The Pokemon Go Fever in the Philippines – The Momentum


Pokémon GO was officially launched in the Philippines on August 6, 2016 and it started a real craze among Pokemon hunters. The success of this augmented reality game was due to the great appreciation and the warm support of Pokémon fans – it’s the usual “Mabuhay” gesture of Filipinos.

Trainers flocked to the parks and malls just to catch Pokémon. And it was really fun to go along with the wave of trainers, sprinting several meters from your position, just to catch the rare Snorlax or a Dragonite. Other players were simply chilling in a café, having those lure modules working. Some trainers tried to climb a guarded compound just to get to the Dratini and Eevee nesting grounds. Others would not even budge in the face of rain, just to catch a Pokémon – yes, as always, more fun in the Philippines.

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Who says egg hatching in a car is more fun? Check out this cool trike!

Trike Hatching

The Momentum

The Yellow team had been the underdog in this augmented reality game. People joined Team Instinct because they wanted to be different and the real challenge was on their shoulders. After a month of hard grinding, Spark’s team is now gaining the momentum. The team is now starting to do major gym raids and instilling into the hearts and minds of the two dominant teams that they are a force to be reckoned with.

I would like to share this small group from Quezon City. They call themselves the Team Instinct Quezon City Pokémon Dominators (QCPD). Their recent gym raid success brought inspiration to other team Instinct members, making a chain of raid parties in the country.

Team Instinct Quezon City Pokémon Dominators

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The group started as an isolated network of friends, but because of the demand from other players that read about their success, QCPD started to expand their group from the Northern part of Quezon City. Now they are welcoming all Quezon city trainers who want to join their group. QCPD is planning to have regular gym crusades during weekends, so, if you join, you will sure have a lot of fun.

Other Teams Also Paint The City Yellow

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