Pokémon Go Walkthrough : Have Fun and Catch Them All!


Update 1: Here’s a great guide (Android app) to get you started with Pokemon Go.

Update 2: Ways you didn’t think of to get better at Pokemon Go.

Nowadays, Pokémon Go is soaring in the gaming world. With its augmented reality feature, the game itself is encouraging players to walk, meet new friends and have a fun loaded Pokémon hunting adventure. The concept of the game is brilliant, because it combines both fitness and fun. If you are a player, you need to be prepared to go an extra mile to catch a Pokémon. For instance, you might need to sneak into other people’s backyards, or use your kayak to catch a Pokémon.

However, besides all the fun and adventure, there are also factors that can put the players at risk. It has been reported that some Pokémon Go players were mugged in the streets. As a player of this game, you should be both careful and responsible for your actions. Uncalibrated acts may result in hurting yourself or unintentionally invading the right to privacy of other people. Always remember to respect others and, at the same time, take care of yourself.

Pokémon Go Walkthrough Pikachu

Who wants a starter Pikachu Pokémon?

To get a cute Pikachu as your starter Pokémon, first, you will need to sign up into a Pokémon Go account and choose a character. After signing up, the professor will ask you to catch a Pokémon. Three Pokémon will appear on your screen, besides your character. You will see a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle. Here’s the trick for catching the adorable electric Pokémon: do not catch any Pokémon! Instead, walk away from them and they will reappear. Keep on ignoring the three Pokémon and wait until a Pikachu appears. Capture the Pikachu! Congratulations! Your starter Pokémon is now a Pikachu!

Pokémon Go Walkthrough G

Traverse, and with a bit of luck, you will get one

You should not be focused on gazing at your phone’s screen every time you walk/move. The aim of the game is to extend the player’s world by using the augmented reality feature. The Pokémon Go creators seized the moment to promote physical activity to players and fused it with a fun hunting adventure. You can find a wild Pokémon by walking and wandering to places. Going to different areas will give you a higher chance of finding a larger variety of Pokémon.

Capturing a Pokémon made easy

Being a Pokémon trainer is not just about battling Pokémon in the wild, capturing it, and training the Pokémon. You first need to check if the Pokémon you wish to capture will be useful in your adventures. If you are into collecting Pokémon, catching from the smallest to the rarest will be your ultimate goal.

To capture a Pokémon, focus your phone’s camera on the desired Pokémon. A white ring will appear and will serve as a pointer that will change its color and size, depending on the targeted Pokémon. The smaller the ring, the better chances of capturing the Pokémon.  Before you cast a Pokéball, please watch out for the color-coded rings. They will also determine the success of the capture.

GREEN – no sweat at all, cast and poof, all yours!

YELLOW – capturing the Pokémon will be moderately difficult, so expect to use extra Pokéballs.

RED – this means you found a tough, powerful and really hard to crack Pokémon. You should use special items to help you capture the Pokémon.

Once you master these two, the RING SIZE, and RING COLOR you will definitely catch them all!

Drop the Augmented Reality feature on your camera

To increase your catch rate, DO NOT FORGET to hit the option that says ‘AR’ during the capture mode.

Hitting the ‘AR’ will turn off your camera and you will be back in the Pokéworld. This trick will improve the chances of making those Pokéballs count. However, the catch here is it doesn’t look cool for a captured Pokémon in a specific area.

Doubles? Not a problem!

As a trainer, one of your primary goals is to not waste your Pokéballs. However, having captured Pokémon doubles will give you perks. For instance, you can trade a Pokémon double to Professor Willow, and he will give you a candy. A candy can help increase the stats of your primary Pokémon, advancing them through their evolutionary stage.

To do the trade, tap the Pokéball icon, choose the Pokémon that you wish to drop, select ‘Transfer’ to commence the process.

Show me the money

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play game, however, we can’t deny the fact that paying real cash for in-game purchases will get you on the spot in no time. Paying for in-game items will give you the edge, however, this will also deplete your resources, now the real question here is, how far are you willing to go?

