5 Things you didn’t know Google could do


Computers are powerful with a variety of reasons where they can process information with incredible speed, accuracy and dependability. But they still pose no match for the brain and intelligence of a human. A computer can carry and transport data swiftly from storage to memory, process it, and then store it again for future use. By all odds, storage capacity of a computer is one of its most worthy possessions.

In this innovative generation, our civilization has come a long way where everything is now labour-saving and convenient because of some advances in distinctive kinds of software and programs across almost all sectors.

Just like this famous search engine which is taking a hold of more than three billion searches each day just to respond different questions, inquiries, advices, and hacks that people need. It is Google. A web search engine that makes a way out of no way. It gives answers and solutions to different life aspects and even to the hierarchy of needs of an individual from the most fundamental and basic four layers of Maslow’s pyramid.
Google can give you an account of all the phenomenon happened from the past and can also impart you some words of wisdom for the future. There might be things we don’t even know that only Google knows. Mysteries, deaths and disappearances, government, politics and conflict, aviation, ethnicity, race and religion. You might have no idea of some deep and rooting stories about these varying degrees of issues, but through Google, you can easily hunt and quest lot of exposition and defense about a certain matter. Here are some things you don’t know Google can do:

1Google helps you decide where to eat

Deciding where to eat is a nightmare. Instead of considering choices as the supreme thing where we can just easily pick between the possible course of action, having too many choices is now emerging as a problem to everybody. We always have the condition of being undecided, whatever we select the other option would have been better.
In this dubiety, Google shows you restaurants that is in nearby places and your point of interest along with ratings and descriptions. So if you have a Google application installed in your phone, you can certainly think about food whenever and wherever you might be.

2Manually draw characters or symbols and Google will translate it for you

Many people tend to stop at the point of learning other countries writing system because of the criticism that it is not easy as they think. Chinese, Finnish, Arabic, Korean and Thai are just a few examples that will leave us struggles when it come to their writing system. A lot of languages are completely unrelated to English, difficult phonology and they are even derived from different scripts. But through the help of Google, you can simply draw the character or symbol that you desired to and it will show you the translation that you’re actually looking for.

3Split the tip bill for your squad

There is already an ongoing action of eliminating the giving of tip in American restaurants. Mandatory means being obliged to, but giving of tip is actually optional. It is a customer’s choice and not a server’s suggestion. A lot of people who provide services and commodity relies on top, thus, they do their best to make the customer’s experience be pleasurable. In spite of the fact that they are always engaged to some annoying customer where they have been yelled at and belittled. And for you to be given an effortless hack on how to divide a sum of money to a service worker in addition to the basic price, tip calculator will be the best thing for you. You just need to type the total bill, the percentage that you desire for the tip, the number of people and it will definitely show you the fair amount of your gratuity.

4Google fonts for a lot of amazing fonts to be downloaded for free

You need to choose the appropriate typeface among the set of fonts in accordance to what article or website you are making. There seem to be endless lists of categories and choices that’s why picking a specific typeface is a complicated process. Sometimes, what is being offered in your computer or MS word is not the accurate font style you’re looking for. Through a Google search, you can easily choose and download a load of typefaces from old style, transitional serifs, decorations, and even the script type style of font.

5Check your arrival and departure status

You can go to the airport late but be sure not to miss your flight or else, you’ll be somehow out of luck. Unless if the airline will let you hop on the next plane after you get to pay another fees and experience sweat and stress. With the help of Google, you can track your flight with some details showing about arrival, departure times, any cancellations, delays and diversions that will end your struggle on checking for flight status.

There’s a lot of things we don’t know what Google can do for us. Some eyebrow-raising things that we don’t even know. Some facts about you that you wish this search engine didn’t know. Haven’t you bothered to ask what Google doesn’t know? Well, it’s for you to find out what Google doesn’t want you to know.


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