Passenger Drones: The Sky is an Option for Transportation


The technology of today has greatly contributed to the advancement of human living. These technological feats aids in men’s communication and transportation convenience or they may be purely just for entertainment; something just to keep you up on doing something simpler, easier, or better. With all these advancements, it gets to the point that it may be not possible for some tasks to be carried out. You wanna get to your favorite restaurant, but it may be 5 kilometers away? Stress not. There are different forms of transportation that will get you in that restaurant in less than an hour. You wanna say hi to your cousin who migrated in Canada while you are in the Philippines? Computers, laptops, and cell phones through texts, calls, video calls, and emails could strengthen your friendship. Are you a music lover and wanna listen to the newly-released songs by your favorite singer? Mp3s and Ipods are your best friends. It is a wonder that these devices could do whatever task you need and want to do. In this high-tech era who knows what kind of technology could be introduced next. Thanks to the amazing ideas of inventors and innovators worldwide.

Returning to the idea of going to different places by means of different transportation, being from one place to another is getting less hassle. From simple machines of bicycles up to complex transports of motorcycles, buses, cars, trains, ships, and airplanes, more intricate machines, without doubt, would be soon introduced in the market. Just when the world finds it amazing how a person could be transported from one place to another in a matter of minutes, here comes another form of transportation that would fly a person from one place to another. You heard it right fly! And when it comes to flying, the possibilities are endless. No, we are not talking about airplanes here. It has a mid-weight feel yet jam-packed with a sophisticated system. It is expected to carry, at least, one passenger. At first, this kind of technology is originally for entertainment where it can be used to monitor or to document pictures and videos… And since, they can fly up in the air while the ground is crowded with people, it can capture panoramic images. This high tech device could be controlled by a remote. You might have an idea what this is summing up to. All of these descriptions talk about a drone. Ta-dah! That was easy to guess, wasn’t it.

And it seems like brilliant minds never cease to discover even more brilliant ideas! From simply flying off in order to take pictures or to transport a thing from one place to another, a drone’s function has surprisingly upgraded for the greater good. Now, drones carry people. Guess what! Drones are now in the business of transportation, bringing you to your destination. Of course, in order to do this, drones are specially designed bigger, spacious, but do not really occupy too much space in the sky. It is officially called a passenger drone and is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). No joke, the drone is pilotless. This sounds scary, but for those who are in for some adventure and innovation, this is interesting. The first ever passenger drone was introduced on January 2016 by Chinese entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. It was the Ehang 184. It is eco-friendly as it is powered by electricity. That means no smoke. It aims on serving medium-short distance communication and transportation. It can carry a passenger or weight of 264 pounds on air more than 11,000 feet. Take off and landing are points are predetermined by the company. Good news is that when one set of the power system is malfunctioning, you could still experience a safe and convenient flight as its power systems are multiple. If there are any serious power malfunctions, it would immediately land in the nearest area. This is what we call smart technology. Its application system is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. There may be some skeptics pointing out the disadvantages of this technology, but they do not surely outweigh the advantages.

This technology is revolutionary! Who ever thought that, aside from airplanes, there would be passenger drones for faster transportation within minutes, which you will spend an hour going by car. Who would not choose a drone, then! Entrepreneurs sure do know the hassles of traffic, so, if you are in a hurry for a ride with drones, the sky is an option!


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