The World’s Response to the LG V30


Technology, coupled with Science and Mathematics, has proven to be quite a great trio. They have contributed in making human living simpler, easier, and better. From simple to complicated tasks, there is no doubt that technological gadgets have made them more convenient. And in this era, it looks like the world of technology still has something up in its sleeve to continue releasing even better and sophisticated gadgets that will put the world in continuous awe.

Various technological gadgets have been introduced to the public. There are cell phones that have evolved into smartphones. Tablets with different features are also being released by different company brands. Computers just like televisions are now featured on flat screens. Laptops and netbooks are like computers, but are portable. There are also machines that can provide air like electric fans and air conditioners. At work, printers and scanners are very essential. At school, projectors are now being used instead of written visual aids. At a kitchen’s home, there are refrigerators, stoves and burners, ovens, blenders, and more! Also in playing games, there are various video game consoles innovated by experts. Even though a certain technological gadget unit has been produced, they are also continually being developed in order to offer different and better features. You see the trend how Apple releases different versions of iPhone every year, with the aim of making better innovations.

It is certain that one of the most useful and most common technological gadget is a cell phone. It is like the basic thing that every person, at least, should own. It has evolved into a ‘must-have’ and not just a ‘want’ anymore. And yes, it is overrated because it should be. Now, you can almost do anything with a phone. You can call, text, connect to the internet, make video calls, make voice records, take notes, take pictures, videos and view them. Name it, no task is impossible to do with a cell phone or more specifically, with a smart phone! There is a lot that you can do, you bet! But whatever ‘good thing’ that the world is enjoying right now, brilliant inventors and innovators seem to never cease innovating. Yes, there are a lot of cell phone companies and brands that have taken the challenge on manufacturing the best cell phones that you can have.

One of the persistent and leading smartphone company brands is the LG. Yes, yes, life’s good with LG. Its latest and trendiest cell phone released is the LG V30. It was released on September 21 in South Korea. Ever since, it has been positively contributing to the technological phenomenon that smartphones have started. Soon, it will be gracing the US markets. However, an unfortunate news would be that the LG V30 would be limited, not being made available in some markets in other countries. The LG V30 maybe just a month old in the market, but it has been gaining love and interest from people all over the world. The reason lies in the features and specifications of the smartphone. Let’s get into details. So, let your imagination do the work from here on.

The LG V30 has a 128GB storage capacity. In the US, it costs $800 but may vary depending on the carrier. The phone is available in four different colors: Aurora Black, Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, and Cloud Silver. So, you can choose your own color. In some markets, a B&O Play earphone is packaged with the phone. It has a dimension of 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm (5.97 x 2.97 x 0.29 in) and a weight of 158 grams. Of course, it’s a touchscreen! The display size is 6.0 inches, 92.9 cm2. With this, you can say that this phone is quite large. Its glass protection is featured with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Its OS platform is Android 7.1.2 (Nougat). You can either have a single or dual sim card and a microSD memory card. Its camera is Dual 16 MP. You can connect to the wifi and make Bluetooth connections. Its default browser is HTML 5. You can enjoy your earphones with a 3.5mm jack and a loudspeaker that is believed to be the best feature. A lot of consumers claim that the LG V30 sounds amazing as it is the best sounding phone ever.

Now, everything has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although the LG V30 may be endowed with amazing features, there are also some imperfections. Here, we will be discussing some reasons why people are loving the LG V30 and why there may be some people who are hesitant on buying the phone. First, although this phone is 6-inch wide with an OLED display and is equipped with the latest hardware, it is thin and lightweight. So, it is quite handy and comfortable to carry around. Second, it has a dual camera which is of high quality. Okay, it may not have the best camera, but it is relevantly better than others.

Also, there is no worry in recording videos in a noisy environment as the phone will filter the noise. That’s impressive! It is equipped with a wide range of cool video editing tools and adjustable filters. Third, its sound system. It features a HiFi Quad DAC that boosts high quality sound and power to your earphones. Now, the worst parts. First, its display. The screen can suffer from blotchiness and banding when brightness drops below 30% or so. Second, the software is unpleasant with convoluted settings. Third, its battery life is below average. People nowadays are into smartphones that have a long span of battery time. The LG V30 features a 3,300mAh battery. It can survive a day, but there will be no enough room for some extra time.

It is inevitable for technological gadgets to have their weaknesses. That’s natural! This is the reason why cell phone manufacturers may release cell phones annually to continuously discover better features. No matter what score the experts give to LG V30, at the end of the day, it brings quite good contributions to the world of technology.


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