Stem Cells: Regenerative Medicine that Saves Lives


    Technology has openly wonders to the world with the help of Science. The laws of Science help scientists and experts innovate machines and gadgets that would contribute to the betterment of human living. Ever since the Science world discovered 1 amazing feat, it did not stop there. The world witnessed thousands no, millions of technological advancements for more than a hundred years. We are talking about simple tools to complex machines here. These materials have dominated the technological scene and have aided people in their tasks, may it be at home, school, or work.

    Technological tools and gadgets are used at home. Family members enjoy watching television and using their own personal computer or laptop. The kitchen is completely equipped with a stove, refrigerator, oven, blender, shake maker, juicer, and any cooking pans that a mother fantasize about. The living room or bedrooms are placed with electric fans or air conditioners. At school, teachers use laptops and flat screen televisions as instructional methods to teach and discuss. And yes, air conditioners or electric fans are also put in classrooms or faculty rooms. What’s more is that the wireless connection is now provided by schools that let both the students and faculty have easy access to the internet which is undeniably convenient for teaching and learning. At work for the professionals, various technological machines are being used. There are computers, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets, televisions, telephones, and fax machines take part of the everyday work routine. Without these, tasks at home, school, and work will never be just the same. These have become essential gadgets that without them, tasks will not be performed.

    Technological gadgets and breakthroughs have become very helpful in different life areas: politics, economics, medicine and health, education, forensics, fashion, and more. Ever wondered next breakthrough is gonna put the world in awe? One of the greatest uses of technology is when it is utilized in Science and medicine. Let’s just say giving humans another chance to live or to continue living. We have reached to the point that technological breakthroughs and discoveries can save a person’s life. Scientists and experts may not be able to raise the dead to live again, but they surely did discover something that can prolong or add more days to a suffering or ill person. Quite unbelievable, right? Not anymore. Vaccines and medicines have been fabricated to address certain illnesses.

    What is dire to think about is that no cure has been made for some major diseases. But it gives the suffering patients to see their future more brightly because of a certain revolutionary discovery in medicine and Science. Remember what makes up a disease. Sicknesses just don’t appear out of the blue. They infect people. Where? How? Everything that commands a person’s physical characteristics, emotional drives, and attitude boil down to the make-up of their system. Now, we are talking about cells; cells that flow freely in a human’s bloodstream or are fixed in a person’s body organ. Yes, these cells are very small that there is still difficulty in viewing them through microscopes. So small yet so essential that these cells contain the genetic instructions as to how a person should look like and behave. When a person acquires a disease, these cells are targeted. Imagine the damage it can cause. If these cells malfunction because of being inhabited by foreign substances, abnormalities would occur. All body parts would be affected. There would be a total change of a person’s appearance, activity, and even emotions.

    In the past, there was nothing that people can do when the cells are already being under attacked by foreign substances. Now, this scenario is non-existent anymore. Experts have discovered and developed on how to regenerate cells in order to replace the dead cells. There came the idea of stem cells.

    Stem cells are valued preciously as they can produce more stem cells that can transform into other cells in its early life stages to make up the loss of certain cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells because of this capability. Hence, they are potent. They also have the property of self-renewal where they can undergo through numerous cycles of cell division while staying as undifferentiated state. So, where do stem cells come from? They are from two main sources: embryos in a blastocyst phase during the embryological development and in adult tissues. You see, they are abundant. These tissues may be from the brain, skeletal muscles, blood, skin, liver, and blood vessels. This idea is brilliant; it paved way to stem cell operations or what they call a regenerative medicine.

    Bone marrow transplantation is by far the most widely used as a stem cell therapy. With regenerative medicine, there is no need for organ transplants anymore, which is actually limited. The cells are grown in a lab and are manipulated to grow into specialized cells. These specialized cells, then, are implanted into a person. For example, a person with a heart disease could be injected with the specialized stem cell. These cells, then, are set to contribute to the betterment of the patient’s condition. There were already many stem cell operations. One of them was a wheelchair-bound man who was given another chance to walk again after undergoing a cutting edge stem cell operation. This incident gave hope to other suffering patients. However, experts have also been very careful about the possibilities of side effects or negative consequences. There are worries that a person’s immune system would target the stem cell as a foreign substance or that a stem cell would just basically not function at all.

    Currently, the experts are working hard to test if stem cell therapy can be used to treat diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and heart disease. Hopefully, they would also study about stem cell therapy for curing cancer. Yes, stem cell operations may be highly an option to treat seriously ill patients, but at this rate where further studies are still conducted, it is not really a highly-reliable and a hundred percent solution. But hey, with all the technological breakthroughs in Science and medicine, you could not be just too pessimistic on this one. There will come a time that stem cell therapies would be an established area in medicine. You see, technology has not just made life easier, simpler, and better. It can prolong life.


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