Our Monday Blues as Explained By Science

Tired woman with documents on her office
These guys just suffered Monday blues and they are unhappy about it.

You just had an Earth-shattering social gathering for the last two nights and you were able to travel places others will call leisure. For those who prefer to stay at home, you probably cuddled the bed while watching movies or playing video games last weekend. Then the alarm clock rings to summon you from deep slumbers.

It is already Monday and you now have to wake up early for school or for work. Imagine the jarring transition from your wonderful rest to the start of another week of stress. It is getting a bit painful, isn’t it? Yet then, you might be thinking that you are just psyched to not continue Mondays.

Do not worry. Science can explain your apparent hatred to that day.

Your Caveman Tendencies Are Showing

If we are going to follow the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the human wants to belong in a community is of a higher class than that of our basic necessities. Did you notice that it takes longer to have a chat with your officemate during Mondays? Yes. That has a scientific explanation which predates back when civilizations yet to exist. Humans are social animals and being away for even two days makes we feel separated from the tribe. Hence, we seek tribal bonding to others who are also the members of the tribe. Just replace the word tribe with workplace and the explanation works perfectly. So a gossip or two with your favorite workplace pal can save you from having a grumpy face for the start of the week.

You are Basically Hating Your Job on Mondays

It is a fact that the vast majority of people are disengaged with their job for a lot of factors ranging from their insipid bosses to inflexible schedules. In the United States alone, about $ 450 billion is lost annually due to the noncommittal acts of these employees. It also hurts more that many employees cannot take their usual groove during Mondays until 11 am and smile while working. These feelings contribute to a psychiatric phenomenon called Monday Blues where it makes the workers depressed, tired, hopeless and making us feel that the sense of work is inevitable.  It is also an interesting truth that about 37% of job applications are received during Tuesdays, well, which is heavily implied that any small unfortunate event on Monday makes us hate more our jobs than we should be. A good advice? Look ahead and think on Friday that you have things to do on Monday so as to prepare yourself.

That Jarring Change from Sunday to a Workday

The cold truth for disengaged workers: Monday is just as terrible as Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday according to a scientific study when the emotional distress of a worker was measured in intervals. Friday is a bit better due to the optimism weekends could bring. However, many singlehandedly pick Monday as the worst day of the week despite the lack of scientific evidence to support the claim. This brings a similar phenomenon which piques the interest of behavioral scientists where what we feel over an experience distorts our memory as against to what really happened. Case in point, your pleasant thoughts over a relaxing Sunday morning are to be immediately replaced by the start of the work week. Imagine the unpleasant transitions as well as your emotional preparedness brought by Monday. Yes, that feeling makes you think Monday is the worst day even if the next three days are just as stressful as this one.

Tired woman with documents on her office
Tired woman with documents on her office

You Feel Uglier on Mondays

So what do you think many people do during Friday nights? Party and eat, isn’t it? Even if you prefer to stay at home during weekends, there is an additional intake of calories and the physical activity during those days are the least as you recoup some energy lost during weekdays. I am sure you just binged eat because consuming food or drinking beers is the best way to relax. This pattern would continue for another two days. Come Sunday, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Did you just notice additional flab in your body? Scientifically, a person weights the most during Mondays and about half of women feel unattractive during that day according to a study conducted in the United States. On the plus side, people also feel health conscious during Mondays in a study conducted by Google. Hence, why not start drafting some exercise regimens during your break in the office?

You Shift Sleeping Patterns

Sometimes, the ideal 9-to-5 work is not enough for you to have a complete sleep. This does not include the time it takes for you to prepare before you go to the office and the time you consume to fix personal issues in your house not to mention overtime works which are prevalent in the office. Hence, the recommended at least 7 hours of sleep is compromised during weekdays. Your compensation? Sleep a lot during weekends to recover the hours of sleep lost. However, scientists claim that the additional sleep we do at weekends make us more tired at the beginning of the week. That is because we mess up with our body clocks – even as 45 minutes of more sleep daily during the weekends is enough to wreck your sleep cycle. Does it answer now the question why you feel much awake in Sunday nights then feel so sleepy during Monday?

Health Risks are the Highest on Mondays

As tackled earlier, it is not only like you feel less attractive on Mondays but also the risks of getting complicated diseases are also the highest during this day! This is due to the circaseptan rhythm which governs numerous biological functions which is at its spikes during Mondays. Given that you also weigh the most during this day, it is also a given that the risk of getting high blood pressure is also the highest which may cost you a trip to the hospital. Worse? The end of this cycle could also bring you additional cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart diseases. Taken positively, you now already know when to have regular checkups if you have a preexisting cardiac condition.

Do you have any other reason as to why you hate Monday? Voice your thoughts in the comments!


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