Mi PC Suite – what it is and how it works


Mi Pc Suite is an all-around tool, exclusively for Xiaomi android phones. The newest version is already translated into English and, lucky for you guys, the update was rolled late last month.

What Mi PC Suite can do?

  1. Will let you backup or restore contacts, messages, photos, videos, playlist, etc.
  2. Can sync your phone to the PC and lets you transfer files.
  3. Let’s you update your device to the latest Xiaomi update.
  4. Will let you flash an update on your Xiaomi devices.
  5. You can also restore bricked Xiaomi devices with this tool.

How to install Mi PC Suite?


  1. Download, then install the program here.
  2. After the installation, connect your Xiaomi device to your computer via USB data cable. The PC Suite will automatically install the needed drivers, so your phone can communicate with the PC. Once the drivers are all installed, you are good to go.


  1. Open the program. The main page will have the options for file management, backup, ROM flashing and restore. Choose the desired operation and follow the onscreen instructions.

What are its features?

  1. You can easily manage the files on a phone, with the Mi PC Suite file explorer. The files will be categorized as photos, music, wallpaper, ringtones, APK, documents and archives, for easy access.
  2. The app tab will let you manage installed applications. It can uninstall APK and install APK.
  3. Photo tab – will let you import and edit images. Same goes for the video tab, where you can import and edit videos.
  4. Music tab – will let you manage your favorite tracks and will allow you to play it on your PC.
  5. Message and contacts tab – allows you to manage your phone’s SMS and contacts. Also, it can let you send SMS on your PC.
  6. The screencast option will let you view your phone’s screen on your PC. Also, it can let you interact or control your phone from your PC.
  7. The backup option will backup all of your data and will let you manage previously created backups.
  8. You can check for an update by clicking the update option, then click “update now”. Mi PC Suite will automatically look for the appropriate update on your device, then automatically download it. Later on, install it on your device.
  9. When you connect your device with the fast boot option active, PC Suite will automatically open a dialogue box that is intended for flashing ROMS. Please note that when you flash your device, all of its data will be wiped. Better backup your data first, before doing so. Once the flashing is successful, a dialogue box will appear that will confirm the success of the operation, then an option that will reboot your device.

How to transfer files and watch videos from Xiaomi devices to PC

  1. Connect your device to the PC using a USB data cable. Your PC will install the native android file transfer driver, and may download drivers online, so an internet connection is strongly advised.
  2. If your driver is not found, you can manually download it here. Install the driver and connect your device to the PC again.screenshot_20161010-123907
  3. Choose the USB Connection option MTP for transferring/copying files. The PTP option is designed for transferring and copying images. Locate the files using file explorer, then transfer the files to the PC. Both MTP and PTP.
  4. For SD card access, choose the option that says USB Storage. Slide down the notification bar, Tap the USB icon that says “touch to copy files”, then Tap USB Storage. Hit OK to confirm. Your SD card will appear as a removable storage, locate the SD card via file explorer, then choose the files that you wish to open or transfer.

USB connection option – a brief explanation

MTP – used to transfer all types of files. It could be images, videos, etc. Stands for Media Transfer Protocol.

PTP – used to transfer images and videos only. Your device will be connected to the PC as a camera. Stands for Picture Transfer Protocol.

MIDI – suitable for MIDI devices, to connect to a smartphone or tablet.

USD Storage – lets you access the files on your SD card.

Charging – This option will let your device charge a bit faster.

How to backup and restore data on Xiaomi devices


  1. Go to settings, then tap Additional Settings.
  2. Look for the option that says Backup & Reset.
  3. Tap options that let you backup data.
  4. You can customize the backup by checking the application that you wish to backup.
  5. Wait for the progress bar to complete, then you are done!
  6. The created backup will be saved on Storage/MIUI/backup/AllBackup/
  7. Copy the created backup to your computer, so you can save storage.
  8. For convenience, you can use the MI PC SUITE dashboard and choose the option for backup.


  1. Go to settings, then tap Additional Settings.
  2. Look for the option that says Backup & Reset.
  3. Choose the option that will let you restore the backup from a local backup.
  4. Select the backup that you wish to restore.
  5. Hit the restore button, then you are good to go.
  6. If the backup files were already transferred to the PC, copy the backup, then paste it on Storage/MIUI/backup/AllBackup/ directory.
  7. For convenience, you can use the MI PC SUITE dashboard and choose the option for restore.

Important things to remember

  1. You can transfer files from a Xiaomi device to another Mi phone, by using the Mi Mover app.
  2. Cloud service is available. You can sync all of your files on the cloud, so you can access them anytime. A fast and stable internet connection is advised, for this to work smoothly.

MIUI manual OTA update using MI PC Suite


  1. Mi PC Suite installed.
  2. Phone with a Mi account.
  3. At least 50% of battery power.
  4. USB data cable.
  5. Internet connection to download the OTA.
  6. The update must be compatible with your device.


  1. Open Mi PC suite.
  2. Connect your device to the PC using the USB data cable.
  3. Mi PC Suite will automatically identify your device and display the device information.
  4. Click the “Update tab.
  5. A window will popup, notifying you whether your device is already up to date or needs to download an OTA. The display should show if there’s an update for your device. You cannot proceed to the next step if there’s none. Close the popup window by clicking the X”” button, without running the update.
  6. Go to SETTINGS.
  7. Check the download location. To do this, look for the Storage section. Right next to the “Save to” field, you’ll find the OPEN button. Click the button.
  8. Locate the folder where the OTA file is located. The default download location is Xiaomi/MiPhoneManager/Download/OTA
  9. Do not modify any of the folders. Go back to the PC Suite main dashboard.
  10. Click the “Update” button. The OTA will be downloaded.
  11. On the OTA folder, you will see two files with TD and CFG extensions. Once the OTA is successfully downloaded, the two files will be converted as a ZIP file. The zipped OTA file will be the file that you’ll need to update. Copy the zipped OTA file to your PC, for future use.
  12. Copy the OTA zip to your phone’s internal storage.
  13. Install the OTA zip through a recovery or MIUI updater app.
  14. Congratulations, your phone is now up to date!

How to flash MIUI ROM using fastboot on Xiaomi phones?


  1. PC or a laptop.
  2. Fully charge the phone.
  3. Flashing tool.
  4. Downloaded MIUI ROM.


  1. Download the MIUI flashing tool. If your device is locked, you will need to unlock it first click here.
  2. Select the suitable MIUI ROM for your phone, get it here. If the downloaded file ends with a .gz extension, rename the file, then change the extension to .tgz
  3. Turn off the device. Boot into fastboot mode. Turn on the device, then press and hold the POWER button and the VOLUME key. Connect your phone to the PC, using the USB data cable.
  4. On your PC, create a folder, name it whatever you want, then extract the downloaded MIUI ROM on that folder.
  5. Unzip the MIUI flashing tool to the desktop, then install the program. A security warning will prompt your action, just ignore it and hit “Run”. After the installation, open miFlash.exe, to run the flashing tool. Copy the director of the folder where you extracted the downloaded MIUI Rom, or you can manually locate the file using the “Browse” button.
  6. Flashing the ROM:

flashing-step-6a. Click the “Refresh” button. The flashing tool will detect your device.
b. Click the “Flash” button, to start the process. Wait for it to finish.
flashing-6-successc. A successful operation message will be displayed after flashing.
d. Your phone will reboot. Congrats, your phone is now updated!

Do you have problems with Mi PC Suite? Sound your comments below.


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