KingRoot: What is it and how does it work?


Kingroot is a rooting tool, suitable for non-tech savvy individuals that want to root their android devices (access the sub-system). The application does not require a rigorous procedure, if you opt to root an Android phone. It offers an easy-one-click rooting solution for devices that are on Android 2.X, up to Android 5.0.

What’s good on this rooting app?

The first thing to know is that the rooting strategy will be taken from their cloud-based servers. So, you will need to have a stable internet connection to make it work. This rooting tool does not mess with Samsung KNOX and it has a feature that can deal with Sony RIC, without inflicting any complications. If you change your mind about having a rooted phone, you can easily unroot your device. With an easy one-click procedure, your phone will reboot and presto! Your phone is unrooted.

The application is bundled with PURIFY, the app that will help your phone run smooth and extend its battery life. PURIFY will automatically clean the apps that are running in the background, so it saves RAM, improves the performance of your device and helps prolong its standby time. The application will work on rooted android devices only, so make sure you root first.

Things to bear in mind before rooting your smartphone

  1. Rooting will void your phone’s warranty;
  2. It may cause damage and you risk bricking your android device;
  3. We will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the rooting application. Proceeding with the rooting process is solely your decision. If you are not sure about rooting your phone, we strongly advise you to do some more research, or ask someone with know-how to do the rooting for you.
  4. For assurance, Unroot your android device first, before doing a factory reset. I recommend it based on my experience. I got my phone soft bricked (stuck on the android logo), because I forgot to unroot. If this happens, you can reflash a stock ROM, or you can simply wait for it to boot. The waiting is the hard part here, but it will work. It may take minutes or hours, depending on your device, so just prepare a charger.
  5. You can unroot your device later on, if you wish to go back to the stock settings.
  6. If you already rooted, do not mess with the system files too much, because it will brick your android device.

How does it work?

  1. Get the KingRoot app here.

2. You will need to enable the setting that will let you install the application from unknown sources. To do this, go to SETTINGS -> SECURITY -> tap Unknown Sources to enable -> tap OK. Go to step 3 if it is already enabled.

  1. Install the application. The rooting process will need a strong internet connection; we advise you to use a Wi-Fi connection.


  1. Run the application. Tap Open; you will now see the application’s welcome notes. Also, it introduces you to the PURIFY app. Tap “Try It”.


  1. Your device name will be displayed, along with the button “Try To Root”. To proceed with the operation, tap the button to initialize the root strategy.screenshot_20161004-201752
  2. The rooting progress bar will display, so you need to wait for it to complete. There are two possible scenarios here. The first one is the successful root operation, and the failed rooting process is the second. If the operation failed, try to request a research to root your device. This may be patched on their next release; patience will be needed, if you’ll fall in this situation.
  3. Congratulation your phone is now rooted!
  4. Rooted phones can get in-app purchases for free.

Video tutorial here

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