Lifi: Faster than Wifi


“Let there be light, then there came light. And it was pleasant.” This occurrence is very true in the context of the Bible. With the creation of light, everything else makes sense. It allows beauty of both nature and material to be appreciated by the human sight. Light allows you to see every object− from simple to intricate, from the biggest to the smallest details. Without it, there comes darkness. Human activities would cease. Blindness would prevail. You see, the presence of light affects worldly activities and clearly, without it, the world’s motion is obstructed. Life would be abnormal! What we are talking about here is both the natural and man-made light, but of course, everything boils down to the kind of light mother nature gives off.

Natural light is the light that the Sun endows the Earth with and the element fire that also emits heat. Because of it, other natural beings thrive. Plants and trees would be nourished with nutrients, bearing fruit for animals and humans to eat. Animals would grow, gaining strength from the minerals emitted by the sunlight. And of course, the beings found in the topmost of the food chain, humans. Undeniably, the light exists for a reason. It exists so that plants, trees, animals, humans, and generally, the world, to live! It tirelessly burns for other beings’ sake. When men discovered fire, they were afraid, but in the present generation, different wonders are made because of it.

The other light, the man-made light, is revolutionary! With the brilliant minds of people through different ages, it has truly changed how people live nowadays. When the Sun takes a rest from a whole day’s work, darkness sets in. And what aids men in his life during the night time? This artificial light. It may not have been part of the creation in the Bible, but the very moment men were put on Earth, the creation of the man-made light is implicated. And light is very useful in whatever human activity may it be from the simplest to the most complex functions. When you turn on your cell phones, there is light. When you watch your favorite movie, your television uses light. When you go to offices, there is light. The presence of light reinforces your gift of sight. It enhances an image and adds beauty to the objects. Even when the word, ‘light’, when used symbolically, is perceived positively and beautifully. It gives off a bright, calming, and pure image.

Living in the present generation, endowed with technological feats, have you ever wondered how light can be of better use in your life? As usual, technological advancements would overwhelm you as soon as they get out in the market. I bet you have always wanted to own those high-tech but expensive gadgets. Sure, you need some source of light if you do your assignments or tasks for your studies or for your work, but generally, there is another brilliant innovation that millenials would greatly appreciate. The world was in awe how it feels to be connected through the internet. Then, it evolved into a convenient wireless connection through the wifi. Amazing! The world was in DOUBLE awe when a better wireless connection came in, the lifi. Yes, it sounds copycat to wifi, but offers a different deal for your internet connection.

The lifi stands for light fidelity. Trust this, it is not infidel. It uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The data are transmitted by illuminating the fiber out of fiber optics through a LED light bulb. You can say that it is an optical version of wifi.

So, who is the mastermind behind the creation of lifi? The man is none other than Harald Haas from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He demonstrated back in 2011 how a data can be transmitted more than how a cellular tower can by flickering a light from a LED. No one ever saw that coming! A lifi is equipped with the Visible Light Communication (VLC), a way that a visible light of 400 to 800 terahertz. Basically, it works like an advanced form of a Morse code. When you turn the light on, you give a command of digital 1. When turned off, digital 0 is transmitted. Who knows, every light bulb you may see is a hub for data transmission!

You may be wondering how it differs from a wifi. Well, wifi stands for wireless fidelity. Wifi transmits data with the help of radio waves while lifi transmits data through visible light waves. The wifi goes beyond physical borders. This is not the case of the lifi. The lifi only works with the exposure of light: direct or refracted light. Once you get out of the room with lifi, you get disconnected. With this, there would be no interference from other devices that are out of your physical borders. The more data transfer is secured. What is interesting with lifi is that data can be transmitted even when you are under water, in any salty sea water and dense areas. Whatever wifi offers you in frequency operation, lifi can give you a thousand times frequency spectrum.

When your light is, just as how darkness penetrates you, lifi disadvantages creep in… and you are out of connection. Since lifi requires light for constant connectivity, that means even during daytime, you need to turn on your light. Congrats with your electricity bill! Lifi needs enough light bulbs, so, you have to make sure that you ransack the light store. You don’t want to creep out the store owner, do you? Still, this brilliant techie has much more to offer, hiding some things in its sleeve. It is guaranteed that the lifi can transmit data faster than your wifi. You’d never imagine how you can download a high definition film within 30 seconds. Even when using conventional computers, that sounds impossible. Security is stronger as data can’t be intercepted without direct contact of lifi. This, then, leads to prevention of data and connection disturbances. And since you are using LED, this is more cost-efficient.

The world of technology truly surprises us in every discovery. May it be natural or man-made light, these never failed to aid men as the year progress. From the Bible’s concept of the creation of light, who would have ever thought that light nowadays would allow you to be connected to the internet. Once with the wish of having light, there came light with internet data. And it is pleasant, indeed.


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