The Best and the Weird gadgets of CES 2017


Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is organized by Consumer Technology Association at the beginning of every year in Las Vegas. This event is the year’s gadget Oscar gala, where it’s set the tone in technology or novelty for the entire year and more. We’ve complied a list with the best consumer electronics and gadgets from Sony, Samsung, Huawei, LG and more. In this article you will find out which stood out of the crowd.

Product Categories

Of course, this is a very organized event. Because the demand is pretty high, the organizers made a set of categories.

  • 3D Printing
  • Accessories
  • Augmented Reality
  • Audio
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Computer Hardware/Software/Services
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Digital/Online Media
  • Digital Imaging/Photography
  • Drones
  • Electronic Gaming
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Health and Biotech
  • Internet Services
  • Personal Privacy & Cyber Security
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Smart Home
  • Startups
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Video
  • Wearables
  • Wireless Devices & Services

From this categories some inventions stood out. Here they are:

Most Interesting Gadgets

1. Samsung Notebook Odyssey

Samsung Notebook Odyssey

The Notebook Odyssey is not an ordinary computer. For starters, is the first notebook made by Samsung built especially for gaming. Is available in two different dimensions (17.3 inch and 15.6 inch). Having a subtlety design, optimized keyboard, high power carriage and a superb display, it will tempt you immediately.

2. Cerevo VR Shoes

Cerevo VR Shoes


The VR Shoes are made by the Japanese gadget maker Cerevo. The packet includes a pair of shoes and a pair of gloves made special to give you an exciting virtual experience. This pack shows us a glimpse of the Virtual Reality future; who knows, maybe in one day, we will have an entire suit to play with.

3. Lumini


This device includes a portable skin analyzer which detects the possible skin problems, even before they appear. The device takes a picture of your skin, analyses the info with an algorithm and after that sends the result to the app on your phone.

4. Smart Hairbrush

Smart Hairbrush

The Kérastase Hair Coach is a brush that has a sensor which measures the health of the user’s hair and how is affected by day to day beauty routine of a woman.

5. LG Levitating Portable Speaker

LG Levitating Speaker

This is a levitating wireless gadget designed to fascinate the audience with its simple and elegant design, with the levitation station that delivers superior quality music. The device is easy to use by simply connecting to it through Bluetooth. What is amazing about this gadget is that when the battery runs low, the gear slowly gets off to the ground stage where it starts to recharge by itself.

6. Opticon OPN Hearing Aids

Opticon OPN Hearing Aids

Opticon’s gadget is designed to help people with hearing problems to feel the experience of minor listening stress and taste the dialog experience. The tiny device focuses on leading sound by analyzing the environment 100 times/second and by removing the background noise.

7. BMW, INTEL and Mobileye Self-Driving Cars

BMW and INTEL’s Self-Driving Cars

We’ve seen them in movies. We yearned after them. Finally someone made them! The producers decided to test them on the public roads on the second part of this year. With this occasion we’ve seen how the car of the future will look like.

8. The DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte

The DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte

At this event, Kingston released the world’s biggest stick. With a capacity of 2TB, this stick is capable to store about 70 hours of movies (4K). With a minimalist design, this flash drive impressed us.

9. Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

This Samsung Monitor is designed especially for gamers, to provide them an improved gaming experience. Having a 1.800R curvature and a 178 degree viewing angle, you can watch it from every corner of the room.

10. LG Airport Guide Robot

LG Airport Guide Robot

This cute looking and friendly robot will soon walk around the Seoul’s International Airport to help the passengers to arrive on time at the right gate. This smart robot will give passengers details about their flight in four languages (English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese) only by scanning their flight tickets.

11. Whill Model M

Whill Model M

The Whill Model M is a intelligent chair with an ingenious design. This awesome gadget is made specially to make life easier for people with disabilities, being able to adapt to almost every type of environment.

12. Willow Smart Breast Pump

Willow Smart Breast Pump

From now on, women with babies can extract and store breast milk easier. Many have an issue with breast feeding in public. From now on, this won’t be a problem. Willow created the Smart Breast Pump which pumps automatically and stops when full, without external tubes. This gadget will be a really big relieve for a lot of moms.

13. Razer Project Ariana

Razer Project Ariana

With this gadget, the game producers will be able to extend the game in your environment. Chroma’s product will bring the gaming time to another level trough a multi color LED projector. Unfortunately this product is just a prototype, Razer said that they want to make it consumer ready by the end of this year.

14. Honda Riding Assist

Honda Riding Assist

This time CES showed us how the motorcycle of the future looks like. This is self balancing motorcycle made by Honda. Even inexperienced riders will have no problem going fast with this beauty.

15. UVify Draco Quad Racing Drone

UVify Draco Quad Racing Drone

This awesome drone takes the user experience to another level. Being capable of 360° flips, making high quality videos and having an assisted flight mode for the newbies, this is a premium drone which will be desired by many.

16. Lego Boost

Lego Boost

This Lego invention lets your children to bring their creation to life. Even though Lego makes sets for children, we are sure that this gadget will be purchased by adults too. Plus, you can build five different robots and you can program them to make different actions with the tablet app.

17. Honor 6X

Honor 6X

A few months ago, Honor presented their intention to enter on the market with the Honor 5x. Since then, we’ve seen two other phone models from them. This year they did not disappointed us with Honor 6X. If you want a good smartphone for a cheap price, you will be more than happy to purchase this one.

18. Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring

This elegant and simple ring, has a heart rate sensor incorporate into it, which tracks your heart rate 24/7. Being waterproof, you only have to take it off when you charge it (about every five days). The best thing is that you can already order this ring at a really good price.

19. Mohu Airwave

Mohu Airwave

With this Mohu AirWave the wish of having free TV anytime everywhere comes to life. Having a wireless antenna, this gadget allows to the user to simply watch almost every TV channel as long as the user has a good network connectivity. You can put the AC powered antenna anywhere you want in the house. The gadget comes with an Ethernet jack if you do not have a wireless cable.

20. Welt


After smartwatches and wristbands, one inventor from Samsung created the smart belt named “Welt”. This cool gadget does what every fitness watch does: counts steps, calories burned, measures inactivity time and so on. This gadget stands out because it can track your waist size.

21. ODG Smartglasses

ODG smartglasses

With this cool glasses that Osterhout Design Group made, you will be able to watch movies, play games, or even work confidentially in a public place, such as bus or airplanes. You will be able to do all of this without carrying your laptop.

22. Kuri


This cute and friendly robot will give your house a glimpse of life. This little robot is equipped with an unique personality, good mobility, an impressive memory with which he can recognize specific faces .With an incorporated 1080p camera you can inspect your house while you are not home, plus he can respond to questions with different facial manifestations.


The International Consumer Show is the release slot in technology that changes the world. If you want to find out more details, CES organizers posted a summary PDF of this year’s event. The exhibiting companies which presented gadget in 2017 came with some of the most intriguing inventions. We’ve taken a glimpse on how the technology of the future will look like, and it made us wonder, what’s next? What do you think?


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