The Most Awesome Super Bowl Commercials


The Most Awesome Super Bowl Commercials 1

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sports event of every year. We have seen a lot of different highlights of the games that made us excited, giddy and sometimes sad, when our bet is on the losing team. However, there’s another thing that we can always look out for when the Super Bowl season rolls in: the commercials!

Since Super Bowl is America’s top broadcast, watched by more than 100 million people, most companies take advantage of this to easily promote their products and services, even if the commercial airtime is much more expensive than it is the rest of the year. Throughout the years, a lot of Super Bowl commercials have been produced and some are better than the others.

We have curated and researched what are the best Super Bowl commercials for the past years (so you don’t have to). After the long hours of researching, we’re able to compile the top 20 best Super Bowl commercials for you to enjoy!

Budweiser’s “Lost Dog”

This commercial from Budweiser melted everyone’s heart when it showed a lost dog trying to find its way home to its owner. Luckily, the dog is able to get help from his friends.

Hyundai’s “First Date”

This commercial featured Kevin Hart and his own personal brand of comedy. In this commercial, a protective dad is able to make sure his daughter is safe, due to his car (which is a Hyundai), that has a “car finder” function.


Fiat’s “Blue Pill”

In this commercial we are showed that small things can do large changes. When a man’s “stamina” pill missed his mouth, it travelled across the city only to end up inside a Fiat’s open gas tank, giving it a “manly” boost for better performance.


Mountain Dew’s “PuppyMonkeyBaby”

This one is quite disturbing, as they combined a head of a puppy with a torso and arms of a monkey, while its bottom half came from a baby. It is quite unsettling, but it gives justice to their tagline “three great things, combined.”

Always “Like a Girl”

This heart-warming ad tries to break the stereotype that being and doing things “like a girl” is not a good thing. It also emphasized that most girls lose confidence during their puberty stage, when, in fact, this should be the point in their lives to embrace the changes in their bodies so they can become women.

Pepsi’s “Joy of Pepsi”

Pepsi’s ad simply showed how it can make everyone happy. It is a simple ad, but very refreshing to watch, especially during a break of a heated game night.


Doritos “Middle Seat”

A passenger tries to choose who will sit next to him during a flight. He came up with several ways on how to discourage other people, but when he saw a beautiful woman, he immediately offered the seat beside him, only to find that the woman is carrying a baby! Such luck.


Skittles “Portrait”

The ad features Steven Tyler who got to sing a duet with his portrait made of Skittles. Yes, Skittles. Now, who wants one?!

Dodge “Wisdom”

Dodge’s ad features people who are one hundred years old and beyond. They share their experiences and life lessons they have learned throughout a century.

Mini Cooper “Defying Labels”

The car company received a lot of good comments and feedback from its viewers, as they promote equality with this new car ad.


Coca-Cola “Make it Happy”

Coca-Cola’s positivity never wavers. Now they took the audience into a world where there is positivity at every corner, which is very much appealing.

Avocados from Mexico “Avos in Space”

The ad brings on screen some funny and friendly aliens. While visiting a museum, they get some laughs when they see “artifacts” from Earth, such as the Rubix’s Cube and the blue and black dress. At the end of the tour they get around a bowl of guacamole made by Avocados From Mexico.


Toyota’s “My Bold Dad”

A dad relives his memories with his daughter, while in his Toyota car, as he takes her to the airport for starting a new chapter in her life.


Coca-Cola “Ant-Man vs. Hulk”

This ad brings an action-packed commercial featuring Ant-Man and the Hulk. Not to mention it’s free action. We don’t have to buy another movie ticket if we’re contented in watching them in less than a minute.


Microsoft’s “Braylon”

This commercial tugs a string in our hearts, as young Braylon O’Neill gets a new start in life with the help of Microsoft’s new technologies.

Heinz “Weiner Stampede”

It might not be original, but it’s definitely one of the best. Dogs running in slow motion while wearing costumes? Give me one, please! What could go wrong?


McDonald’s “Pay with Love”

McDonald’s showed us that money is not the only thing we can use to pay those who have done us good.


Independence Day-Resurgence trailer

Okay. It’s not really a product or service, but who would refuse a sequel of one of the most amazing films we have seen? No one!


Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

Budweiser hits our hearts once again, as they remind us how beautiful friendship is.

Ram “Farmer”

Paul Harvey, a late broadcaster, gave tribute to American farmers through an ode in his heart-warming commercial.


 There are a lot of other Super Bowl commercials that are deemed to be the best and there are upcoming commercials that will outshine those we’ve seen in the past. What are your thoughts about these Super Bowl commercials in our top 20? Do you think there’s a commercial worthy to be part of this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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