AR Gear Brings a Modern Warfare Experience for the Military


Modern combat is all about strategies involving deception, precision targeting, stealth and super weapons. The role of technology in this theater of operations is vital for minimizing casualties, for winning a war with less confrontation and inflicting heavy losses to the enemy.

For tank commanders, relying on a modern tank’s mounted cameras and sensors would be their best chance for survival. The existing technology could be replaced soon by the HoloLens. The AR gear is promised to provide a better 360-degree view for the tank crew, but not only that.


HoloLens can implement a clearer view of the battlefield and, through the AR gear, spotting the enemy becomes easier. Tank crew can now be guided by a computerized military network, whereas the INTEL from the base command is simultaneously live feed from the frontlines. The crew will be able to fire at the enemy positions, even from a longer distance than before. Precision targeting is another big factor that will soon be integrated into the HoloLens.

Microsoft’s HoloLens are also being used for advanced battlefield planning, like the Israel’s C2 Systems Department. This is where the military personnel is being trained with new tactics that are crucial for future military operations.

HoloLens will play a significant role in military strategy buildup, planning and actual operations. There’s a huge possibility that the AR gear used by the tank crew will also be implemented to the infantry. With this AR gear strapped on their helmets, the soldiers will boost their situational awareness. They can now react to enemy threats properly, thanks to being provided with live INTEL. The troops positions will be easier to monitor, to faster get them out of the kill zone.

Beside its use in battle strategies, HoloLens might also prove useful to army medics, who would receive guidance from surgeons to operate on wounded. Also, with soldiers wearing HoloLens, repairing equipment will become easier.

The significance of HoloLens in the military is promising. It is also doing great in the field of construction, gaming industry and other industries that are in the stage of finding out what  Microsoft HoloLens can offer.

What do you think about Microsoft’s HoloLens contribution to the military? Will it match virtual reality gears? Sound your thoughts by commenting below.



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