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We live in the online age. Having a pro website is necessary for a business or any type of career. A good website allows you to administrate many things. It’s a great way to multitask duties in one place. Some of the best things that a web site can offer are a communication channel, some marketing tools, a display of works and skills and so on. is a system which can deliverer these to you. So we’ve made a step-by-step guide to help reach your goal of creating a website.

Why Wix?

If you decide to quickly build a website, Wix might be the answer. This software has some amazing tools that will help you achieve your goals fast. Here are a few reasons why we think Wix is the right choice:

  • It includes more than 280 templates. You can choose from a large array of great looking designs. It has a large availability for any type of industry, starting with B2B and ending with dedicated Healthcare or Cooking templates. If you are not the most creative web-wise person, this is the best place for you. You”ll still be able to have an attractive site.
  • It’s easy to use, because it has a drag and drop interface. So it’s pretty easy to learn how to get around in Wix. All the sub-systems are based on the drag-and-drop principles. There’s no need to learn how to code. You choose and position any elements with just a few restrictions.
  • They have quality support. Wix gives you easy access to proper assistance. Each and every element of the website comes with its own support button. In this way, you don’t have to search in the database for a topic you need.
  • You don’t need hosting. This amazing platform comes with its own reliable hosting. In this way, you don’t have to purchase a separate hosting service.
  • It’s free! You don’t need money to try Wix. It’s recommended to link Wix to your domain. In this way, it will look more professional.

What do you need?

Here’s a very small list of things you need to start your Wix website:

  • A browser – whichever you prefer (Firefox or Google Chrome)
  • A credit card – if you wish to use any of Wix’s chargeable services.
  • Some content – you have to populate your site with images and text.
  • A bit of patience so you can learn the basics.

A short step-by step guide for Beginners!

1. What’s the purpose of your site?

After you begin with the design, think about your website’s goals. In this way you will understand the technical elements and the general message your web property will transmit. For example, if the main goal of your website is to sell photos, you’ll have to include a nice gallery of photos, a shopping cart and a checkout operation in your design scheme. If your focus is to promote music, you need to include a video player, an audio player and so on.

2. Inspiration

A solution for you to reach your goal is to spend a good amount of time on research. Start picturing how your website will look. Go and explore some similar industries. Take notes in terms of performance and design and bring them into your website. After you log in and choose your domain of activity, Wix already comes up with a nice gallery of templates.

3. Detailed Site Map

This is a very important aspect in the process. The site map is the blueprint of your website’s architecture. Also, this will guide you through the design. The map has to include a list of planned pages. Start to sketch what each page will include; you can even display videos, texts, buttons, images, etc.

A designer drawing a website sketch

4. What’s your style?

If your reached this step, we believe you have the goals and structure figured out. In the Wix editor you have the background icon were you can start with the color, fonts, and so on.

5. Image Use

This part is pretty critical for your site. So is better if you make a plan in advance; how you are going to use the images in you design. Wix comes in your help. They have a big variety of image gallery designs from where you can choose. You can also edit them from the image editor. If you need high-quality and professional photos, you can purchase them from e.g. BigStock photos or other similar sites. You can then add them directly in the Wix editor.

6. Prepare Your Texts in Advance

Most of the time the text content can influence the design process. It’s better if you prepare the texts that you will use before you even begin creating the site. You can include not only long paragraphs, but also texts that you will use in your site on e.g. buttons. You will be able edit these texts at any time. It will be very helpful to design the site after you have a clear idea about each page of each section.

7. Don’t forget about that Layout!

Probably one of the most important parts of your site is the layout. Think about it as the skeleton of your website, even before you add something to it. It is very possible that you’ll use different layouts for different pages such as online stores, biographies, contact pages, appointment booking pages; all of these come with different futures and require a specific layout.

8. Design Elements

The layout of your site is the foundation of your website. From now another important aspect is to add the decorative touch. This will give your website a quite unique vibe. You can start with the design elements. Being by adding singular elements to each page. Fix the header, add a touchy background image, choose the best navigation menu design and many other. Add text boxes, social media feed, image galleries and other.

9. Add Content

If you still remember, we discussed that it will be great if you prepared some materials in advance. Those images, videos or texts you can now add into your editor. After you finish with this steps, you can start evaluating if your content goes well with your design scheme and if you need any adjustments.

10. Boost it up!

One great thing you can do to enhance the site’s looks and performance is to use apps and functions. This will definitely increase the appeal to your target audience. Let’s suppose you just finished creating a website for a restaurant. You may consider adding an OpenTable app. If you have a teaching website, you can use the Online Courses app for selling or just playing instructional videos.

11. Q&A

If you completed the previous 10 steps, you are ready to test your site for launching. You have to definitively go over the texts and search for typos. Make sure that the images are all cropped correctly, if links are leading to where they’re supposed to lead and if everything in your site is running¬†the way it should.

You can use Get Feedback feature for receiving some feedback from your friends or colleagues.¬† Make sure you share your unpublished website with them. After you”ll see their feedback in your website’s draft, try to improve the issues.

Take a look at this video for more details:

12. Suggestions

Now that you’ve completed your own Wix site, you can start attracting people. Here are some final suggestions you should take in consideration:

  • Think of SEO

Be sure you configure the SEO option for your site. You can find it in the Wix editor. The options are pretty simple – it’s all about providing Google with the most suitable keywords. This will be very helpful for your marketing.

  • Set up an Email

Use the Wix-powered email for your domain. It uses the Google Apps framework. Just go to My account > Mailboxes and set up your email. Take in consideration a plan that includes your own domain to do so.

  • Tweak the design

A great thing about Wix is that you can tweak the design. You use this to either bring to your site meaningful update, or just to change a bit the color scheme. Use this functionality to keep your site interesting and fresh to the users.

  • Constantly evolve

To have a successful website, you’ll have to keep a constant stream of the content coming. In this way, you’ll have a better engagement with the readers. Come up with daily blog posts, new photos or items to maintain your site looking fresh.

Last words

By now, we believe you’ve experienced what Wix can provide for it users and how easy it is to build a professional looking website with limited experience in web technologies. We wish you good luck on building an amazing site, and if you have questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to share them with us.


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