If you are on a free, all fun adventure, you are inclined to manage your resources efficiently. To get those extra Pokéballs you should frequently visit a PokéStop along your way. It is smart to save the coins and use them to buy rare items (i.e incense), that will be useful in your adventure.

Pokémon Go Walkthrough 3

Its incense time!

If you are at home or at your office, you can use the incense item to lure the Pokémon, while you are not on the go. To use an incense, tap the Pokéball. On the bottom part of the screen you will see ‘Items’. Tap it, then select ‘Incense’. Your character will now have a purple ring around him/her. This lets you know that the item is in effect.

Capture and hold a territory for a bountiful reward

The real Pokémon adventure begins when you reach level five. You will earn in-game cash by enlisting to one of the three teams, namely Instinct, Valor and Mystic. By joining a team, your main task is to capture other gym and defend your own gym.

A gym will be guarded by other trainer’s top Pokémon. To claim the territory, you should activate the combat mode. Once you successfully claimed a gym, don’t forget to return there once a day to get your reward. You can earn more coins by leaving your high-level Pokémon to defend the captured territory.

Pokemon Go Walkthrough 4

Random loots at the PokéStop

PokéStops will serve as special landmarks of your city or town in the Pokéverse. Visiting a pokéStop will give trainers random loots, such as Pokémon eggs, pokéballs, potions and revive, to aid your Pokémon hunting adventures. By visiting the PokéStop daily, you can collect these items and seize the opportunity to get additional supplies.

The Pokéballs are useful on capturing Pokémon, Potions and Revives are useful in tight battles with a tough opponent, and the eggs are for hatching.

To get a randomized loot, hit the BLUE icon, then swipe to start the spin.

Pokémon Go Walkthrough 5

How to hatch a Pokémon egg

To hatch an egg faster, you should fit into these requirements. The hatching rate will be affected by how many kilometers or miles you have ambled while the app was open. You should put the egg in the incubator, so the progress will be recorded/monitored like a Tamagotchi. To check your progress, tap the Pokéball and choose the desired egg from the list. Hatching a Pokémon egg will give you a randomized result, so do not be disappointed if you will get similar Pokémon.

Extra battery pack will keep you going

Undeniably, this game is a battery killer. Combining the camera with the active GPS, mobile data or Wi-Fi connection can drain the battery of the newest phone models in just 30 – 40 minutes. Nintendo is still figuring out how we can play this games for hours. For now, having an extra battery or a power bank is a must to keep you going the extra mile.

Try the curved ball and get an extra XP

To level up faster, you should master throwing curve balls. To do this, hold down the Pokéball and try to spin it using your fingers. If you capture or hit a Pokémon with this daring technique, you will get an additional XP.


Offline Maps is best suited for a metered data connection

You can download an offline map from Google to improve the performance of Pokémon Go. If you are on an offline map, your phone will not need to update the virtual Pokéworld frequently.

To do this, open Google Maps application, go to settings menu (an icon with three horizontal lines), then hit ‘Offline areas’. Tap the ‘+’ icon, then select the desired area and tap ‘Download’ to save an offline map.

This trick will help you save data and, at the same time, save your phone’s battery.

Additional tips the Gizmosnacks way

a. A power boost app will be handy for a 1-tap hibernation process. This will kill non-essential processes/apps that are running in the background. This trick will help you save more battery juice and get the most out of it.

b. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and lower your phone’s brightness level.

c. Turn off the phone’s sleep feature. If that kicks in, technically you are out of the Pokémon world. Do not turn on your phone’s power saving mode. You will only notice the difference if your phone has an AMOLED screen.

d. Go out with friends. Hunting with lots of friends is much more fun than hunting alone. Find a cozy place near a PokéStop and have your favorite drink/coffee. Use the ‘Incense’ to lure Pokémon while chilling out.

e. Bump and engage with other players along the road. This will be an exciting journey, with both collecting Pokémon and getting to know and meet new friends. Do that with caution, though.

f. UK players will experience bugs, particularly during 7PM and onwards, so you might experience connectivity issues.

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