Add Extra Spice to Your Relationship with these Sex Games


Sex is defined as the basic instinct or attraction that draws one towards another. This desire for a particular person (or more, in some cases), is usually entwined with our lives. These connections are founded on friendship, trust, thrill, and, why not, the need to satisfy one’s curiosity. As the drive becomes more intense and pleasurable, the connection ignites, bearing a new fruit of fondness for each other. The emotions are tied and deeply rooted, making the bond stronger. The fun and enjoyable pleasure will bring both partners to the world that only exists between them and their sexual fantasies.

Sex is not about who finished first, it is about providing satisfaction for each other. Returning the favor to your partner and delivering “the big O” will surely bring satisfaction to the both of you.

Explore The Best Sex Games for Couples

If you are the type of person that wants to try new things or do the unorthodox more often than the normal, this should be fun for you.

10I Dare You – A magic box full of challenges

I Dare You – A magic box full of challenges

Price range: $15 – $25

Why you’ll love this game:

You’ll both get to do various tasks with different and unpredictable outcomes.

How it works:

You will need to decide who will do the challenge first. The box contains 30 envelopes that hold different challenges. The starting player will need to get one (1) envelope, open it, then read it out loud to his or her partner. The partner must then complete the challenge. Let the fun begin!

Don’t you worry about repeating the challenge, because, for every one of them, the answer can be performed in different ways – the excitement, thrill, and fun will be endless.

9Let the Sex Dice Decide

Let the Sex Dice Decide

Price Range: $16 – $20

Why you’ll love this game:

Unpredictable fun and creative combinations.

How it works:

The sides of the dice have sex positions, foreplay, body parts or genital areas bound for kissing, sucking etc. The first player that rolls the dice should follow its output. If the player is not up to the challenge, he or she needs to pay it with a price (demand of your partner).

Each side of the dice will determine what will be the outcome of your sex adventures. The most exciting part here is using a dice with 10 or more sides, the more sides of the dice, the kinkier the sex game gets.

8Come On and Get Me, Baby, I’m yours!

Come On and Get Me, Baby, I’m yours!

Price range: FREE

Why you’ll love this game:

This game is a real teaser for guys and ideal for the girls who like to “torment” them.

How it works:

After a shower, get your guy to stand several feet away from the bed. Let him watch you slowly take off that towel, as you lie down on the bed, naked. Ask your guy different questions about your favorite position, or things about about you. For every right answer, your guy gets a step forward, and for every wrong answer, he will move a step backwards. Once he reaches the spot near you, let the earth-shaking-adventure begin.

The game will let your partner know more about you and, at the same time, he will lust for you. Several teasing questions will drive him crazy. He will do everything to get you! P.S. Don’t torture him for very long.

7The Tool Box

The Tool Box

Price range: $35 – $45

Why you’ll love this game:

Different kinds of tools, different kinds of fun.

How it works:

Spice up your usual night and take it to the next level by using a tool box of sex gizmos (i.e vibrators, sex dice, lubes and more). Be creative, come up with a game where you will both have a pleasurable night.

6Wrong Place at the Right Time

Wrong Place at the Right Time

Price range: FREE

Why you’ll love this game:

The feeling of getting caught will add to the thrill factor.

How it works:

This is not about having sex in public places, this is about getting creative and using the lesser key factors to your advantage and excitement. We’ll give you some examples, but really it’s up to you.

  1. Woohoo in your friend’s bathroom while the house party is blasting outside.
  2. Did you think of having sex while your roommate is out and the door is open? Are you brave enough to make it happen?
  3. Girls, you can tease your guy in a crowded elevator by discreetly (and gently) touching him so as to signal what you want to do later.

5The Mirror Effect

The Mirror Effect

Price range: FREE

Why you’ll love this game:

Can you follow your partner’s lead?

How it works:

After stripping out everything, face your partner, then let him or her follow your lead. As you kiss, touch and lick the areas you desire, your partner will do the same thing as close to what you have done. This game will let you both enjoy the power of touch and foreplay.

4Time Bomb Game

Time Bomb Game

Price range: FREE

Why you’ll love this game:

Do anything you can to tease your partner within a given time.

How it works:

Both of you must agree on the time limit of the game. Run the timer and let the fun begin! You choose whether you kiss, touch, or lick your partner. No penetration is allowed until both of you are satisfied and agree that it’s time for the woohoo.

3Tie Me Up, Babe!

Tie Me Up, Babe!

Price range: FREE

Why you’ll love this game:

Once you are tied up, you will experience being powerless, not in control, on the road towards an erotic adventure.

How it works:

First of all, the game has a very important rule: you need the consent of your partner to do anything. Use a necktie or a soft scarf to tie your partner’s ankles and wrists.Do whatever you both like, be it softcore or hardcore. The point of this game is to tease your partner and to intensify the suspense of sexual rapture. It is also very arousing, since it’s a power game. Play it well!

2Fantasy Affairs Game

Fantasy Affairs Game

Price range: $40 – $50

Why you’ll love this game:

If you got to that point every relationship hits sooner or later, the all mighty routine, Fantasy Affairs comes to the rescue. The game provokes you to improvise or bring to life your erotic fantasies and get into some roleplaying.

How it works:

The game starts with you both selecting a game card. Then you have to take turns and roll the die. Next, you move your marker around the board. The cards you’ll pick will provoke you to seduce your partner with arousing kisses and go through naughty challenges. Game night doesn’t sound bad at all!

1Endless Nights of Amazing Sex

Endless Nights of Amazing Sex

Price range: $30 – $60

Why you’ll love this game: 

Both you and your partner will be the winners of this game!

How it works:

The players will need to roll the dice and answer kinky questions. For every correct answer, you will get a sex card which will encourage you to enrapture your partner with various foreplay and sexual games. You can collect the Sex cards you like best and give those ideas a try at the end of the game.

Have you tried any of these games? Share your best sexual adventures by commenting below.



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