Amazon Prime: What Is It And How Does It Work


Amazon has been offering online shopping for many years now. With the advanced technology, there is now a better and easier way of buying products and services through Amazon. This is made possible by the Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

In simple terms, it is a subscription service that is primarily offered to limit and get rid of the shipping costs on the purchases made on Amazon. The service is paid for, and it comes with a free trial of 30 days, then a yearly fee of $99. Once you sign up, and buy the service, you will become a member.

Currently, Amazon ships orders that are over $35 for free. This applies to the low-priority shipping service that will take between seven to ten days to get the order delivered. With the Prime services, you will get free shipping that will take only two days. You can also enjoy an overnight shipping for as little as $3.99 for every order. Other than the shipping costs, Amazon announced that it will add free media streaming of TV shows ad moves to the Prime subscribers.

What is included in the Prime kit?

The Amazon Prime service will come with different features that are designed to benefit the members. The package entails the following;

  • Free shipping for two days, which is on qualified items that has no minimum order balance. Same-day delivery is available in fourteen metro areas and applies to orders that are above $35. There is also the Prime Pantry Delivery that is meant for the heavy and bulky items, which costs a flat rate of $5.99.
  • Amazon Household. This one allows you to share the Prime benefits with an adult, along with a maximum of four children.
  • Prime Now App. This app lets you enjoy delivery within an hour in specified metro areas. When you make your first order, you may get $20 off, if the order is above $50.
  • Prime Photos. This one allows you to save unlimited photos on the Amazon Cloud Drive, and there is an extra 5GB storage for other files.
  • You are also free to borrow one free Kindle Book every month. This is available from a collection of over 350,000 books.
  • Amazon Mom. This one is available for discounts on the product subscriptions like baby wipes. It is a great feature for the new caretakers or parents. You will also get a 20% discount on the subscriptions on diapers. You can share these benefits with your Amazon Household members.

These are the most common features that you would expect to get from the Amazon Prime. So if you are a member, you can be sure of enjoying more of the features, along with their benefits.

How much will it cost you?

As mentioned, you would expect to pay about $99 every year for the Amazon Prime membership. With the amazing savings it has on the shipping costs, this product is considered a great option. If you are a frequent shopper, you can be sure of enjoying this service. On the side of the video services, Amazon Price is almost of the same price a Hulu Plus and Netflix. The Prime video subscription will need to be paid up front, which will be available for the whole year. The good thing about Prime is that you can access some Hulu shows for free. Nonetheless, you might not watch the complete season.

Another thing about Prime is that you get 30 free days for trying it. You can also cancel the free trial whenever you want to. Even with the free trial, you still get to enjoy the Prime Day, which is an annual celebration of Amazon.

What is the Amazon Household?

This is a feature that entails two adults, along with a maximum of four children. The Prime benefits will only be open to sharing with the two adults that share one Household. You can enjoy Prime Instant Video, which is only available for streaming. You will also enjoy Prime Early Access and Kindle Owners’.

With the Amazon Household, you will be able to share the Amazon content through a Family Library. The two adults must authorize one another to use the debit and credit cards to make purchases on Amazon.

What benefits will you get when using Amazon Prime

There are several advantages of using the Amazon Prime, and they include the following;

  • No extra costs. The product has competitive prices, but it will not have any extra costs like taxes and other shipping charges. The shipping costs will only be applied if you need the same-day delivery, which will be less costly than the other shipping companies.
  • Perfect timing. You can be sure of getting your order within 24 hours of purchasing. Nonetheless, the same-day delivery will be available for specific metro areas. You might want to confirm if your area is covered.
  • No minimum order amount. You will not need to have minimum order to qualify for the service. Regardless of the product that you buy, the service will still be available, and you will perfectly enjoy the benefits. Even if you bought a product worth $5, you would still have it delivered within two days for free.

There are many other benefits that you will enjoy when using the Prime service, make sure you check them out. Amazon also benefits from this program. A recent study showed that Prime members spend much more than non-Prime members when it comes to orders over $200.

What are the cons?

With all the benefits, this product still has some drawbacks that might not amuse you as such. They include the following;

  • Affiliate Stores are not covered. If you buy goods from the Amazon affiliates, you will not be able to enjoy the Prime benefits.
  • As a free member, you will not get the chance to access the media streamings.
  • The shipment can take more than the two days that the company claims.
  • Some areas are not covered by the Prime benefits.


The Amazon Prime is a service that can help you get your favorite products online, devoid of the shipping costs. The media streaming is also quite reliable, and you can also enjoy the additional TV shows from Hulu. Nonetheless, some TV shows will not be available in a complete series. The product also comes with free 30-day membership. There is nothing to lose because you can decide to cancel it if it doesn’t please you.

I would love to find out what are your thoughts on the Amazon Prime program, so don’t be shy and use the form bellow.


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