10 Things you need to know about the Hyperloop


The revelation of futuristic concept for the high speed Hyperloop train of Elon Musk caused a complete and dramatic change when hyperloop completed its first successful test ride in which this “pipe dream” is now already one step closer to becoming a reality.
Nobody wants to be the first to walk inside a windowless giant tube with a supersonic speed and is up above ground. Nobody wants to picture out what could happen to their bodies if something goes wrong. Nobody wants to be melted and condensed.

But here’s everything you need to know about the Hyperloop.

10. It can run 760 mph Speed

Musk’s Hyperloop consists of two massive tubes extending from San Francisco to Los Angeles is expected to get you to your destination in as little as 35 minutes and cost a mere $20 per ride. No doubt why it was captured from the word “hyper” where it transports people and goods at speeds of up to 760 mph. To differentiate, a usual high-speed train has a top speed of just 150 mph and traveling the same distance by car takes roughly six hours.

9. New mode of Transport

There exist four modes of transportation; car, air, rail, and water. While we are busy discovering where our sixth sense is, Elon Musk is also busy creating a fifth mode of transport which is the Hyperloop, visualizing a tube-based transportation system that will leave these four groups behind. Musk’s past success with Tesla and SpaceX imparted reputation to his bizarre proposal in the face of many doubts.

8. The Hyperlook is not a Train

Let’s understand and comprehend what hyperloop is. Not the lower case of hyperloop, because there are many versions beyond what Musk has proposed. The hyperloop is not a train. A closer analogy is a ski lift pod, but the pod isn’t attached to the cable loop, but it is like a puck gliding over an air hockey table.

7. You can ride hyperloop in virtual reality

While the pod is windowless, and viewing out the window at 760mph is probably a terrible experience in real life. Hyperloop have virtual screens that will play the animation of passing scenery whilst presenting extra and further information related to your travel.

6. Hyperloop could only be run on a securely straight fastened line

Hyperloop has to be produced in a path where there should be no curves, zigzag patterns or ups and downs. This would mandate eliminating of spaces or running it under water. Furthermore, being inside the hyperloop tube would keep it away from disturbing weather setting outside involving drizzle, mist, fog and snowfall.

5. The sun is simply one big battery for us

Hyperloop has a potential environmental impact because it has a scheme consisting of solar display that would ‘self-power’ the system. Solar display would be situated above the tubes and would generate sufficient energy to power the entire system. The Hyperloop transport system wasn’t being only conceived as a technology with capabilities for quick, competent transportation, with an additional bonus of comfort for the passengers; it also has the target of utilizing renewable energy to power the whole structure.

4. Magnetic Levitation is the future

Magnetic Levitation (maglev) considered as the fastest floating vehicle for land transportation that is supported by either electromagnetic attraction. This has been compared to hyperloop already from where the speed of maglev trains is limited when the air drag is high unlike to hyperloop when air drag is low. If hyperloop’s air drag is decreased by utilizing low pressure air in the tube and the sipping in the least amount of air pressure, which is used on the face of the capsule through the compressor fan and using this air to create low friction in the middle of the capsule and air with the help of air bearings. As a result, it will provide more speed (low friction helps to travel fast) compared to maglev train which travels in an open setting.

3. The making of hyperloop design spreads curiosity

The curiosity level of people, which may indicate that they can be influenced to seek for information given to their interest. This technology has a great impact for future and other inventors who think that we are just only about to sleep with our dreams and dream again the next day. Perhaps, this idea of Musk is somehow considered as a wake up call that everything can be possible. Our ideas and visions, if we will not let someone conclude that we “can’t”.

2. We’re clearly the farthest ahead

Musk latterly publicized his company would create a test track in California. But he expressed that he’s not that guaranteed that I the Hyperloop is going to work well in California or in fact somewhere all over the Earth but will work well on Mars.

1. The Government is fighting over the Hyperloop concept

Governments and countries across the world want their own high-speed transit, which is the Hyperloop and even lots of companies wants a piece of it. At the end of the day, the international competition may be enough to guarantee that we get to enlarge around in tubes soon, contrary, a lot of countries will appear as pretty silly.

As a fellow enthusiast of this idea, I want to see it succeed. However, there are a lot of little things to consider before implementing this futuristic transportation. As far as we know, we can only see how it goes if it’s already running.


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