Human Inhabitation: Journey to Mars


    Technological feats are closely-linked to the beauty of Science and Mathematics. Without Science and Mathematics, technological gadgets will not presumably be existing nowadays. Science has the laws, Mathematics does the equation. All technological breakthroughs have a scientific and mathematical explanation behind. When combined, these two are such a powerful combination. And indeed, technology has revolutionized the world, affecting different human aspects. Technology has made human living simpler, easier, and better. It has ambitioned to create and innovate ideas that never failed to put the world in awe. What was deemed impossible in the past are now mere ordinary occurrences. Technology has transformed impossibilities into possibilities.

    Getting late for a job interview? Need to call an ambulance for an emergency? Want to cook different food at once? Want to listen to music where only you can hear? Need to write down a long list of notes in a short period of time? Need to pass a file to your boss who is living 7 miles away from you? You can accomplish these tasks through various technological gadgets with less effort and maximum convenience and satisfaction! Who would not want that! Nowadays, using technological tools, gadgets, and machines are part of the norm. There is nothing new to this occurrence already. And no one will question why you do such thing.

    With all the endless possibilities that technology has brought, people are left to wonder what the next big thing can happen. When Apple released the first ever Iphone, the people made sure that they have it. When the MAC laptop was released, almost all corporate offices are utilizing them. When the first music device became known to the public, people soon began to enjoy streaming music wherever they are and whenever they want. When stoves came into existence, modern people abandoned the method of cooking on an open fire. Now, ask yourself, why. The answer is simple. We go back to the purpose of technology, which is to make life easier, simpler, better and more convenient. There is a great pleasure and satisfaction using these high technological tools and gadgets. Tasks at home, school, or work became quicker to accomplish. You can say that in the world of technology, there is an easy way out of doing things and performing tasks.

    What is sure nowadays is that technology will continue to delight and put the world in awe with the brilliant ideas and discoveries of inventors and innovators alike. Even though there is a great level of confidence of what technology can bring in the future, some people still doubt about some prospective that ambitious people want to achieve through technology. An example of this that is worthy to be discussed is the chance to live somewhere else other than the Earth. The idea alone, in a conservative or traditional perspective, is scary. This is quite ambitious but who knows! This advancement might open to other beautiful opportunities beyond what the Earth can give.

    Okay, why can’t people just stay on Earth? Why, out of all possible places to live, outside the Earth? And if not Earth, then, where else is there to live? Think about the rumors for the past few years. There is a planet that scientists and researchers believe to be inhabitable. You’re right! The “other place” being talked about here is the red planet. It is believed that the Mars can sustain life just like the Earth. Ever since this idea became known to the public, there has been a series of tests and experiments. It took not too long and not too short for the experts to solidify their claims. And what do you know next, people are aspiring to live on Mars already! Well, that escalated quickly.

    It is not just the experts who are obsessed with the idea that Mars can be a place to live in for humans. Even businessmen gained interest in sending people to Mars just as how real estate agents sell off real estate homes. One prominent person who dared to claim by sending people to Mars is Elon Musk. He stated that by the year, 2024, people can be transported to Mars and be able to start their lives there.

    Looks like human beings from Earth are soon not just gonna be multicultural people, but also gonna be multiplanet species. How’s that! On September 29, during the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, outlined a strategy that will let humans enjoy a casual trip to Mars. Soon after the trip, a human colony can be propagated, Musk added. Just how can this be achieved? Of course, Musk has something up his sleeve to reinforce his claim. SpaceX has created a reusable rocket which was nicknamed as FBR could travel up to 27,000 kilometers per hour or 16,777 miles per hour.

    That is already deemed fast, considering all the laws of Science and Mathematical computations. In 2022, SpaceX would establish a base on the moon and then send two cargo missions to Mars that would find water and place life support mechanisms. In 2024, then, humans will travel for a trip. A city in Mars is achievable in half a decade and that in order to assure survival of the human race, humans should live on other planets, Musk continued.

    This is pretty ambitious and idealistic at the time being. But with Science and Mathematics behind Musk, the best of luck goes to him. Aside from transporting humans from Earth to Mars, the BFR could be used for transportation between Earth destinations where a 48-hour travel between Canada and the Philippines could be reduced to 20 hours. Amazing, huh. Imagine how this transport could also cost you, but hey, as long as you find satisfaction with it, the hell with the price!

    With this ambitious endeavor, the endless possibilities that were conceived in the realm of the Earth transcends not just between country borders anymore but beyond the Earth. Hey, what is more exciting than having a trip among the stars! Mars, here we come!


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