What is Virtual Reality fitness and does it really work?


    Has science gone too far? Or are we just really a technology dependence?

    There is no reason that a generation which can memorize over 100 Pokemon characters, with all their characteristics, history and evolution, can’t learn the names and capitals of all the 181 nations in the world. It just depends on how it is presented. Technology has already modified and adjusted the human physiology. It makes us think differently, even dream in another way. But it’s not just the technology. It is what we choose to do with our awareness when we have the power to choose. These advancements made it possible for rational human to walk on the moon. Even though these evolutions offer many benefits, there’s still a lot of people argue that technology will lead to destruction upon earth. And this article will analyze the merits and demerits of a new proposed technology before a reasonable conclusion can be drawn in your mind.

    Are you really ready to start creating and doing instead of day dreaming and waiting? Most of us wants to put ourselves in a picture. But the question is “How”. Yet, we can dream out of our head and get it on paper if we really want to make a dream into a touchable reality. Virtual reality guarantees to create a convincing world inside the computer, one that an individual, wearing a purpose-built helmet, gloves and goggles, can live on, dwell and interact with. There have been contrasting attempts and expressive ideas and they were all significant in the quest for the development of virtual reality. Sadly, not all of the ideas were successful, but we should be thankful to some pioneers who helped make VR possible and pave the path.

    Here’s a quick overview on what Virtual Reality really is.

    Virtual Reality features two small HD screens whose vision are slightly neutralized, creating the illusion of three dimensions, ones never seen in the outside world or representation of actual scenes can be reproduced objects which don’t really fit into the ordinary world.To introduce you further about this, you can actually change the camera position, which is where trees can be automatically drawn from a selected density and view point and light direction are under your control, as is much more. It must be drawn an attention that this is not a drawing or painting program because the computer creates the landscapes following the user’s way and path. There is also an animation option, in which you appear to be moving through the landscape.

    This year, VR made its presence felt, but different feedbacks emerged about this newly invented technology. For years, developers have tried their ultimate idea to stop the monotony of sitting on a motionless bike or treadmill while looking yourself in the mirror, or extremely try to avoid making eye contact with neighboring body build conscious. Pioneers are betting virtual reality as a cure for the routines of working out and make exercise less boring because it’s not the same old stuff. Hence, the VR exercise machine delivers a core workout by making it seem like users are really in an active actual environment. It even makes you play your favorite activity game where it doesn’t have to look like exercise but it can look like fun.

    Gyms are actually trying to embrace and build in VR fitness into their program, yet, you can carry out your VR workout routine without leaving the comfort of your home if you just have a PC at your place. VR is for everyone, it is also for children who adore gaming, teens, who’s fond of exploring up to date and on trend stuffs and mid-age office employees who can’t spare time for gym. If you have chosen to work out through gaming, then you wouldn’t even recognize  that you are working out. It helps you to just burn out some fat effortlessly.

    Virtual Reality has a lot of uses. It can be used to train paramedics to learn life saving skills through a realistic scenario. It can be used as a counseling technique such as phobia treatment, for example a fear of crowd and public speaking where an individual can build up his/her confidence in a virtual environment.

    Nevertheless, When it comes to fitness or in any different life aspects, you should provide a sense of accountability. You should find something to look forward to, set goals and be motivated. You’ll be far less likely to bail when you determined on what your goal is, regardless of how tiring or sweaty it might be.


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