The truth about Solar Power


For countless reasons, the sun is essential for life on earth. The sun provides light, warms the planet and gives the energy source of the human race, but also to the biological world, bacteria, trees, animals. We all need the sun and its rays in this pioneering generation, researchers are trying to create a technology as an alternative to natural resources to make life easier yet complicated. But as time passed, the irony is that we strongly depend and rely on natural resources to generate something. Just like the sun as the most dominant energy provider. The energy that the sun sustains to the earth for one hour can already maneuver and run the entire year of the world’s system and economy.

Solar energy is luminous heat and light that was elicited from the sun by the use of solar panels which converts sunlight into electricity. The criticism of the people that installation of Solar Panel is expensive was just an uncertain critique. It is because, if you are going to calculate and measure the costs of expenses just to power your appliances at home, it will probably charge you big. Compared to using this renewable energy which you can use for free upon lighting homes, heating water and electricity. Solar Energy helps the environment as it conserves energy for the future, it is also an alternative to fossil fuels and does not produce any pollutants, especially on water resources because it doesn’t depend on water to function.

We used to see first the pro’s and con’s of a specific matter before purchasing it. Other companies offer 20 to 25 years of warranty for materials in Solar Installation. It is low maintenance because it is not a necessity to clean it often, it only requires once or twice a year cleaning schedule.

The need of greater surface area to install the Solar Panel can be considered as its downside. However, it can be placed in the backyard or rooftop. We can name different shortcomings and drawbacks of Solar Energy just like the fear of not functioning when winter and rainy season comes. It simply means that there would be no generation of energy if there would also be no sunlight showing up. It is not guaranteed to provide a firm and constant service unlike the generator which can serve as a back up if a black out in some areas may occur.

Next is the de-installation and re-installation. Yes, the cleaning routine may put you at ease, but if you’re planning to move and relocate, this would cost you much since it has been considered as a challenge to the company in expediting things.

Aside of heating homes, solar as cooking and production of electricity, it has been deliberated already that solar energy for cars will be actualized. The power to make the car run will no longer be gas, but through the solar panel being attached to the roof of the car which generates energy caused by the solar radiation and the energy will also store in car’s batteries.

Renewable and non-renewable resources have been given contrast. And Solar Energy was evaluated as a clean and pure source of energy directed from the sun. This also helps address and fight the greenhouse gas emissions.

With different goals and benefits emerged from this system, why not try to weigh the difference between installing solar energy than profiting the utility rates? You will not just only be enlightened that it will be a huge advancement of our environment, but it will also make you realize that this is for the sake of everybody in different life aspects including income generation and stronger economic growth.


  1. A single solar panel on the roof of a car will never create enough energy to run the car, even if exposed to sunlight all day and stored in a battery.


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