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Rooting is the most common lingo that you’ll encounter after having your own android device and especially when you want to maximize its features. This is also a topic on which you will need to do some research, to understand what this process will do and how you’ll take advantage of it, to unlock the full potential of an android device. This is a big decision and there is no room for the faint-hearted in this process. You need to research, research and research! You might end up ruining your phone or tablet, if you just go around and try everything without checking it first.

Rooting will enable you to have superuser or admin rights to configure an android operating system. You can also modify an application, install custom ROMS/firmware and tweak the android system, to further improve its performance. The rooting process may have numerous procedures, depending on the device and the android version that is running on that device. Of course, rooting will void your android device warranty.

To save you from all that trouble, here’s the most convenient way to root any android device easily. You will also learn a secret that will let you buy in-app purchase for free – yes you heard it right. It’s free!

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any damages caused by this guide to any of your devices. As we had mentioned above, rooting your device will void your warranty. Following the instructions that are included in this post is upon the user’s full discretion.

An all-around-rooting application for all android version1

1. You will need to enable the setting that will allow the installation of an application from unknown sources. To do this, go to SETTINGS -> SECURITY -> tap Unknown Sources to enable -> tap OK.

Disregard this step if you already did this.


2. Download the all-around-rooting application here (updated 30.07.2016) and Install the application once the download is complete.

To make the rooting process successful, we strongly suggest that you connect to a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi. You can also use your mobile data. Just make sure that you are connected to a strong 3G or 4G signal.


3. After opening the root application, you will see the details of your android device (i.e. model unit), that is usually in a green text. Tap the part where it says “Root” or “Root now.” The rooting process will commence and you’ll have to wait for the progress bar to complete. Once it’s done, congratulations! Your device is now rooted.

Root Checker 2

4. Verify root access – download the root checker application on Google Play to verify if your android device is already rooted.

Other features

Purify 1

The all-around-rooting application has an integrated start-up manager and a “purify” feature that can help in boosting an android device’s performance and increase its battery life.

You can get the Purify application on Google Play store. This application will help manage and improve application processes. It will help boost your android device overall performance and extend battery life by stopping non-essential processes to run in the background – less process, less stress on the processor, less power consumption.

How to get in-app purchases for free?

First of all, this will not work if your device is not yet rooted and this may not work on some applications.

1. Download the application here (updated 30.07.2016), then install it.

2. Open the application and grant it with root permission.

Patcher 3

3. Tap and hold the name of the application where you wish to make a free in-app purchase. A list of the pop-up menu will appear.

Patching 4

4. Tap “Support patch for InApp…” then tap “Apply.” The patching of the selected application will begin. Wait for the patching bar progress to complete.

Patching 5

5. Tap “launch” to run the selected application, or you can select “OK” and go back to properly exit the patcher app.

6. Tap the in-app area where you will purchase perks for the selected application. Try to choose the most expensive one, then another menu will pop-up showing some patching details. Just tap on “Yes” and the purchased gold/crystals will be added automatically for free.

Note: Kindly remove your card information (billing) from the Google Play store, to check if the free in-app purchase really worked for you.

Additional tips

We strongly recommend to unroot your android device before doing a factory reset, to avoid bootloops or getting your device soft bricked. To do this, open the root application, tap the area on the top right corner where the various menu will show. Tap the section where it says “Uninstall root application or remove root permission”, then you will be asked if you want to backup the root data. It is up to you whether you will backup or not. Then tap “confirm or continue.” The unrooting process will begin. Wait for the notification that says “unrooting process completed.” After unrooting, the root application will be deleted from your system, then reboot your android device first and then do a factory reset.

All of the steps listed in this guide are not guaranteed to work on all devices. Also, if the process is done incorrectly, it may ruin your phone and you will not be able to have it fixed by your phone’s manufacturer, as the process voids your warranty. However, if you’re able to root your phone successfully, get ready for the best experience and performance your phone could ever give.

Would you give it a try? Sound your thoughts in the comments below!


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