23 Amazing Facts That a Game of Thrones Fan Should Know


Since its release in 2011, Game of Thrones became the most popular fantasy drama on TV, with millions of fans all around the world . Its rich storyline and the consistent twists the showrunners made, got the show audience pretty hooked up.

From the rise and fall of different houses, the mythical story of the people beyond the wall, the cold and vengeful white walkers, the magical existence of dragons and of what lies beyond the great wall makes the show deeply unique.

The development of characters, the brutal fall of both loved and hated ones, blood, sex and plots made Game of Thrones one of the most popular shows on Tv in the last five years.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, these amazing facts will change the way you watch the famed show.

For better and for worst: 23 Amazing Facts That a Game of Thrones Fan Should Know

The White Walker
  • The actor that is portraying the Night’s King consumes 6 hours to fully arrange the makeup. He needs to wear blacked-out contact lens and the cold blue eyes of the white walkers were created using CGI.
Jon Snow
  • On the early season of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow, wore a wig. Kit did not like the idea, so he decided to grow his hair for the rest of the season.

  • The rabbit that was skinned by Lena Headey in “The Brothers Grimm” was a latex rabbit, because she could not do it on an actual rabbit. Lena is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian, so, naturally, she was not comfortable doing that scene.
The Stark Family
The Stark Family
  • The only scene where you can see that House Stark is complete is when Ned Stark decided to go to Winterfell as the Hand of the King.

25 Amazing Facts That a Game of Thrones Fan Should Know A

  • The Dothraki language is a combination of Turkish, Estonian,Russian, Swahili and Inuktitut fused together. Its creator, linguist David Peterson, based the language on that used by George R.R. Martin in his books. Peterson delivered to HBO more than 1700 dothraki words, before filming started.

  • The boar’s head that Joffrey shoots at with his crossbow is that of the boar that mortally wounded King Robert Baratheon.

  • In the making of “Hardhome, the 8th episode of season five, Tormund, played by Kristofer Hivju, broke all the prop sticks that were used in the scene where he beats the Lord of Bones to death.

  • The scene where The Unsullied and Grey Worm break into Meereen through the sewer was actually a challenging one, because the actors had to deal with freezing water. The actors wore wetsuits doubled by their costumes, just to carry out the scene.


  • According to the books, when Daenerys was picked up by the Dothraki Khalasar, she was bleeding and ill, likely due to miscarriage.

  • During an interview, Emilia Clarke said that if she had a dragon, she would name it Bob.

  • The showrunners twisted the scene of Rickard Karstark’s beheading. The books stated that Robb Stark uses an AXE, which he swings for several times before it completely takes off Rickard’s head.

  • Shireen Baratheon and Samwell Tarly were actually second cousins.

  • To pass the time while waiting/relaxing on set, Maisie Williams and Tom Wlaschiha play the ‘2048’ game.

  • The reaction of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were genuine in the scene of the tournament, when Ser Hugh died in the episode ‘Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things.’ The girls were not present during the rehearsals of the bloody tournament.

  • Conleth Hill, playing the famous Lord Varys, first auditioned for the role of the strong and loud personality of King Robert Baratheon.

  • The scene where Daenerys ordered Rhaegal and Viserion to toast one of the Great Masters of Meereen was originally spoken in English, but the showrunners decided to alter the scene and reshoot it. They decided to change Dany’s English lines with Valyrian instead. The translation team was given 10 minutes to come up with a suitable epic Valyrian final touch.

  • While filming the fighting pit scene, Iain Glen, playing the character Jorah Mormont, unintentionally scratched his left eye causing blood to fill up. The showrunners decided not to include it in the script and they did a digital fix after the production.

  • When Natalie Dormer was asked what type of death she would prefer, she answered “death by a dragon”.

Delaware's Crossing

  • When Jon Snow arrived by boat at Hardhome, the script described him as “He looks like George Washington crossing the Delaware, except with much better hair.

  • The Wedding dress that Sansa Stark wore on her wedding in the episode ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’ was very heavy, big, and came out like a snow plow. The dress took time to finish and setting the snow on its original form between the takes took extra time. The designer made the back of the dress a weak cotton thread, so actor Iwan Rheon, who played Ramsay Bolton, could rip it easy and also,  for her to easily stitch it back again between takes.
Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, confess
Shame, shame, shame, confess
  • Cersei’s prison cell was made of plastic and it was covered with cellophane for hygienic purposes.

  • You remember Cersei receiving a gift from Dornish, right? Having the pendant of Myrcella on the snake to open as described in the script took 15 tries to make the scene perfect.

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