Tips to Becoming A More Efficient You


With all the developments that occurred and that are currently in progress, the world has undeniably gotten busier and busier than ever. There are more tasks to be done. The world is getting more demanding. The school requires, for some countries, 8 hours. The same goes for work. This is very demanding. There seems to be no more time to relax and rejuvenate. No breather and no oasis to refresh you. Then, it gets to the point of being exhausted. With all the demands of life, it is inevitable to get tired not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. At some point, you will be drained. Even if you love your job so much, you will need some time out.

It always seems like the survival of the fittest. The strong will conquer and the weak will be left behind. The world can be characterized like this. The level of competition is intense. Because of this, people are driven to do even more and to achieve more. Well, there is nothing wrong with aiming for what is better. It is admirable to see people who are always hungry and thirsty to know more. A healthy competition should live up to its name as healthy; not something that destroys relationships and statuses. With a lot of people working hard, competition surely will follow. And there are times that competition can become very self-destructive. Competition should drive you to do even better and to do more. It should not drive you to destroy all other competitors.

There are those who arise as champions of strong competitions and there are those who lag behind. Each person has their own different strategies. Sadly, some do not employ the best strategies that do not fit them. There is always the importance of knowing yourself in order to be more productive and efficient may it be at school or at work. A lot of experts have listed their own tips and have published self-help books that are very beneficial and that can help people discover themselves in order to do better at doing their tasks. Now, the point here is not just to arise as the champion of a competition. The essence is how to be more productive and efficient.

Here is a list of the tips that experts claim:

  1. Know thyself: Use strategies that you can take advantage of in regards to your abilities and characteristics.

2. Do not multitask: As much as possible, focus all your attention and energy to one task at a time. This will help you induce brilliant ideas for your next project.

3. Believe in teamwork: Yes, cliche as it may sound, ‘no man is an island.’ It’s true! You will always need the help of other people. So, don’t own all the problems all the tasks. Assign people to perform certain tasks. Learn to believe in others’ capabilities. You will surely accomplish much more. This also saves you from unnecessary stress.

4. Enhance communication: You need to express yourself well in order to be understood; to let the meaning of your message be understood by your classmates or colleagues. Your project will most probably fail if you have misunderstandings.

5. Plan ahead of time: The more time you have to plan, the more time there is to prepare and to make every step of your project efficiently. You also need to be flexible in case emergencies arise. You bet, there are times that not all thy plans will be done according to how you wanted them to be. Prepare yourself for some obstacles along the way, too!

6. Set schedules: Make your own deadlines ahead the real deadlines set by your teachers or by your bosses. Make sure that you follow them faithfully. Keep in mind that you have to make your schedule feasible and reachable. It is impossible to finish a big task within a day. Tomorrow is another day!

7. Organize belongings: Mess will create stress. The more clutter, the more your ideas will also be disorganized. There is a psychological effect − from what you see in your physical surroundings, you will integrate in your inner thoughts. So, clean up all those mess! You will surely be able to think straight.

8. Be optimistic: Those who think positively are believed to live longer. Who would not want that! It may be difficult to stay optimistic when you feel like your project is crashing and your plans are not going right, but trust this, you will be always to find a solution. You will also overcome this project’s problems just as how you did in the past.

9. Do extra things that will make you efficient: This stemmed out from knowing yourself. What is something that helps you do even better? Do you need to eat while working? Do you need to listen to music? Do you need to stay standing up for you to think properly? Do you need a power nap to help you remember details? Do you need to straddle your hair to calm you with your distress? Do it! Take advantage of them! Just make sure that no one else gets hurt just so you can be efficient.

10. Rest for some time: Overworking will not help. Overworked people do not produce efficient outputs. Reality is you need inspiration and some time to take a break in order to regain your strength, enthusiasm, and motivation for your next project. Rest days are very important! Use them wisely. Enjoy and do not even dare to think about work.

11. Stay away from temptations: There are a lot of distractions. One greatest distraction for both students and professionals is the internet. So, if you are working a big and important project, make sure to turn off your computers, laptops, or cell phones. Better to cut out your internet connection.

12. Balance work and life: Okay, it is difficult to balance everything. There will always come a point that you’ll get exhausted for spending too much time at work or spending too much time playing. Dedicate yourself for work on work days and work hours. When you arrive at home, leave tasks at your work place. Relax on weekdays. It is better to avoid stress than to cure to it.

13. Do not get overworked: Do not get too comfortable either. Learn to place yourself in the right condition.

14. Do not bring personal matters to your work: Act like a real professional that you are.

15. Keep your emotions steady: It is not right to bottle your emotions. This could result to worst consequences. Make sure that you have someone to talk to or something that can help you reduce stress.

16. Eat healthy: Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body. You need these. At most, eat veggies and fruits twice a day. That’s not too much to ask, right?

17. Wake up early and sleep early: This might sound impossible. The demands of work will haunt your dreams. Make sure that you get to sleep, at least, 6 hours a day. Sleep is important to regain your strength also.

18. Stay hydrated: Everyone needs water. The more tasks you are going to do, the more you will sweat. Meaning, you will lose more water. So, drink 8 glasses of water a day.

19. Do not adhere to popular opinion: You have to be odd to be number one. Do not immediately believe what other people believe in. You need not to do that. If you adhere to other people’s ideas, you will appear weak and dependent in the eyes of others. If you analyze and challenge other people’s ideas, you will be able to develop critical thinking skills and you will appear strong, independent, and smart.

20. Challenge yourself: There is always a room for improvement. You may feel great for a recent project success, but you will remain stagnant after that if you do not pursue the next level that will demand a better you.

21. Stay away from negativity: You will attract what you think, feel, and believe in. Think that everything is possible to do for the success of your project.

22. Learn to say no: Don’t be the “Yes Man” at school or at work. You will only hurt yourself while people take you for granted or take advantage of you. There is growth and strength in saying no.

23. Get fit: Being physically fit affect the way you think and behave. Undeniably, it will help you boost your confidence and aura. Dedicate some time to exercise.

24. Be brave to accept mistakes: Committing mistakes is not a sign of weakness. It shows your strength on facing the consequences of your actions. This is part of the growing up process.

25. Explore new things: You will be able to get new ideas. You will be able to broaden your thinking. Do not stay stagnant.

26. Don’t stay in your comfort zone: There is beauty in getting lost for a while. You will learn new things, places, and people that will ultimately help you learn new lessons and values.

27. Stay committed: Focus. If it is the prize, promotion, or award that motivate you, then, go for it. Better be motivated than not. Be loyal to your plans. In the end, it will be you who greatly benefit from them.

28. Make your own rules: Stay on your lane. Even if you are moving forward that is relevantly slower than others, you are still moving forward. Be at your pace.

29. Be comfortable to who you are: It is meaningless to compare yourself to others although you may set other people as your role models or good examples in life. Yes, everyone is unique, so, it is impossible to be like someone else identically. Even twins have varying characteristics and attitude.

30. Take advantage of technology: Technological feats have made life simpler, better, and easier. You can always use your gadgets to perform your tasks.

These tips may not work on every individual, so, choose those that will complement your work attitude and character. Practice them and in no time, you will be more efficient than ever before. Now, go slay those paper works!


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