How to download Spotify songs for free


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming providers. It offers free and premium subscriptions. The free subscription lets you enjoy music streaming with ads, while the premium services lets you listen without the annoying ads. The bonus part is they are letting you download the songs or entire playlists, so you can use it offline. This is good for saving data, when you are in a data plan.

Spotify has millions of songs from all genres of music produced locally and by popular artists. People use it to relax at home, on the way to work or when doing routine exercises. If you are the type of person that doesn’t have the resources for a data connection or monthly subscription, you might want to check their disclaimer out:


Downloading or distributing any intellectual property without the consent of the music producer is against the law. It is a form of piracy; you will be fined or put in jail for this acts. We are not held responsible for any criminal liabilities that this might cause you. The post is intended only for educational purposes.

Step-by-step guide on how you can download Spotify playlist for free

You must have a little background on P2P downloading and VPN networks. Paying for the software that will be used in this tutorial is a good alternative too. In this way the developer is supported. Choose to follow the steps:

  • Download a P2P torrent client here.
  • If you are living in a country that is strictly implementing the anti-piracy law, download and install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this way you can mask your IP and change your location. For example: people living in the USA, U.K, and Canada can use the VPN to change their IP to other countries such as Bulgaria or Romania so they can download torrent files. You can search for a free VPNs on Google.
  • Download the Internet Download Manager. This is a download accelerator software and has other useful features too. It lets you grab videos, images, audios and other files for free. You can get the official IDM software here or the cracked version using P2P downloaded here. Don’t forget to activate the VPN first when you choose to get IDM for free. Hit the magnet link button then hit OK to start downloading the file. Once the download is completed, follow the instructions provided in the IDM folder then install IDM. Other Anti-virus might flag the silent install .exe as a virus. If that’s the case, do the manual installation procedure. Restart your computer after the installation.
  • Open your browser. IDM will require to enable its plugin or extension. Just hit OK then you’re ready to use the software.

Almost there

To download Spotify songs or playlist, use Spotify web player site by clicking here.

  • Login using your Facebook account. It’s recommended to use a dummy Facebook account.
  • Browse for the playlist that you wish to listen. Play a song of choice. For downloading multiple songs, wait for at least 3 seconds then hit the NEXT button. Repeat this process until a message box will appear. It will communicate you to reload or reconnect to Spotify.
  • On the lower left corner, click the IDM button. Download a single song by clicking the title of the song then IDM. It’ll start downloading the song. An alternative option is DOWNLOAD ALL for downloading multiple songs in the playlist.



  • Select the songs that are in the queue for download then hit OK.


  • Click the system tray located on the lower right corner to show hidden icons then click the IDM icon. Highlight 5 songs that are in the queue for download. To do this, press and hold SHIFT then click the file name of the song. Once it’s all highlighted, right click then select RESUME DOWNLOAD. IDM will download the songs for you. A message box will appear once the download is complete; just click the CLOSE button.
  • Last step – Transfer the files  to your Phone or mp3 player using a USB type data capable.

Final words

Spotify is definitely a king when it comes to streaming music, and will be for a while. The service has a great look, nice features and is very simple to use. With this guide, we hope that you’ll get the music you love much closer to you.

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