Tesla battery powered house


Powering up your house? The Tesla Powerwall is the one for you!

In a world blessed with technological advancements, it is a thought to ponder as to how these gadgets or machines work. There must be a force that dictates their life cycle. What moves them to function? A technological gadget could be likened to that of a person. A child crawling to gather his or her toys. A student exhausting his or her energy in studying. A colleague finishing his or her task assigned by the boss. All of these scenarios require an external force that will cause men to move. What is it? It is motivation; a drive to reach or aim a goal. The child gets his or her toys to satisfy his need to play. The student studies hard in order to get an excellent grade. The colleague works his or her ass off to gain the trust of his or her boss where he can land a promotion all with the aim to receive a higher salary.

Gadgets are of no difference to people. Different technological feats, from simple to complex machines, exist due to the brilliant minds of their creators. For these gadgets, though, it is not motivation that commands them to work. What gives life to cell phones so that you can text or call your loved one? What is the life source of your flashlight so that you could see things in the dark? What moves your clock to remind you always of the time? The answer may be pretty much clear to you now. It is power. Even for humans, the motivation is their source of strength and power to go on living. It is motivation that powers a student to attend classes diligently. It is motivation that pushes a mother to wake up early in the morning to cook for her family. It is motivation that drives men to do his or her job to close that deal. It is motivation that lets scientists and experts innovate inventions for better, simpler, and easier living.

And when we talk about power as the driving force that gives life to a gadget, the next question is, where is it exactly stored? Clearly, power just doesn’t appear and wear off anywhere out of the blue. When you charge your cell phones, flashlights, power banks, Ipods and Ipads, the electric power go to these gadgets’ batteries where they are stored for later use. Yes, it is the battery that we are talking about here. It is one of those simple things that people take for granted, yet without its existence, a gadget will not be brought to life. With advanced and powerful batteries, what else could be brought to life! Well, Tesla batteries will shock you as they introduce the possibility of a house to be battery-powered! That’s just how the word, ‘crazy’, is spelled out, but hey, that is always the first impression when an amazing technology is first introduced. Whoever thought that Tesla motors would involve itself to the home energy storage market.

You may be curious as to where the battery is placed in the house. The battery may be attached or put on a wall and whaddaya get? A powerwall! This powerwall or powerpack is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that stores energy for home use. It can store 13.5 kWh of energy and can provide continuous power of 5kWh. Just like any battery, it is rechargeable. This innovation is manufactured by Tesla, Inc. It was introduced in 2015 where 500 units were built. These powerwalls are now being constructed under Gigafactory 1. The main purpose of a powerwall is to serve as a back-up during electric outages and mishaps, natural disasters or even the zombie apocalypse! The powerwall is incorporated with the Tesla solar, so you can also self-power your house. No need for a solar roof. That’s lesser cost! This powerwall is also a completely automated system; installation is easy, no maintenance needed. The powerwall is so quiet in its work that you don’t even know that it’s just there. And hey, this technology is also smart! It monitors energy and sends off alerts to severe weather responses. It is modular that you can put up to nine powerwalls side by side. What’s more is that you can manage your powerwall with the Tesla app. The power is still in your hands. If you may have problems with your powerwall, well, it is pretty much convenient that the warranty extends up to 10 years. Now, that is customer-centered service! This powerwall is hyped up ever since the moment it was introduced that Tesla received 38,000 pre-orders.

This powerwall is convenient for whatever use, may it be for home or commercial purposes. With another technological feat like this powerwall, human activities are getting more convenient than ever. Just like your motivation for school or work, this powerwall will surely never disappoints on providing full power for energy use. The lithium-ion battery created by Tesla provides the driving force for your powerwall to function. How about you? What gives you power?


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