To Slack or To Basecamp?


The magnanimity of technological advancements has opened a lot of different opportunities. Tasks that were once thought to be impossible to happen have become possible. Technological gadgets, from computers to cell phones, play vital roles in how a modern world works. May it be both for work or play, you will surely need the assistance or enjoy the company of a high technological gadget. Getting deeper into the 21st century, there is no denial that living in an era like this, blessed with technological advancements, technological advancements have become a norm. It becomes an ordinary scenario where grade school students have their own cell phones already and that they have their own facebook accounts. Gosh. People from the 90s even just opened their facebook accounts approximately at the age of 20. The world we are living in right now is truly unprecedented.

Mention any task you have to do in a day, surely, you can do them more conveniently and even better with the aid of complex machines. One of the greatest gifts technology bestowed on humanity is the ability to communicate or contact people. You want to talk to your friend in Alaska? To your cousin in Brazil? Or to your long-distance boyfriend in Japan? No sweat. Through computers, laptops, cell phones, and everything in between, you can now call and connect with other people coming from the different continents of the world. You can call, text, send emails, do video chat, or even sing together and compose a word document together. Amazing! To an ancient person’s perspective, this is impossible. Well, guess what? It is not anymore. More than texting or calling whoever you want living 20,000 miles from you, you can now contact them through different social media platforms and different mobile applications that your smartphone supports. How convenient, huh. You can use them with different purposes as more and even better cell phone and gadget features are being developed. What else could get better than this!
When we talk about having fun with technological applications or software, there are endless stories to tell. The same goes for using what technology can offer in business endeavors of the business-minded people. You see, technology caters to all facets in life and to all other needs or wants of the people − the customers. A lot of companies offer sophisticated software and applications that can ease the work of businessmen and office workers.

Have you ever heard of “Slack?” Okay, we are talking about the noun and not the verb. Those two are different. The word stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. Slack is a software that offers team collaboration tools and services which are cloud-based. The collaborative software was founded on 2013 by Stewart Butterfield of Stack Technologies. To put it simply, Slack is a chatting program, but not like your usual chatting platform through yahoo/google mail and facebook. It once started as an internal tool used by a company to develop an online game. As years, pass by, Slack was destined to face a bigger world. Inside Slack, you will find yourself with a workspace owner, workspace admins, members, and guests. You can connect with them if ever you are planning for your new business proposal, next board meeting, or the company goals you want to achieve. The components of Slack include Teams and workspaces, Channels, Messages, Search feature, and notification area. Slack gets you covered. A lot of customer rate their Slack experience as something great, client-centered, and user navigation friendly. Indeed, Slack offers a digital workspace like no other thing did before. It is proved that Slack is where work happens!

Another notable digital workspace provider is Basecamp. No, we are not camping at the base this time. Basecamp is web application founded by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim in Illinois on 1999. It is formerly known as the 37 Signals. It allows you to chat with other your colleagues, regularly check your team’s work progress, plot schedules, and create and upload various documents. Basecamp offers a digital working space for all the corporate people whose needs and wants may vary.

Technically speaking, though, Slack is more of a collaboration chat platform while Basecamp is a project management tool. In Slack, users communicate in a collaborative environment. In Basecamp, users work virtually for a project on a digital platform.

nullThese two software are so good that it is inevitable no to compare one from each other. So, now, you are faced with a dilemma, “to Slack or to Basecamp?” This is not easy to decide for those who had great experiences of these two. Let us compare the two, shan’t we? Both has operating sytems of Appls OSX, Windows, and Linux. It is compatible to Windows, IOS, and Android. Basecamp may relatively have a higher price. Basecamp features Activity Dashboards, Activity Management, Activity Tracking, Employee Profile, File Management, and Message Boards, among all others which Slack does not offer. On the other hand, Slack features Application Integration, Call Sharing, Authentication and Security, Data Encryption, Document Imaging, File Transfer, Mobile Integration, and Video Support, among all others which Basecamp lacks.

If you are a meticulous client, it may take some time which to choose. Aside from these two, there are all other highly-competent and reliable online workspaces that you can utilize. The advancement of technology to offer different applications and software nowadays, opens the eye of future generations that further technological feats will come. Who knew how technology could transform connection and collaboration in this modern world.


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