How to set a Google Plus custom URL



Google Plus is a social network site, started in 2011. According to the statistics last year, Google Plus has roughly 2.5 Billion users around the world, which are more than on Facebook and other social media sites. The continued Android dominance in the smartphone industry could have been doubled this year. Ironically, 90% of those Google Plus accounts didn’t make any single post. With the huge pool of Google Plus users that are not active, that number doesn’t really count, right? This is the reason why Google is silent about the actual number of Google Plus users.

The privilege of having a custom URL is only given by Google to those people who are active on Google Plus. This is a one window opportunity, so please make sure that you already finalized everything, because there’s no way you can change it again; changes made first will be permanent.

If you noticed that your profile’s URL is a mess, let’s customize your Google+ URL together. Before we start, I strongly suggest that you use a computer, to make it more convenient. Here’s how you can do it:

Changing your profile’s URL

  1. Go to Google+, if you haven’t sign-in, please do so;
  2. In the top left corner, you’ll see a drop-down menu. Click and select “profile”;
  3. Click “about”, under your profile picture;
  4. Scroll down to the LINKS section, find Google+ URL, click “Get URL”;
  5. Google will suggest customized URLs that are applicable to your account. You can choose from any of them, or you can simply add few numbers, or even letters, of your choosing;
  6. Click the checkbox that agrees with the conditions (“I agree to the Terms of Service”), then click “Change URL”;
  7. You might be asked to verify your account on a mobile phone. To do this:
  • type your mobile number then click “Send code” in the lower left corner;
  • wait for the verification code that was sent to you;
  • type the code in the verification text box provided, then click “Verify” on the lower left corner;

For the final step, if everything is all wrapped up and you are certain, click “Confirm choice”.

We hope you found this guide useful.



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