The Influential and Capacitated Toyota


The world is endowed with all the nature and resources it needs. It can sustain itself because there are abundant and rich resources. These help the Earth live and get by every day. The Earth is filled with various minerals, water, air, animals, and trees or plants. But there is one that is the greatest out of all these − humans. There may be nothing more powerful and knowledgeable than people who roam around the Earth and are created by God. What makes men the freest and the most capacitated? Animals act upon their instincts, they do not think. Trees and plants are not blessed with brains. They only remain still in one place, needing not to think. Nature takes care of their living and survival. On the other hand, humans have the ability to think. They can think and create. Because of this, they have a great role to portray on making the world go round and round.

Humans are bestowed with free will and intellect. They are made stewards in this world to take care of the other natural resources. At some point, in order to care about the natural resources, men create instruments, materials, gadgets, or machines. Now, almost all human activities can be assisted by the use of such tools. They have become prominent as the 21st century goes deeper and further. These tools are what people classify as part of technology. Simple tools like a can opener and a hammer are part of the technological evolution. Complex machines like computers, cell phones, cars, and washing machines are quite essential in everyday work of people. Yes, they are used every day that to some extent, they have become part of the norm in this era. It would be odd for company offices to send handwritten letters to their business partners or product suppliers. There are now electronic mails through social media platforms that can deliver faster and more convenient for a smooth business transaction.

It is undeniable that many and various technological tools are in demand because of their vitality and helpfulness to finish tasks at home, school, and work. And it seems that even though a lot of gadgets are released almost every day, the public just can’t get enough of them! In order to cater to the public demand, a lot of companies have opened to offer high-tech products and services. Brilliant minds have united and fabricated different useful technology for communication, transportation, office transactions, and personal activities. From the cell phone industry alone, the competition between gadget brands is tight. You bet, the number of cell phones produced worldwide is equal to the ratio of human population that is enough for all people to use one. Also, different companies do not stick to producing only one product. They aspire on producing the best quality of various gadgets. A company brand may specialize in the fabrication of one product but may also produce other products. Take for example Apple and Samsung. Apple is known as a pioneer in smartphone-making but it is also producing watches and computers. Samsung is known for its video players and stereos but has also endeavored on producing one of the top quality smartphones in the industry. This is not an unusual phenomenon.

There are a lot of companies that have grown stronger and more influential as years pass. One company worthy to be mentioned is Toyota. Okay, if you have never heard even this name, then, you have lived in a cave deep in the forests. Who would not know the top tier, Toyota! You see, its popularity is due largely because of its high-tech and sophisticated released machines. There is no denial that when we say Toyota, we immediately think about cars and motorcycles. Good! That means we are on the right track. With all other competitors, Toyota managed to survive and fend for itself, establishing its own name, reputation, and dignity in the industry. You might think that there are better companies than Toyota but really, Toyota is one of the best and leading brands in the automotive industry.

Let’s get to know more about Toyota, shan’t we? Toyota’s full name is Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures automotives. It came into birth in 1924 when Sakichi Toyoda invented the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom. Its patent was sold to the Platt Brothers in 1929 which generated the capital for the automobile creation. The production of automobiles started on 1933 under the leadership of Kiichiro Toyoda who is the son of Sakichi. In 1935, the first vehicles, A1 and G1 were introduced to the public. The company’s first passenger car, the Model AA, was released in 1936. A year after, the Toyota Motor Corporation was successfully established as an independent entity. Soon after, the name Toyoda was changed into Toyota. In 1980s, Toyota received the Japanese Quality Control Award. Since then, it has participated in a wide range of motorsports. Now, the influence of Toyota can be felt worldwide as it opened branches to the local markets. From Australia to South Africa, from the Philippines to the United Kingdom, Toyota automotives are being sold. But, you see, Toyota gains the most sales in its homeland, of course! In 2007, more than 8 million yen in Japan and Northe America separately, more than 3 million yen in Europe, more than 1 million yen in Asia and all other countries separately. In 2008, for the first time, it was labeled as the largest automobile manufacturer worldwide.

Forbes recognized Toyota as the 13th Most Regarded Company around the world. As of May 2017, its market capital is an impressive $171.8 billion. It is ranked as the 3rd in sales with $249.9 billion, 11th in profit, 77th in assets, and 39th in market value. You bet, Toyota’s employees are never gonna go hungry their whole life span. How much more the owners! Now, that’s a good pay off from hard work and dedication. Today, Toyota has successfully opened plants and negotiated distributors in many countries. Well, aside from automotive products, its subsidiaries fabricate steel, cork materials, cotton, rubber, and many other raw materials.

Indeed, Toyota is a great example among all other companies that manufacture technological machines that will aid men in their everyday tasks. In this case, cars are very essential to help you arrive in your destination. Kudos to the founder and owners of Toyota; they make the transportation process better and more convenient, proving that it is men who are the most capacitated being in the Earth.


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