It Has Always Been YouTube


Every happy moment in your life is meant to be shared. There is a great need and want to share the joyous memories in life. Living every happy moment you are experiencing right now is quite satisfying. Enjoy every inch of them as you can. People do and experience different things and situations in their whole lifetime. With a lot of things to attend to, it is impossible to remember each one of them and getting old would mean forgetting a lot. That’s natural! Fortunately, nowadays, the world and the people are not left with the option of just remembering things and memories.

Living in a modernized world, endowed with the greatest technological advancements invented and innovated by various brilliant people around the world, it is not impossible to be able to revisit the good times and also the bad times in your life. You can now re-witness every second of those memories that start to creep up in the memory disposal. Now, you might be wondering how. So, how? Millenials know how this works pretty well. Two words − Video recording. From simple gadgets to the most complex machines, the creation of a video camera or video recorder is just a piece of cake to create!

With a video camera, you can record all the significant events in your life. The power of recording is now in your hands. To accommodate this phenomenon, various technological gadget manufacturers took on the challenge to fabricate the appropriate devices. How convenient and strategic for them! Aside from video cameras or recorders, cell phones, iPads, and tablets could do the thing for you!

Receiving your first paycheck? Currently head banging in an epic concert of your favorite band? Solving complicated Mathematical problems? Being called “mommy” by your baby boy for the first time? Attending a press conference? Listening to a class discussion? Cooking your favorite food? Exploring the Wild West? Amazed of the Aurora Borealis in the North? You may want to remember these great memories. So, what will you do? You record them. You keep these precious memories attached to you. No need to stress yourself because of your memory losses.

Now, even internet software innovators took the challenge to bring video recording to the next level. What is the use of recording your moments if they left being just recorded? Just like every happy memory, you can now store them or share them to the people across different continents. You heard that right! You can upload them on the internet and spread the good times and vibes to other people; even to people who know nothing about you.

There are a lot of computer applications, features, and software that will allow you to upload your favorite recorded videos online. You bet you know the biggest video platform in this era and it is none other than YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website which was officially registered on February 14, 2005. You can stream any music and videos you want. And of course, you cannot stream something without it being recorded in the first place. Entertainment companies and individuals now use YouTube to release music and videos. Name the music and video that you are looking for, you can always find them on YouTube. You can say that YouTube is Mr. Worldwide now. It connects every person who passions in music and video streaming or sharing.

With all the wonders it can do, however, have you ever thought how YouTube was created? How did it start? Behind YouTube are 3 brilliant people who were once diligent workers in PayPal. These are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Brace yourselves! The first determined projection of YouTube’s future was it to become a famous dating site. That’s out of the current YouTube’s league! So much of its reason of opening it on Valentine’s Day, huh. Users would introduce themselves and share whatever personal information they want to, which includes their interests. This, unfortunately, was not such a great idea as it did not hit the public interest. The founders, then, decided to recreate YouTube as a general video-sharing platform. The founder’s office was a humble improvised garage. The first video was uploaded by Jawed Karim when he recorded his fun experience in a zoo. Nike took interest and decided to advertise their ad on YouTube. The video received an overwhelming number of views. YouTube was rising slowly but consistenly. Not long after, Google saw YouTube’s potential to becoming a great worldwide internet discovery. Because of this, Google negotiated on acquiring YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Google marketed YouTube with all its marketing power which led to the release of numerous ads. Success hit through when a video received a billion views for the first time in forever of YouTube’s history. It’s no wonder that YouTube is now the second most popular website. From three guys who had nothing to do during Valentine’s Day to becoming super rich billionaires, the world better prepare as to what YouTube has up on its sleeve for future releases.

If you are thinking about the possibilities of what YouTube could have been when its creators were put in a different circumstance, it may have ended up something else but one thing is for sure − YouTube has always been YouTube. It ends up serving its main purpose. It is quite amazing in many ways, but it remains unprecedented and the best in its field. With every happy moment and memory, YouTube all the way!


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