The Money Manager: The Central Bank of all Central Banks


The world works materialistically. This is the reality. Everything that contributes to the persistence and survival of human activities on Earth involves man-made crafts, tools, gadgets, and machines. Such are what people refer to as technology. In modern times, these instruments are now essentials in order for people to perform their everyday tasks and routines. Aside from these, the world is also gifted with a wide range of resources. Men enjoy the perks of the Earth’s diverse creations. Out of all these natural resources, raw materials are extracted which are then used to manufacture various products. These products may be food turned into the best cuisines or the hottest and trendiest gadgets you can ever hope for.

These materials are becoming more sophisticated as people are experiencing the 21st century going further. With their sophistication and much convenience that they bring to people’s lives, they are worth a good sum of money. You see, you don’t get to have all of these for free! The world does not work that way. For every material in this world, there is a corresponding price to pay off. Nothing is really free. Name a thing, a price tag is always attached to it. A payoff is bound to happen. So, what should be exchanged to have the thing you want to have? Well, the answer is obvious. MONEY. The world revolves around money and it works because of money realistically speaking.

If there is a thing that all people would want to have an unlimited supply of, it is probably money. Who would not want to have money! Money can buy you anything. Do you want the latest released cell phone of Apple? You want to dine in the best restaurant in town? Do you want to travel all around the world? You want to live in the most luxurious house in the villa? Do you need to take a taxi cab going to work every day? Do you want to hold the grandest birthday party ever? You can have these if you pretty much have “the money.” People work hard and dedicate their whole life to earn what? Money.

The problem is, not all can have the money they want. That is why money may be considered very important and precious. Ideally, money is not everything. Happiness is not guaranteed that money can give but with it, you can buy ice cream that will make you happy, so, it is kinda’ the same. In the end, money could really give happiness to a person. Imagine having everything that you desire. Life would just be amazing! Use your money with caution, though and take note that not everything may have its price. Like a person, like you. You are priceless.
With all the wonders that money may bring, have you ever wondered that where money comes from? Like, who makes money. Who controls money? That person may be just the most powerful being on Earth. You are curious, aren’t you? Everyone is. Let us uncover some facts about who or what controls money.

Money is mass produced by an official and legal entity. It is not something that an ordinary person can make. That would be illegal. When we talk about the keepers of money, then, it is probably a bank. In this case, though, it is a nation’s central bank. Meaning, it not just any ordinary bank. Now, a country’s central bank manipulates the flow of money depending on its influence and on the country’s economic condition. Surely, money is not just being produced carelessly. There should be enough money and at the same time, not too much of it. Central banks like US’ Central Bank (Federal Reserve), European Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, and Bank of Japan are three of the most prominent central banks in the world.

Take it this way. If a country’s economy is a person, then, the heart is a country’s central bank. Just like how a heart pumps blood for a person to live, a central bank produces money to keep a country’s economy healthy. But hey, money is worldwide! It is used everywhere. Ever thought who controls all the money in the world? Well, only a handful of people are aware of this fact. There is an immensely powerful international organization that confidentially controls the money supply on Earth. It is the central bank of all central banks. It is called the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which has headquarters in Basel, Switzerland but also has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City.

Fifty eight central banks are affiliated with it. The BIS is deemed as unelected and unaccountable to any national government. It enjoys full immunity from any national taxation and laws. BIS was originally used to launder money during World War 2 to the Nazis. Now, its purpose is to direct the global financial economy. You see, it lays out the instructions on the financial game.

These make the BIS powerful even more than the US economy! You may not know it, but the elite central bankers would gather in Basel for a Global Economy Meeting every two months. In those meetings, decisions are made that could affect the buying behavior of the young and adult both the rich and the poor. The elite would decide whether to increase or decrease the equivalent values of currencies; to fix or to not fix the price of gold; and to raise or lower interest rates. At first, the elite met at an abandoned hotel to keep a low profile, but in 1977, they decided to move in a more convenient meeting place. The building that they have built is described to be an odd-looking eighteen high-storey circular building in a medieval city. Soon, it became known as the Tower of Basel. BIS’ secrecy is not really democratic in a widely democratic world. The elite rebuts this argument that big decisions are important and too crucial to be left to the people. The BIS elite believe that a global governance is what the world needs; hence, they are trying to unite all central banks in a single monetary system. Ambitious, huh.

Okay, everything above may sound boring and too technical but trust this, that’s just how the money world works. If you wanna know more about the BIS, well, now, they have a website that you can visit. Not so discreet of them, right! Now, you see the importance of money. It is now a global issue like health, education, and politics that to some extent, an international entity has to be created to direct the money flow in the world.


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