How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence


In a world where competition is fierce, survival strategies are a must. Whether you like it or not, you have been faced with a challenging task to protect, preserve, and advance your interests. You’ve gotta work hard and keep your head in the game. You’ve got to bring your “A” game always or else, you fall behind and falling behind is the worst thing that can happen to you. The world has taught you to be competitive, strong, and motivated. You’ve gotta have the guts to chase your goals and achieve them. The weak will always lose. And it seems like there is no place for the second winners. All benefits go to the champions. The world has come to a point that, with work, sometimes there will be no breather; no time to replenish your energies you’ve given off for a day.

Okay, we’re talking about reality here… but it’s not the kind of competition that would allow blood to be shed. Okay, you may have gone overboard from understanding the above statements. We mean no animalistic or savage uncivilized competitions like the animals who live with their natural instincts; the kind of instincts that would only drive them to protect oneself and by protecting oneself, sometimes it means killing the opponent. No, it’s not like that, but at some aspects, yes! Yes, it has always been the survival of the fittest. Reality check, that is what’s happening in whatever country and industry that you may be in. But you know what’s so fortunate for humans that distinguish them from animals? You probably know it. Four words − the ability to think. Again, animals act upon the guidance of their instincts; not because they have thought about it but humans they are given the capacity think and to transform their thoughts into actions. Okay, we may say that animals may be intelligent, but that is only based on their natural instincts. They act upon on what they feel to do; not necessarily on what is the right thing to do. And this, ladies and gents, is the true thing that we call intelligence.

It is through thinking that man has exhausted his ideas and thoughts with the world. It has given the world a lot of opportunities to enjoy and take advantage of. Now, brilliant minds have made the world a better and more convenient place to live in. We are talking about the ideas of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Jose Rizal, Aristotle, Alexander Fleming, and many more! Without these people, men could never prove their worth and contribution to the world. Their ideas were revolutionary. Now, things that they have created are strongly influencing every people’s behavior. Why would you choose another search engine but Google? Why do you prefer to buy iPhone amidst all other smartphone brands? You see, the world today will not be just the same without these brilliant people’s brilliant ideas… and what moved them to do all these? That’s right! Their intelligence; their capacity to think, discover, and act.

Fast forward, you are now living in a high-tech world, endowed with the greatest technological feats. It has come to a point where in all tasks that are needed to be done at home, school, and work, a certain technological gadget or machine can help you finish them. Wow! Impressive, huh. What was once impossible have become norms today. A lot has changed because of what technology has brought to the world and it all came from the brilliant minds of these technologies’ inventors and innovators! What is sure on what lies ahead in the future of high-tech industry is that there will be more tools and machines that will aid human activity; more discoveries and ideas that will be put into reality and what seems to be the next biggest thing is Artificial Intelligence.

Whoever thought that man’s capacity to think can be mimicked already through technology! Everything about artificial intelligence induces some excitement and anxiety to ordinary people like you, us. Now, people are getting more and more curious as to what artificial intelligence refers to. Let’s get to see how intelligent this artificial intelligence stuff could get!
Okay, first of all, artificial intelligence isn’t about a person learning things and stuff as he grows up with natural intelligence as his intuition and judgment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also called as machine intelligence (MI). It is the intelligent behavior of machines and robots.

So, obviously, it is not the natural intelligence that humans possess because humans are naturally expected to have the ability to think. Artificial intelligence is where machines imitate the cognitive functions of human brains. Like, for example, men’s ability to solve problems, think about solutions, reason out, and learn new concepts. Think about calculators! Calculators do sure know how to compute complicated equations that you can’t do… and oh, Google’s algorithms! And, you are probably enjoying the company of Siri who may just have the right comeback to your sarcasm and witty questions. Also, some self-driving cars or autopilot airplanes. You see, AI covers a broad range of instruments; not just through robots or machines.

The term, ‘artificial intelligence’ was coined in 1955. There are a lot of concerns about AI that have spread. Luckily, experts and AI researchers have debunked them as myths. One thing that concerns humans today is… would AI replace them? Would AI surpass natural human intelligence. Think about it, whoever made AI in the first place? And whoever made it could probably also destroy it.

The answer points out to only one powerful being − humans. In this logic and sense, the answer to that question that is packed with anxiety and fear, is a resounding NO. What’s more is that people could get panicked with a lot of concerns about AI, but look at the AI researchers! They could still sleep well at night! Experts have reassured that even though there may be cons as to what AI may bring, these are likely to happen decades later… or even NEVER. So, don’t let your fear about AI ruin the best of you.

At this point, experts have focused on the benefits that AI can offer to the world. Like, discovering cures and solutions to diseases; protecting confidential information; formulating strategic techniques to combat terrorism and crimes; conducting further research about various concepts in different fields. Let us focus on that and be positive that AI is progressing towards to the future like any other technological breakthrough with the same intent. Looks like the world is facing an even more brighter future with AI! That’s how intelligent this artificial intelligence could be!


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