Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation – What is it and how does it work?


The Secret Message feature will encrypt your messages, so others don’t have a chance to read any of your conversations. This feature was rolled out by Facebook last July. Facebook users will be protected from hackers, the host  and government organizations that will attempt to invade their right to privacy. The process is a bit tricky, but here’s the guide to help you get it done in a jiffy.

Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation Guide

  1. Download the latest Facebook messenger app, from Google Play. If you have it installed, update the application.


2. Login to Messenger using Facebook or your mobile number.

3. Go to the Contacts tab.


  1. Tap the contact that you wish to talk to. To activate the secret messaging feature, tap the “i” icon on the top right corner.

5. Scroll down to find Secret Conversation, then tap it. The secret conversation welcome note will appear. Just hit “Ok” to continue.


  1. Before you send your message, make sure that you set the timer of the message deletion. To do this, tap the stopwatch icon (color red), on the right side, then choose the suitable timer.


7. Enjoy your encrypted conversation!

Additional things to bear in mind

  1. All chat messages are delivered only to the receiver. Both the sender and the receiver will have an encryption key. You can check this out by tapping the “i” icon on the top right corner, then tap Device Keys. Check if your key matches to the receiver’s.


  1. Messages will be automatically deleted, depending on the timer set by the user. Don’t get pissed if your message is deleted. The message won’t be deleted if it has not been read by the receiver. The timer will only start once the user read the message.
  1. The auto-deletion timer can be set for 5, seconds, 1 minute, and a maximum of 1 day.

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