Making Childhood Memories With PlayStation


    The memory trips of kids in the past consist of riding bikes, swimming in lakes, running around the neighborhood, playing hide and seek, board games, or sports, making tea parties, and interacting with different children of different ages. They created their own forms of play with their creative imaginations. Sure does ring a bell for the 90’s kids. Even though that the children see these as purely games, it is through these ways that they can learn a lot as they are still growing. These kids are so into their games that they seem not to care about anything else and their biggest problem was what game to play next. These were always the ways on how kids spend their days, but hey, they say that the only thing constant is change and that through time, things would really change. Even as to how kids play, there are possible changes and this change is quite a first in its league.

    Merry laughter and lively games of children fill up a village’s day, but gone are those days. Gone are the days of playing outside all day. With one quick snap, things took a drastic change. Children, at a very early age, are faced with the technological phenomenon. The entry of the 20th century welcomed a world full of revolutionary ideas and brilliant people who aim for development and prosperity. From this ambitious aspiration, it became inevitable for inventors to discover complex wonders of technological feats. Different forms of technology soon dominated the following years, leaving the world in continuous awe.

    Technological discoveries, advancements, and innovations have greatly influenced people’s way of living on what they think, feel, and say. These made both work and play better and more convenient. Different technological gadgets or machines have played a role: from work-related tasks up to games and entertainment purposes. Yes, you heard it right! When it comes to fun and play, these have a place in the technology’s heart. Whoever thought that technology could let you play your favorite childhood games or even introduce you to new and even more fun games! Name the game genre: adventure, action, simulation, strategy, and sports both for girls and boys, different technological tools have them. Games like Mario, Pacman, Tetris, Commando, Pinball, Ping Pong, Space Impact, Chess, Sims, GTA, Counter Strike, Diner Dash, Bakery and Fashion Story, Scrabble, Snake and Ladders. You bet you can play them anytime you want through different gadgets like game boys, cell phones, and computers that you can use to play with your favorite games.

    Children of this generation are enjoying this phenomenal change in technology. You see them not playing outside anymore. Few or even no more kids find it enjoyable to play outside. They do not prefer to get dirty with mud, water, grass, and soil. They seem not to find any leisure or pleasure running around which could also promote exercise. Their new best friend is their gadget. No more interaction in the outside world bye good old childhood days! Here are the new “it” games.

    And it seems like this change is quite sided with the children’s parents. You see, most children are provided by their parents with their own gadgets to play with. To be exact, another technology has been introduced to the public which puts children as the primary targeted users. This time, it brings gaming to the next level. This technology is being produced by a gaming brand that originates from Japan. We are talking about none other than the PlayStation. The brilliant creators behind the PlayStation is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation consists of four home video consoles, 2 handheld and phone, media centers, online service, controllers, and numerous magazines of games. Sony figured out on releasing video game consoles in a series with different updates in further releases. When the first and original console (PS1) was released in 1994 in Japan and on 1995 in North America and Europe, it was a megahit that sold 100 million units. This masterpiece was brainstormed for 8 years, dating back to 1986. You could say that the PS1 was really thought thoroughly well by Sony. It was a joint venture between Nintendo and Sony. Some complications rose up. This, however, did not hinder Sony to release PS1. The gaming console introduced 3D gaming experience which was greatly perceived by the public. No other thing has offered such experience. Cool! Who would not want to play games with that! Aside from playing games, you can actually use the PlayStation for watching HD movies or listening to music. So, there are game discs and music discs. Sony allowed third parties to produce games for PlayStation. Sony fought for the legal licenses and ownership of Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, and Spyro. Additionally, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid were and will always be PlayStation icons. After receiving remarkable feedbacks, it became inevitable for Sony to release an updated version or to continue the gaming console series. Now, there are even handheld devices like the PSP.

    Technological gadgets have their own pros and cons. This is true for all. Sony’s PlayStation, in another note, did encounter challenges and obstacles along the way before it was successfully released. Imagined if Sony gave up one in continuing its endeavor on one of those times. The PlayStation would have never been known and that there would be no positioned standards on how gaming consoles should be just as how Sony did it. With Sony’s PlayStation, children get to have even more fun. What’s more is that children learn to play inside their homes, assuring their safety. Children’s play environment may be physically limited inside their four-cornered rooms, but PlayStation makes sure that the games feature a real-like virtual world.

    Hey, who says that childhood memories cannot be formed through having fun with a PlayStation. It is just like any other toy or technological gadget. With PlayStation is pioneering in gaming consoles, Sony’s innovative ideas may just not be done yet. You bet, PlayStation is still in the pursuit in bettering its features to bring gaming to the next level above on its current level. Living in this world full of possibilities which have been opened by different technological feats, there could even be better technological advancements soon. So, for the gamers, rev your engines!


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