Red screen of death – iPhone’s nightmare no more!


The red screen of death (RSOD) is well thought-out as one of the utmost common issues raised up by the majority of iPhone 6 owners. This issue had been buzzing around the web quite some time, particularly on several forum threads asking for assistance or getting information on how to fix this unwanted device’s software error, and other technical problems that currently affecting the iOS system.

The RSOD can affect any of your iOS devices, whether it’s newly acquired or has been used for several months. This event is most likely spontaneous, and most of the users are caught off-guard. The error will randomly turn your phone’s screen into color “red” in random time intervals then, it will reboot after one or five seconds. The process will continue to happen even though the phone keeps on rebooting itself. This unfortunate event will definitely frustrate you. For starters, better not panic or do something stupid on your phone to worsen the iOS software error.

There is also a quite similar software error going around that could also happen on your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This error is the so-called having the blue screen of death (BSOD). The only difference between the two is obviously instead of getting a red screen you’ll get a blue screen.

The possible cause of the red screen of death

Numerous iOS device experts are claiming that the RSOD or BSOD that is currently infesting iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 could be due to a defective software. On the other side, a group of engineers pointed out that the issues took place because of its hardware components. Unfortunately, Apple is still zipping its mouth about this error. They didn’t release any official statement regarding this matter, leaving us behind crawling in the dark with no clues at all on what’s really going on.

Step-by-step guide to solving the red screen of death

We had done our research to help you guys out. The following is a compiled solution, based on our experience, as well as advice gathered throughout the web. First, we need you to relax, focus, and follow our step-by-step guide on how to get this “knot” untied. Before attempting to go to a specialized repair technician, you may want to try this procedure. Some iPhone owners (including ourselves) claim that they had successfully fixed the problem. So here goes:

Step 1. One thing you could do (which we highly recommend) is to call Apple’s support and get a case ID created for you. If your phone is still under warranty, then you can get a replacement from where you purchased your phone. However, since you ended up on this, page, most likely this option is not available to you due of some reasons.

Step 2. Perform a soft reboot/restart of your iPhone. Although it is unlikely you haven’t tried this, it is still worth mentioning. Many users claim that by doing a simple restart or a so-called soft reset, quite a few issues including freezing, crashing, auto reset, ring or vibrate fail, unresponsive keypad, not being able to make or receive calls and many other problems may be fixed by this action.

Slide to restart

The process can be simply done by turning off your phone for a minute then turn it back on. It’s a similar procedure, which I bet you are familiar from using computers with issues. Don’t be afraid of losing your saved data because this method won’t delete any. To perform a soft reboot on your iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus:

  1. Press and hold the Power button until there will be an option that will appear saying “Slide to Power Off”. Release the button if the option comes out.
  2. To activate the power off sequence, slide the Power switch towards right.
  3. Wait for a few seconds for your phone to power off.
  4. After you had successfully turned off your phone, wait a minute (important!) and then press and hold the Power button. Don’t release it until the Apple logo displays on the screen.
  5. If the phone is not responding to any input nor restarting, press and hold the Power and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen, then release it.

Step 3. Do a hard reset/restore of your iPhone with iTunes. If problem still continues after doing a soft reset, your next option is to do a hard reset or a so called iPhone factory restore. Please be advised that this method will definitely delete all the saved data on your phone, thus we strongly recommend before doing this, to create a backup on all of your saved data.

iPhone with iTunes

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press and hold the Power button until your phone powers off.
  2. You will need to connect or a USB data cable on your iPhone then plug it to a computer
  3. Download the latest iTunes on your computer if you haven’t installed it already.
  4. Update your iTunes before proceeding.
  5. Open iTunes on your computer.
  6. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons on your iPhone until a prompt will come up saying like “Plug into iTunes”
  7. Wait for your iPhone to be recognized by iTunes.
  8. From the Summary pane, select and click Restore.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore your device through iTunes.
  10. If your iPhone is not accepted or shown in iTunes, try to force your iPhone into Recovery Mode, and then restore it. You can enter in the recovery mode by pressing and holding the power of and the home buttons for 10 seconds.

Step 4. Remove and reinsert the SIM. Sometimes the SIM may not be properly placed, or may lose a contact because of a shock. Remove it using a needle, a paper clip or the special tool for Apple, clean it and place it back on.

Iphone 6 2

Please note that if the RSOD or BSOD problem is due to a defective hardware and neither of the above-mentioned possible solution works. If you just bought your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus from an Apple Store and experience such an unfortunate error, you have the right to take it back and ask for a replacement.

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If any of you like to add more to this guide or need some additional info, don’t hesitate to use the comment form.


  1. The best advice I could find online is to reset my device?!! What is wrong with you people? Anyways, after I’ve removed the SIM, the phone started working again. Thanks a lot Apple for making my life worst.

    • Actually, by removing the SIM, you’ve completed step 4 of our guide, but skipped the first 3. Remember, one of the most important things you can do is to open a case on this problem. This will also help the company to assess this problem and to properly address it in the near future.

  2. I am an IT tech from Apple service, my job is repairing Apple products, and I can surely say that red screen of death is caused by a defective logic board, flash memory or co-processor.

  3. I think it is a wifi issue. I am having this problem as well. The phone keeps on restarting with blue and red screen but if the wifi is turned off and you keep on the regular data plan the phone keeps on working without any issue whatsoever. Kept my wifi off for 2-3 days and it did not cause any red or blue screen of death. Frustrating

  4. My iphone keeps on restarting. Then shows the home display then after a few minutes it will turn off and restart itself. I did the soft reset using the power and home buttons. It will just show the apple icon then restarts then a red screed appears then shuts off. so frustrating. i hope somebody can help me out.

    • I suggest that you should bring your phone to the nearest authorized technician or you can phone the Apple support and ask for assistance. I think that your phone has hardware issues.

  5. hi guys i have an apple ipad 4 that restarts it self every 3 minutes i have so many way i know but its not working even changing the IOS still not working please i really need help?

    • If that’s the case, I think your ipad 4 has hardware issues. You need to bring it to the nearest certified iOS technician so they can properly check the device and fix the issue.

  6. my iphone only goes to the logo then turns off and goes red and shuts down and it repeats it over and over again my phone was working perfect last night and it only died because i didnt charge it so i plugged it this morning and it started doing that.

  7. If I have the same issue as described in the article and the phone comes back after the restore, is this going to continue being a problem or is the phone going to be fine now? I guess I am wondering are there other parts I should have fixed on my phone before selling it since I got a new one due to this

  8. Is this something to related with motherboard. Because i shown it to a local technician and he it can’t be resolved. He tried other display, and tried to restore it but it couldn’t work it out.
    What should i do know. I am facing same red death display problem.


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