Ways you didn’t think of to get better at Pokemon GO


Pokemon Go sure galvanized the world into this blazing desire to catch them all! And because capturing Pokemon is not always an easy task and you need a good strategy to be the best, we put together a few tips and tricks to help you make the best of the Pokemon Go experience.


How to quickly annihilate the Pokémon that is guarding a gym

A glorious Pokémon battle is not always decided by a Pokémon with the highest CP. It’s also about the trainer that is playing smart and knows his enemy’s weaknesses. You should collect a variety of Pokémon to compensate your weakest link. Based on my experience, a Venomoth (bug type) with a 902 Combat Power (CP) can defeat an Exeggutor (grass type) that has a 1500-1800 CP. Annihilating or doing a decent/huge amount of damage to a fully evolved high-level Pokémon is such a relief before using your ace Pokémon.

The proper way of contributing to the gym’s team effort

If your team got a gym and there’s a slot for you to contribute in defending it, analyze first the Pokémon that were stocked as gym defenders. Put a Pokémon that will boost your team’s defense (e.g. if the 1st level defender is a fire type and the second is water, your best choice here is to put an electric type Pokémon and so on). Boost the defense of the gym’s weakest spot by putting a Pokémon that will counter the attacker as it climbs the gym’s ladder. By doing this, you will force the attacker to face a huge challenge which will maximize their adventure.

Knowing more about Pokémon IV hidden stats

IVs (Individual Values) are bonus stats that will be randomly added to a Pokémon once it reached its highest potential. Usually, IVs are a 10% increase of stats, added to the final stats of a Pokémon. This may not seem like much to you, but a 10% increase of stats in a Pokémon’s attack and defense is a win-win factor for a glorious Pokémon battle, in the long run. Based on my experience, a Pokémon that has 90% or more IVs is for keeps. It’s really hard to find a Pokémon that will reach 100% IV. However, catching Pokémon in the wild will definitely get you there.

The best time to jump into this stuff is when you reached the level 20+. Just keep on stalking those candies from day 1 to level 20, then it’s the right time for you to decide which Pokémon to upgrade.

To calculate a Pokémon’s IV hidden stat, you can download an app in the Appstore or you can check it out here.

How to earn Pokécoins

  • You can earn Pokécoins by successfully defending or taking over a gym.
  • Get them with an in-app purchase
  • You can earn coins for free, by getting your daily bonus.
  • Download the FreeMyApps application on Google Play and get vouchers that you will be able to use to get Pokécoins.

How to gain 150,000 EXP or more really fast

You will need to catch a crap-load of Rattatas, Caterpies, Pidgeys, Zubats, and Weedles. After grinding for hours or days, if you’ve got boatloads of candy for 5-10 evolutions per Pokémon, then your trainer’s EXP will skyrocket anytime soon.

It’s time for mass-evolution! Use a Lucky Egg to double the EXP that you’ll get from evolving a Pokémon. To make the most out of a single Lucky Egg, evolve the Pokémon and do not watch the evolution animation, simply exit the Pokémon app then login again. By doing this, you will reduce the time spent on a single evolution by half or a quarter.

Evolving a Pokémon will take roughly 12 seconds, this trick will let you evolve 5 Pokémon in a minute. If we will do the math here:

5 Pokémon evolutions in 1 minute EXP X 60 minutes + 100% EXP BOOST from the Lucky Egg = Skyrocketed trainer EXP

Based on my experience, I was able to get 150,000 EXP out of the collected candy for a single Lucky Egg. Not bad, right?

Other ways to level fast


Select a specific egg that you are going to hatch. I strongly suggest you go for a 10km or 5km egg. Incubate 3 or more eggs at the same time. When the egg hatching process reached 99% (9.9km or 4.9km), STOP, activate a Lucky Egg, then do the evolution trick while you are walking slowly, completing the remaining distance to hatch the eggs. If you will do this, make sure that you are far away from any situation that will put you in danger.


Use a Lucky Egg, then make the most out of it by catching Pokémon and dropping by at nearby PokéStops.


If you are a trainer that is fond of capturing nearby gyms and Pokémon battles, this will be appealing to you. You can accept the challenge of beating high-level gyms and defeating all of the Pokémon that are guarding it. While enjoying the thrill and fun, you may want to activate a Lucky Egg, because for every gym battle you’ll be able to double the EXP that you will get. This is ideal for places that are filled with gyms and trainers with boatloads of supply, such as potions and revive. I strongly suggest to stock and use hyper potions for the quicker mustering of your best Pokémon that will be used for battle.

We hope you find this post useful. If you have any more Pokemon Go tips and tricks, please leave a comment. And good luck in catching them all!


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