Spying on Your Children’s Online Activities


As the world gets to witness the perks of being technologically equipped, every task, may it be small or big, is possible. The world goes deeper and further into the 21st century, blessed with technological advancements being created by brilliant innovators from all around the world. You bet, people from the past generation would die to live in this era, but they are already dead, so… (I’ll just leave this hanging).

From simple tools like can openers and watches up to complex machines like computers and databases, they all aid in worldly activities. These gadgets are so common that they are part of the norm; so common that people take them for granted. Nowadays, young and adults alike, are familiar with every necessary gadget that a person should have. Come one, who does not have a cell phone or a facebook account!

Adults are well-versed when it comes to adapting or adjusting to new trends or changes. This, however, is not the same in the case for children. The children of this generation are overwhelmed with the technological phenomenon. They are living in an era where high technological feats already exist. For these children, such gadgets are already part of the norm. This means that in whatever activities that they may be engaged in, technology would take part in it. They want to watch their favorite cartoons? Listen to music? Call their friends? Pass assignments online? Take exams online? Play interactive games? Color an online drawing book or draw on an online sketch pad? Children have easy access to these already whenever and wherever they want. This is quite convenient for them. Through this, they also learn a lot of skills and digest updated information available in the world wide web. The services or features of technological gadgets are really amazing for growing children as long as these facilitate the children’s growth and learning.

Yes, there are always pros and cons for everything. However, it is important to be reminded that the technological advancements that people enjoy right now were invented and created by their inventors with the purest intent and that is to make life easier, simpler, and better. Who would not want that! In this case, the problem arises with the fact that the internet that kids can access through their gadgets are immense. The very strength of the internet could inflict possible harm to children. It is inevitable that different ads or information are presented on any website. Sure, people need to be informed about the latest happenings or things. These advertisements vary. There are advertisements for jobs, games, food, beauty products, home appliances, gadgets or clothes, but what if your child happens to encounter malicious contents? Harmful but inevitable. So, as parents, you have to be very careful on what you introduce your child into. You have to make sure that you guide and monitor your children’s online whereabouts. Basically, we are talking about spying your children. Some people may perceive this negatively, but some do view this positively if they really want to protect their child from online harm. Okay, that may be a breach of their privacy, but hey, they need to be directed and taught.

When we say online harm, this means different things. They may be exposed to violent content games or to violence, in general. They may be encountered with obscene, adult content like porn. They may have met someone online who may be possibly be a pedophile and a maniac. You don’t want to put your children in these risky situations and believe it or not, there are countless children who became victims.

The government and parents could not just stand and stare, waiting for their children to be the next victims. So, there are innovative ways that can track your children’s online activities and whereabouts. And yes, you guessed it right, we are still using technological advancements to carry out this task. There are computer software and applications that will babysit your children that means spying your children.

Here’s a list:

• Family Cyber Alert: Blocks access to questionable websites. Monitors online activities. Records keystrokes and separate logs of visited websites.

• Anti-porn: Prevents access to internet porn. You can create whitelists and blacklists. You can filter keywords. Takes screen captures of online activities. You can also control amount of internet per day.

• K9 Web Protection: Restricts access time, blocks websites. View internet history. You can control and apply actions when someone opens a blocked site and can shut down internet access if there are repeated attempts.

• Kids Place: Only allows approved apps to open. You can block incoming calls and disable wireless signals.

• Abeona: Paired with a device called Monitor: Monitors mobile app usage. View call logs. Check if a gadget is online or offline.

• Bark: A smart tool that can detect messages containing cyberbullying, sexual harassments, or suicide.

If technological advancements are catering well to the beauty of unfolding better and more convenient lives, they also facilitate underground activities. You see, there are also downsides in too much connectivity and convenience. What’s important here is to make such the technological weaknesses a strength. Even if there may be negative consequences, remember that the good will always outweigh the bad. In this case, the above mentioned applications, are positive ways raising and tracking your children. The positive things of technology may have been bore negative effects, but it is still through technology that such effects could be positively countered.


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