incoming calls and disable wireless signals.

• Abeona: Paired with a device called Monitor: Monitors mobile app usage. View call logs. Check if a gadget is online or offline.

• Bark: A smart tool that can detect messages containing cyberbullying, sexual harassments, or suicide.

If technological advancements are catering well to the beauty of unfolding better and more convenient lives, they also facilitate underground activities. You see, there are also downsides in too much connectivity and convenience. What’s important here is to make such the technological weaknesses a strength. Even if there may be negative consequences, remember that the good will always outweigh the bad. In this case, the above mentioned applications, are positive ways raising and tracking your children. The positive things of technology may have been bore negative effects, but it is still through technology that such effects could be positively countered.