How to extend your WiFi network – The Easy Way


Is there a particular area in our home that is in a “dead zone”, a place where Wi-Fi signals are weak? Dead zones are created by obstacles that reduce the Wi-Fi signal’s strength. Other factors that affect the Wi-Fi reception can be distance and your neighbor’s’ Wi-Fi channel. Here is the easy guide on how to effectively boost your Wi-Fi signal in your home.

Factors that affect the Wi-Fi signal

Wi-Fi Channel

You might need to download a Wi-Fi analyzer app from Google Play. Scan the wireless network using the app, then look at the graph. You can find several Wi-Fi networks that are on the same channel. Look for a channel that is not clogged by another wireless network, to optimize your Wi-Fi signals.


The best Wi-Fi signal that you can get is near the router or on the same floor the router is. You might have issues with the reception in the backyard or the front yard.

How to extend your Wi-Fi network

Updating your router’s firmware

To do this, kindly refer to your router’s manual, so you can login to the router’s dashboard. Look for the option that will let you update your router’s firmware. The router will display updates that are available. Newer router models will automatically download the files, while older routers will redirect or require that you go to their website and download the router’s firmware. After you downloaded the file, hit the upgrade button, locate the firmware that you have downloaded, then hit the button that says “upgrade firmware.”

Changing Wi-Fi Channel 

You will need to refer to your wireless router’s manual and login to the router. Look for the option that says “WLAN Advanced Settings”. Change the default value of the channel to that which is best suited for your home network. Save your settings, then reboot the router to take effect of the changes made.

Router placement 

Install the router on an elevated area that doesn’t have any obstacles which reduce the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. Make sure the antenna is oriented vertically, to maximize the Wi-Fi’s reception.

Replace antenna

You can replace your router’s antenna with one that has higher dBi. Please phone the router’s manufacturer so they can help you identify which is the suitable antenna for the router.

Improvised Wi-Fi boosters 

Improvised Wi-Fi boosters are humorous, but the catch here is your creativity and resourcefulness. There are many ways to do this: the usual are foil wraps, empty cans and other materials that can be found in your home. Most of them are not that pleasing to our eyes but, yes, they actually work.

Buy a repeater or another router with repeater function

The repeater’s job is to relay the Wi-Fi signals in a dead zone. The repeater is the perfect solution for extending Wi-Fi signal. It should be connected to the main router through Wi-Fi or wired connection. If you prefer doing it over Wi-Fi, you will need to read the manual for the configuration. Usually, you will need to login to the repeater, then scan for the main router’s Wi-Fi name, enter the password, then hit OK or apply. The repeater will load the configuration. Wait for a few seconds, then check your internet connection. After successfully configuring the repeater, you can change the repeater’s default password, for privacy.

Pocket Wi-Fi as a repeater

you can conveniently use the pocket Wi-Fi for quite some time. This is not a long term solution, but it will do the job when you need to further extend the Wi-Fi signal to the front or back yard. This may come in handy when you are having a pool party or a late dinner with family and friends. The same procedure as for the repeater configuration is required.

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