Standing Desks : Health Benefits, Proper Usage and Today’s Best


Standing desks are getting popular because of the benefits that we can get from them. So, let’s ask the question: what is the significance of standing desks in our lives? For a busy professional or a freelancer that works from home, spending 3 to 8 hours a day sitting is unavoidable. Sitting for that long increases blood pressure and the risks of a heart attack. The possibility of having type 2 diabetes also rises, the risks of getting cancer is higher, obesity is usually unavoidable, as are other types of chronic diseases. We don’t want any of these conditions afflict our lives, right? Let’s change for the better! Let’s live a smart, healthy, and happy life.

Well, we all know that overdoing things will only lead to another problem, right? We have researched the proper way to maximize the use of standing desks.

What you should avoid doing on a stand-up desk

To optimize the use of such desks, you will need to avoid doing the following:

  1. Motionless

If you sit or stand, you should avoid doing it statically, you should move a bit, because your body is not designed to be that way. Doing micro-movements or simply jiggle will benefit your body.

  1. Using the stand-up desk for the wrong tasks

There are tasks that are most effective when we are sitting or standing. For example, there’s a logical reason why we drive sitting down (to be relaxed and focused). There are some cases surgeons perform the operation while the patient is seated (for efficiency), writers are also less effective when they are standing. Because, when our brain performs some tasks, it requires reasonable motor skills to function well.

The brain works by processing things sequentially, so it becomes hard to do multiple things at once. The key here is don’t throw everything away because we have really good chairs these days,” – Alan Hedge, Professor in the Department of Design and Environment Analysis at Cornell University

For that reason, it’s essential to sit and stand, and yes, there are some mobile applications or gadgets that can remind us to do various micro-movements to benefit your body.

  1. Don’t stand too much

“If what you’re doing is replacing sitting with standing, you’re not actually doing your body any favors.” – Alan Hedge.

By doing this, you will only introduce a whole new variety of risk factors, such as the risk for carotid atherosclerosis, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins and other cardiovascular problems.

If you will stand too much, your spine will compress and lead to several lower back problems that will eventually come out over time. Standing too much will also force your heart to work against gravity to keep the consistent flow of blood in your body.

“If you go from sitting to standing and vice versa frequently throughout the day … that completely eradicates any of the supposed risk factors associated with sitting, or indeed with standing.” – Alan Hedge

  1. Thinking of burning more calories while standing? It’s a big NO!

Scientifically, a person that is standing loses 20 percent more calories compared to a person who is sitting. Standing for a long time tires a person quickly.

“If your job is dependent on you not getting so tired, then you need to sit down for part of the day to do that job.” – Hedge pointed that out.

Aside from standing, there are several ways on how you will properly burn calories. Like, for instance, if you are having a break, you can do some squats, a bit of stretching, or you can do a 20-minute walk outside. The key to an effective way to burn calories is by doing a variety of tasks, not the monotonous ones.

  1. Unnecessary spending

Before spending your money on a stand-up desk, try to look for obvious simple solutions. It’s better to try it first, see for yourself if you are comfortable doing the standing position. For example, if you will just need to read some papers or reports you can stand while reading the papers. You can also stand and walk several steps while doing phone calls.

The Best Standing Desks

Focal Locus Standing Desk – a versatile stand-up desks for professionals.

Standing Desks 1

  • Height and Range: 35” – 48”
  • Motorized: No
  • Price: $1,299

This stand-up desk is specially planned for designers and artists that need a better workstation where they can maximize their creativity and pair it with better lighting. You can put a laptop on the desk that you can slant up to 15 degrees. There is also an extra platform to accommodate larger monitors. The desk has a hand crank to adjust its position, it has a handy hole where cables and drinks are perfect to fit in. The desk also has a cable management clip. A perfect stand-up table to work comfortably on while standing. Its locus seat allows you to sit while in a standing position. The locus seat will help you stretch your hips without tiring your muscles while standing. This will significantly reduce lower back issues.

Standard StandDesk – the desk looks sexy and elegant and it will not cost you big time!

Standing Desks 2

  • Height and Range: 29″ – 45″
  • Motorized: Yes
  • Price: $559

The StandDesk offers a minimalistic design and it is a stand-up desk that doesn’t have an extra add-on, so it won’t cost you a lot. The desk has several accessories and colors that you can choose from. StandDesk has an accessory such as the standing mat and power strip. This desk focuses on its minimalistic design that will put a value on your investment like a precious gem. Although, the materials used on this desk are not as good as the high-end stand-up desk, but you can be assured it is a solid quality build that will deliver value to your investment.

