Arm yourself with a heavy arsenal of the coolest Star Wars facts


We all know it: the fans of this most-awaited movie franchise are going to experience the awakening of the force few weeks from now. So here’s a collection of the coolest facts that will surely make a geeky character out of you – experience the joy of being an avid star wars fan (or at least, trick your friends to think you’re one of them)!

The reunion

The latest franchise of the Star Wars film “The Force Awakens” made a big part in reuniting the original cast that includes Mark Hamill as “Luke Skywalker”, Carrie Fisher as “Princess Leia”, Harrison Ford as “Han Solo”, Peter Mayhew as “Chewbacca” and Anthony Daniels as “C-3PO”.

R2-D2Did you miss R2D2?

The adorable droid R2D2 will also be returning in this movie franchise.

New characters and droids

You will learn about the interesting story of Daisy Ridley as “Rey” a scavenger of ship parts, John Boyega as “Finn” a stormtrooper and Oscar Isaac portraying the role of “Poe Dameron” an X-wing pilot.

You’ll soon know about the newest droid character named BB-8, a little droid that rolls like a soccer ball and it has a disc-like headpiece that doesn’t move at all.

Kylo RenWho’s the Villain?

Apparently, a character named “Kylo Ren” is the villain of this episode. He is affiliated with the Knights of the Ren and the First Order.

The first Project after acquisition

Star Wars “The Force Awakens” is the first film that ever produced after the successful acquisition of Lucas Film by Walt Disney. They acquired Lucas Film for $4 billion in 2012.

The third franchise

Star Wars “The Force Awakens” is the third franchise of the film which George Lucas did not personally directed.


The renowned creator George Lucas got the non-English language from variety of sources such as the Sanskrit word “warrior” which became the name of master “Yoda”. The Dutch word for father is used to call “Darth Vader”.

The funny and clumsy “Jar Jar” won’t be around if it wasn’t from George Lucas’s son because he kept on saying those words when his still a little kid.

The chanting of the “Duel Of the Fates” is originated from a 13th Century Welsh manuscript where John Williams translated the lines “Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging, behind in the head”

Maul me not?

In the entire film, Darth Maul only speaks three of his lines. The actor Benicio Del Toro was not happy with his role because the creator removed most of the character’s lines from the film. Del Toro was later dropped for good, being replaced by Ray Park.

The idea of the double-ended light saber of the Darth Maul was picked up from a comic-book series entitled “Tales of The Jedi: The Sith War”.

WookieThe one and only Wookiee!

George met Peter Mayhew in a hospital in Yorkshire and worked as an orderly. He is a 7’2″ Englishman that struck George Lucas and made him decide that he is the perfect fit for the Wookiee role – Yes, size does matter sometimes!

The word “Wookiee” came up from a voiceover work on THD 1138 by Terry McGovern. He said “I think I ran over a wookie back there.” George liked it very much and noted the word; thus the character Wookiee was born.

Spielberg, you’re my Jedi!

Steven Spielberg is Lucas’ primary choice to direct the franchise of “The Return of The Jedi.” Unfortunately, Spielberg was a member of the Director’s Guild which didn’t allow him to get the project because George Lucas left the guild on bad terms.

Due to Lucas’ determination on convincing Spielberg on his massive project, the Episode III franchise, the famed Spielberg said “Yes” and helped him with a certain sequence which gave birth to the epic battle of the lightsaber between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Spielberg’s experience with modern visuals effects from the “War of the Worlds” complements the scene like butter and bread.


Harrison Ford was paid a $10,000 talent fee after a successful portrayal of a major role in the Star Wars 4th episode “A New Hope.”

Special Effects

The launch of Episode III made a huge change on the franchise tracks because the creator of Star Wars became dependent on the visual effects hoping to exceed the effects used in Episode I and II. A total of 2,200 digital effects were used to bring the epic movie to life.

Despite the use of the modern special effects, Episode III didn’t receive any Best Visual Effects nomination on the Oscars, unlike its New Hope which uses only 350 visual effects.

Tatooine shoot

The buildings that had been constructed for this scenic shot are still standing somewhere in Tunisia. Several buildings were already used by the locals for local businesses.

Master Unknown?

Master Yoda’s specie had never been named by the creator.


Famous boy band “N’ Sync” made a cameo appearance in the Star Wars episode II “Attack of the Clones” to quiet down the daughter of George Lucas. The scene was deleted after editing the final version of the film.

We’ve all been waiting for the seventh installment of Star Wars Saga and everyone’s going nuts as it’ll be shown in theaters in less than two weeks. Are you with the force?


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