With Wikileaks, The Truth Will Set You Free


They say that knowledge is power. It is. Having knowledge of certain things puts you in a greater advantage among all others. Living in this generation with technological breakthroughs helps you realize that you have the right to know every information that can affect you. Do you hate how almost all advertisements exaggerate their products? Do you just hate how a classmate spreads rumors or gossip about you in order to bring you down? Do you hate how a colleague sugarcoat their comments about your OOTD? Do you hate why your boyfriend cheats on you? Do you feel inferior not being included in a top secret meeting in your organization? Do you feel bad how you are excluded from the top section? Are you full of how the presidential candidates broadcast their empty promises to the nation? Do you hate how your government works? At least, even once, you found yourself in one of these circumstances. You have been denied access or to know the truth. Not with Wikileaks!

With Wikileaks, everything becomes crystal clear; everything becomes transparent. So, what is Wikileaks exactly leaking for public dissemination? What is Wikileaks? And is it Wikipedia’s brother? Wikileaks is an international non-profit organization that was founded in 2006. And no. It is not Wikipedia’s sibling. It is ambitious on spreading secret information, news leaks, and censored documents provided by unknown sources for public reading through its website. It basically knows almost all hidden agenda and actions of governments that you may think that Wikileaks is genius! Yes, Wikileaks is that classmate who works his or her ass on research and acts as an activist or a reformer of corrupt school activities by exposing them to the public. Wikileaks analyzes and publishes classified documents that involve corruption, spying, and wars. It houses itself in its own library full of secret information. With Wikileaks’ hundreds of media partners, it has access to every bit of information that you can ever imagine. Now, that is what we call power! Wikileaks has been so confident in its intel service, saying that they do not censor and have never made a mistake. One of the most controversial files that Wikileaks has exposed are the methods and tools that the CIA used to break into people’s personal phones, TV’s, cars, and other belongings. Even the established software of world’s biggest technology brands could be tapped into by the CIA. Imagine being spied by the CIA on whatever action you take online. That’s a breach of privacy and even spooky!

There are also downsides of Wikileaks’ strength. Yes, knowledge may be power, but sometimes it is a burden. Being able to know so much as to how governments or organizations work, the more Wikileaks and its staff put their safety at risk. The world will not be safe for them. What’s more is that Wikileaks is not so open to share their methods and processes. Nobody even knows who works for Wikileaks except for its founder and editor-in-chief, Julian Assange and surely, it has connections or staff working in different countries. Some critics would say that Wikileaks concentrate their efforts in America only. How about the other countries who may be involved in dirty works? National leaders have also expressed their concerns that Wikileaks’ actions in exposing restricted documents put a country’s safety in the pedestal. Imagine knowing that Iraq may be feeling some bad blood to your country and has devised a plan that could result to war. I swear, you’ll panic! But hey, at least, you know how your government works and how other governments think and interact with yours.

In this ever evolving world, nothing is guaranteed. The devil is really in the details of every decision and action of governments and organizations. Wikileaks believe that you deserve the truth and nothing less. The truth always wins. With Wikileaks, no secret is safe. Who knows what Wikileaks is gonna expose next!


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