How to Install Google Installer in Xiaomi Smartphones?

Xiaomi Smartphones

As beautiful as Xiaomi smartphones are, they are missing one fundamental app – the Play Store. The smartphone mogul omitted this to comply with certain Chinese regulations. You may download a version that’s in the Mi Store, but that app is an error trigger. Hence, you will need to have a Google Installer to download Play Store in your Xiaomi smartphone, without facing any issues.

This Google Installer is touted as the best installer application to install Google Applications in Xiaomi smartphones running on MIUI OS. Moreover, the app comes handy when you need a re-installation of flash stock MIUI ROM or other custom ones in these gizmos. Rest assured that it’s always updated to the latest version to bring new features and to fit snugly more on your phone.

Updated by Eric Xiang, the bundle supports Kitkat, Lollipop & Marshmallow firmware. The app is also reported to work just fine with most Xiaomi devices. It includes the following Google-related apps – Google Play Service, Google Play Store, Google Services Framework, Google Calendar Sync and Google Contacts Sync.

The Steps

Which begs the question, how to download the Google Installer? Here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, enable “Unknown Source” on your phone to ensure it installs .apk files. Go to Settings->Additional settings–>Privacy–> tap to activate Unknown Sources.
Unknown Sources

2. This step works only if your phone is connected to the Internet using data and not wireless. You need to go to Tools->Downloads->Select the three dots in the upper right corner->Settings->Download Size Limit-> Select Unlimited, as in the pick below:

Remove data limit
Remove Data Limit

3. Now you will be able to install the Google Installer. Launch My App Store. Type “Google” as key word in the search field. Find the Google Installer icon then click on Install.

Install Google Installer

Congratulations! Your Google Installer should have been installed by now.

In addition, you will need Google Play if you want to download all kind of apps so we will show you another way to install Google Installer using .apk files.

How to Download Google Play using Google Installer

  1. Open Browser.
  2. Download Google Installer APK on your phone from MIUI; you can find it at this link.
  3. A pop up button will appear at the bottom of the screen, tap OK to install Google Installer. 
Install Google Installer

4. When the downloaded file will open, tap on Install to begin the installation of Google Installer.

Google Installer

5. After you open the Google Installer, a blue Install button will appear to start installation of Google Basic Services.

Google Installer

Note: The Google Installer will install the following Google required packs on your phone for your apps to work:

  • Services Framework
  • Account Manager
  • Google Play services
  • Calendar Service

6. Once you’ve installed these required packs, the Installer will ask for your the permission to install Google Play on your Xiaomi phone. After that, tap on Install for the Google Play Store to start installing, like in the picture below:

Google Play Store

7. Once you have installed the Google Play Store on your phone, simply tap on Open to open the app.

Google Play Store

Congratulations! Now you have installed Google Play Store using Google Installer and you know two ways to install Google Installer. Now you are ready to install different Google and android apps on your phone.

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  1. I have Android Nougat, I tried the installer and it wasnt compatible.
    Please ask Eric Xiang to help update when he has time.
    Thanks a lot for yours and Eric’s help.


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