How to make free Google apps – Step by Step walkthrough


Recently, Google made some changes to their Google Apps engine. The changes include a $50 annual subscription fee for new and existing Google apps for business. Google also announced that the application that is used for the Government will be charged $50 per user. The only thing that remains free is the application that is used for education.

The charges for the business account will cover the 24/7 customer support, 99.9% uptime of services, and 25GB inbox storage. They want to create a whole new user experience for businesses and other government contractors.

Getting the 30-day free trial – How to make free Google apps

1. You will need to log in to your Google account, then go to

How to make free Google apps 1

2. Verify your account by linking it to your mobile number. This will help to secure your account and activate the faster recovery option that may be useful some other time.


3. Once the verification is done, you can begin to create an application. Type the suitable name of the app in the text box.


4. You will see a notification that the app you created is successfully registered. Now, go to the Dashboard —> Application Settings —> look for the domain setup —> choose Add Domain.


5. Don’t mind the settings on the left side corner. Just read the “Note” part on the right side, then click on the link that says to “Sign up for Google Apps Standard.”


6. You will be redirected to a page that will set your account. Here, fill out the needed information for you to create a free Google app.


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