Battlefield 1: Are you ready for the real action?


Good news, Battlefield fans! After numerous speculations buzzing around the community, EA finally announced the release date of the most awaited Battlefield franchise this year. Yes, we are also excited to experience once again the captivating story, the heart pumping action and, of course, the “superman” feeling from after beating the game. As far as everybody knows, EA and Activation are pursuing two different paths. EA’s Battlefield focused on bringing us the best World War I first person shooting game experience, while Activation’s Call of Duty is on the warpath for the space-age modern warfare experience. This year will be an exciting and explosive one for gamers and game publishers – well for me, I am up for the World War I theme, so BF1 is definitely my ride. I do hope the game gets the one-punch-man in all of my expectations. So, what’s new with this Battlefield 1 franchise?

Date of release

Up until now, we only know that the release date of this mega-blockbuster game is on October 21, 2016, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For other details, the game publisher will most likely answer our questions at their EA play conference, that will be happening on June 12, 2016. If you are really excited, you can avail the early bird’s edition and you’ll be able to get the game 3 days prior to the international release date.

The pre-ordering of Battlefield 1 is still ongoing; you can process your order by visiting Amazon’s website. You can have the pre-ordered edition for $49.99 – $59.99, and the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition for $60 – $80. Of course, collectors are not forgotten; the collector’s edition package starts at £179.99. The package includes playing cards, posters, 14inch soldier statues, box art, and a WWI courier pigeon tube with the exclusive DLC code inserted.

If you are going to pre-order, you will get a free pass to acquire the Hellfighter extension pack. This pack focuses on the 369th Infantry Regiment. This unit is a U.S Army National Guard Regiment, whose members are African-American, and had seen numerous action in WWI and WWII. Also, you will be entitled to have a 7-day pass for early access to new maps and DLCs.

Aside from the new Battlefield franchise, EA is heating up their sale on Origin by giving out a 60% discount on all of the Battlefield titles – a double big bang treat for battlefield fans indeed! You can get BF4 Premium Edition for as low as £15.99, including all of the game’s DLC packs.

The Gameplay

According to DICE, the game will demonstrate more destructive firepower and heart pumping action. The game developers were inspired to put the action in the Arabian Desert, France, and Italy. They put a lot of time and resources into having the details of the old weaponry that were used in that time, as accurate as possible. The developers were also proud to let the gaming community know that the game will focus on the skills the players have in using old weaponry, not the self-locked advanced weapons.

Until now, we still don’t have any information on what the single player mode will be. As far as the trailer hints us, an explosive air battle is expected (I’m so excited for this part!), a bloody and gaseous trench war, the roaring of the big guns and horseback riding on the sands of the Arabian desert. The game developer also mentioned that BF1 will not be influenced by the history books. We can expect a well-crafted storyline that is definitely new and something that will not be easily predicted.

We can expect more details from the game publisher on their upcoming EA play conference – I have a gut feeling that they will surely surprise us on that day.


The game uses its new frostbite engine that gave superb graphics improvements, as we have seen on their official trailer. According to the game publisher and the game developer, they are proud to say that BF1 is their most gorgeously crafted photorealistic game that they have produced and developed. They also mentioned that the official trailer is the mirror of the game itself, so, no graphics trailer tricks to make you wow.

We can expect several epic battle scenes that will definitely not let you put the game controller down.

Will Battlefield 1 top this year’s gamers choice? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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