UpDesk UpWrite Adjustable Height Desk – The desk that defines practicality and simplicity.

Standing Desks 3

  • Height Range: 24.5″ – 50.5″
  • Motorized: Yes
  • Price: : $890 – $1,130

The UpDesk UpWrite is perfect for people that prefer simplicity and a minimalistic design. The price is lower compared to other similar models. This desk offers a curvy feature, modern design, and functionality. You can convert this desk to a whiteboard and it also has a feature that will let you manage electrical cables properly.

NextDesk Terra Adjustable Height Desk – a top choice stand-up desk.

Standing Desks 4

  • Height Range: 24”– 50.5″
  • Motorized: Yes
  • Price: $1,497

This stand-up desk has the finest features of a modern standing desk. The only deal breaker of this model is its price. The NextDesk uses eco-friendly materials and a microprocessor that is used to control its lifting mechanism. Some features of NextDesk match the Terra, particularly the feature that allows the user to program the desk to a preferred height. The user can store 3 programmable height settings.

Ergotron WorkFit-S Standing Desk – a great desk that will provide a suitable option for those who already have a workstation.

Standing Desks 5a

  • Height Range: maximum 23”
  • Motorized: No
  • Price: $419 

This desk is designed as an add-on option for the desk you’re already familiar with, a desk that has an inquisitive design. The WorkFit is really easy to assemble since you only need to clamp it to your desk. The lifting mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the monitor and also set-up a flexible keyboard for you to work comfortably while sitting or standing. The independent height adjustments will let you do a variety of set-ups depending on your needs. The WorkFit can accommodate multiple screens if the work you do requires that. This desk offers a lot of flexibility to the person using the desk.

Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Height Desk – can also work with an existing workstation, especially a corner desk.

Standing Desks 6

  • Height Range: 16.5” above your workstation
  • Lifting: Gas-Assisted Manual Lift
  • Price: $499

The Kangaroo Pro is one of the alternative standing desks that belongs in the add-on category. As the Ergotron WorkFit-S, the Kangaroo Pro is also intended to be placed on top of a normal desk. The monitor and the work surface can be adjusted separately. To hold the monitor, the Kangaroo Pro has included a VESA bracket. It is a very easy to set up, it is a very stable workstation and it comes with an array of optional upgrades.

UpLift 900 Adjustable Desk – The buck saver!


  • Height Range: 23.5″ – 49.5″
  • Motorized: Yes
  • Price: $499

Don’t have the silver to pay for an expensive standing desk? Well, Uplift 900 is the best, cheapest stand-up table that you can find on the market today. Aside from the buck saver factor, the UpLift 900 has customization features. You can really build your own model that defines your own creativity. The desk has an electrical motor, so manual cranking is not necessary. The UpLift Standing Desk is sold exclusively by the retailer  HumanSolution. However, few reviews can be found on Google, and according to most of them, the UpLift is quite appreciated.

GeekDesk Max Standing Desk – a super stand-up desk that can handle 300lbs.


  • Height Range:23.5” – 49.2”
  • Motorized: Yes
  • Price: $949 – $1,475

The GeekDesk is a stand-up desk designed for heavyweight projects. Ideal for a workstation that can accommodate multiple people, a perfect desk for heavy extras like the printers and keyboards. The GeekDesk has three holes for cable management, 4 programmable height presets and an LED height display. The maximum weight the desk can hold is 335 lbs. The lifting of the GeekDesk is done by two synchronized motors, one on each leg. This desk is ideal for classrooms, offices and studios.

Ninja Standing Desk – wondering how ninjas work on their station? You should try this one.

Standing Desks 9

The Ninja desk is not quite your usual desk, nor an add-on. This type of desk is unique, it’s a bookshelf like model that you can hang on just about any door or wall. Make sure it holds, first. The desk can provide you 2 or 3 shelves for your keyboard, monitor and laptop. Why did they call it Ninja? Because, like a ninja, the desk hangs from walls and doors, unlike those which sit on floors or table legs. The materials used on this model are aluminium support poles and mostly cloth and Velcro, which make the Ninja Desk really lightweight. Another good reason why you should get this desk is its portability. You can fold the ninja desk and carry it anywhere you like.

Do you have any other awesome stand-up desks to add? Let us know by commenting below.


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