Android File Transfer – How to connect the device to a Mac


Sharing files from android to Mac 2

There are several ways you can use to transfer files from an android device to your MAC and vice versa. The easiest way around is to use the SHAREit application. The app is easy to use, offers faster file transfer than Bluetooth and doesn’t need Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. Plus, it can send and receive any file format, even when it comes to larger files. Yes, even a movie that is usually in 700mb of size can be sent or received using the app. Aside from sharing files, using this app will let you play a video on larger screen (PC, MAC or smart TV), control PowerPoint presentation, allows remote view and phone backup.

Sharing Files From Android to Mac – The Easy Way


MAC terminal

  1. On your MAC, download the SHAREit app from the App Store;
  2. Click FINDER—>APPLICATION—>search the SHAREit app—>Open the app to connect.


Option A


  1. Download the SHAREit app from Play Store, in case you haven’t downloaded it yet;
  2. Open SHAREit app —> tap start —> then Set up your profile —> tap SAVE;
  3. Tap the avatar that you have selected, a side menu will show, tap connect to PC;
  4. The app will scan for the other device. When found on the radar, tap to connect and establish a connection;
  5. When the device is paired, you will need to validate it on your MAC, then click “OK” to continue;
  6. Once you are connected to the MAC, you can now send files and use the other features.

Option B

You can conveniently connect to a MAC/PC by using the QR code feature.


Sending files from MAC to Android

  1. Locate the files that you wish to send;
  2. Drag and drop the files in the SHAREit window;
  3. Click SEND to commence the operation.

Sending files from Android to MAC

  1. Find the file that you wish to send, then select by tapping it;
  2. The app will scan for other devices. Tap the MAC’s device name to start the file transfer.

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