Gizmo Snack is a new online magazine, targeting an audience interested in everything tech related. Our mission is simple: to provide unbiased information to those how need it. Every article hosted by Gizmo Snack has been written by the following journalistic code:

“Simple and concise, makes you quickly wise”

Our team is small yet creative, professional and hardworking. We don’t give up when we’re in trouble, we actually like it. You would think that means we’re less fun, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re all enjoying producing content for Gizmo Snack, there’s almost no obligation in what we do, and feeling that way makes us relaxed, proud and focused.

From time to time, we test things. We write reviews for those who understand there’s much more behind tech specs. We built special benchmarks for each type of gadget that passes through our hands. Then we compare them.

Big G logoBut what differentiates us from the rest of the online magazines out there is that we make our tests in the real world, not in a lab. We like to take our time with appliances. I.e. powering on and off a vacuum cleaner is not enough. You have to actually use it for a couple of times before you know what’s good, but especially what’s wrong with it. Same goes with smartphones, tablets, and so on. We take new laptops to bed with us. We use fitness bands while hiking. We drop things down, just to see if they hold. Occasionally, we kick, chew, spill water, punch, tear, shake and in some cases, even eat the things we test. Just like you do in real life. Because we’re Gizmo Snack.