5 Possible Ways to start World War III


Nobody wants to make the world war 3 happen but we know that it isn’t impossible. World war III is not far, we are already in it. How close are we to World War III?

Here’s 5 possible ways to start World War 3.

1A possible Airstrike to Syria by Donald trump might be the start of World War 3.

Trump launches missile strike against Syria in response to Bashar al-Assad command ’s use of chemical weapons because the targeted zone started the chemical attack on a rebel-held area that choked out the lives of vulnerable and powerless men, women and children. It was a heartless and sadistic death for so many. Even faultless babies were brutally murdered in this tremendous barbaric attack. Moreover, Trump called on other states to oppose Syria’s embattled leader.

As a response, Syria’s military expressed that due to US attack, six troopers died and various people are wounded in the strike, thus Russia and Iran forewarned US that they will definitely ‘respond with force’ if red lines traversed in Syria again. Syria further concluded that US military strike is an aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law.

2Middle East and Arabic countries. The spread of conflicts.

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are neighbors, but don’t entertain friendly relations. There is a tension between those countries. Saudi Arabi is already accused to finance small terrorist groups, Qatar too. In which Qatar stands isolated under accusations of sponsoring terrorism.

But where are the proofs? Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic war with Qatar. And it has been concluded already that supporting Saudi Arabia over Qatar would risk America’s security. They all have different resources and are oil suppliers, worldwide. They all want to dominate their neighbors. A lot of people say that Qatar is somehow the root of all evil. Other’s explained that Qatar straightly sponsors and seconds the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and paid $1b to ISIS the previous year for “kidnapping” its al jezeera is all good and moral in English whilst in Arabic it just spreads and teaches hate all day long. Some expressed that it is Saudi Arabia, which they consider as the world leader when it comes to sponsoring Islamic extremism. It is where Wahhabism was established which pretty well makes it the origin of all evil when it comes to terrorism. But our hope is to save civilians, not coddle Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

3A rise of nuclear power.

North Korea who is now steadily making progress towards a nuclear weapon via Iran. Iran and North Korea are joining forces in order to design a long range nuclear missile.

Countries that are intensely separated, North Korea and Iran are pretty much alike. They both have the same goal which is to have the most powerful nuclear warhead the world has ever seen. Whenever the more they pacify the West, the more they get closer to achieving their goals

Perhaps, the nuclear and ballistic interaction between the two countries are enduring, deep-rooted, intriguing and distinctive.

4Support of terrorism by a major country of the united nations.

Daily times
We all know that many countries has sold weapons at some point in the past to rebel groups. What would happen if any UNO’s country were financing terrorism? Such as France, U.S.A and Russia? If we want to stop terrorism for us not to get close to World War III, we should stop supporting the dictators who fund terrorists. We should stop overthrowing those people who hold moderate views and arming those mentally deranged people. Security vs. Freedom, Protestants vs. Catholics and considering Israel as a Target of Terror. These are just a few reasons of wars from where we are not even able to think any solution on how to aid this matter.

5Messing with Russia at a geopolitical level (Crimea, Middle-east).

We could assist to a rise of tension between eastern and western Europe.
Russia invaded Crimea, and is linked with Syria. With what happened with the Crimea invasion, Russia made enemies. It looked like a conquest from another century. France (ally of Russie), decided to finally not respect the deal and did not deliver the 2 warships. Russia wants al assad, leading Syria. But he is a mass murderer. Russia is linked with Syria, it has assets there. Resolving the conflict in Syria is difficult, one wrong move and Russia would respond. This conflict might lead into a bigger and terrible result, such as war.


As you can see. World War 3 is around the corner and we should prepare ourselves. We might not have the power to stop and the only thing we can do is pray for the people who do have the power, to make the right decision.


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