The first SpaceX Spacesuit


Everyone wants to explore space. The thought of exploring deep space sparks a somewhat controversial topic among space exploration enthusiasts since space isn’t exactly a 2 hour drive away, but now it will be possible thanks to the SpaceX space suit. For those of you who are wondering what exactly is SpaceX and where does it come from, SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is an American space transport service company and aerospace manufacturer based in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Elon Musk. The same sounds familiar? It should. Elon Musk is also the CEO of Tesla Motors. In addition to building the super cars of the future and occasionally disrupting the age old traditional road systems, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a goal of reducing space transportation costs and establishing a colony on Mars as part of his SpaceX enterprise.

Earlier today, the entrepreneur has already posted the first official photo of the famed Space X space suit on the social networking site Instagram. Of course, his post sparked the interest of his followers and promising that more details are to be disclosed within the coming days.

At first glance, one would automatically think that the space suit is sexy. But not just any kind of sexy, it’s the James Bond kind of sexy version of a space suit. According to Elon Musk, their space suit design is not just for utility but for aesthetics as well. “It needs to both look like a 21st century space suit and work well. It’s really difficult to achieve both”, he adds.

To achieve the James Bond-esque design of the space suit, Musk hired the famous Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez. Fernandez, who is responsible for the costumes of Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Batman, The X-Men and Spiderman, just to name a few. Admittedly, when SpaceX first presented the proposal to Fernandez, he says he didn’t know what SpaceX was and thought it was an up and coming film. Fernandez says that Musk wanted it to look stylish, but practical. Practical but it also needed to look great. When asked to describe the space suit, the famed designer simply said “It’s pretty bad ass.”

When asked what Musk wanted for the overall look of the space suit, here’s what Fernandez has to say “He kept saying, ‘Anyone looks better in a tux, no matter what size or shape they are.’ He wanted people to put this space suit on and he wants them to look better than they did without the space suit. Much like a tux. He wants the person to look heroic.”

Musk did not specify, but the space suit is meant to be worn by astronauts when onboard the company’s Dragon Capsule. They are not designed for spacewalks but they should be worn by astronauts during transport. Just incase the capsule will depressurize. Musk also values form alongside the functions in his other business. He was keen on designing much more attractive solar panels stating that is quite a radical difference between having solar panels on your roof that makes your house look a whole better versus ones that do not improve your house’s overall aesthetics. The billionaire also noted that it was incredibly hard to balance function and aesthetics.

The unveiling comes with Boeing and SpaceX struggling to meet deadlines for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The suits will be worn by NASA astronauts for the commercial crew program, but that is only when SpaceX starts launching people to and from the International Space Station. The Commercial Crew Program is a cost savings partnership between the agency and private sectors focused on facilitating travel to the space station.

Meanwhile, eagle eyed fans recognize that the reveal today is similar to the SpaceX suit that was leaked years ago on Reddit. The design is still very elegant and feels like a science fiction flick while still paying homage to the old school space suits that NASA astronauts wore when they first stepped on the Moon. Musk promises more pictures of the SpaceX suit soon and rest assured, they will be stylish. Musk is really going to look good when he steps on Mars.


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