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Finally, GoPro confirmed the release of its drone camera, first rumored back in 2014. This year, GoPro thrilled its fans with their awaited drone camera in a YouTube promotional video and an official blog post announcement. The product is still on its developmental phase as of now, but they are polishing their final adjustments for this prototype, making a key purpose to deliver a significantly superior camera and ultimately, not to disappoint their avid fans around the globe.

GoPro Karma

After the failed strategy of GoPro’s Hero 5 release this year, their marketing department believes that next year will be awesome because they are planning to release both GoPro Hero 5 and the Karma at the same time. The company expects a boost in their sales which will contribute in achieving their sales quota or better yet, exceeding it.

GoPro Karma release date

According to the official sources, the release is set sometime in the first half of 2016.


Official specs are not yet released by GoPro. However, based on the clip uploaded in YouTube, the company teased, or better said, it effectively “wowed” the fans. The UAV’s test footage is nearly at 2500 resolution judging from its 1440p captured video.

How did they end up with Karma?

The failed partnership with DJI and a Taiwanese OEM obviously contributed to some degree. The management chose to zip their lips for any unreasonable and unnecessary statements.

However, DJI CEO Frank Wang Tao implied GoPro was disrespectful in negotiations, just like they would be with any other Taiwanese OEM, so any successful partnership was practically not possible. If you like to speculate things, you may think the “Karma” naming may relate in a way to this unsuccessful partnership.

What’s the price range?

There’s still no word on the official price. However, there are rumors that the drone camera is roughly worth $500 to $1,000 for an introductory price next year. Want to win a GoPro give away? Sign up for GoPro’s news on drone. Who knows? Maybe it’s your lucky day, right?

GoPro’s holiday blowout or marketing strategy?

GoPro H4

The price of GoPro Hero 4 recently dropped from $400. This Christmas, they slashed down almost half of its price. The mark down of the Hero 4 is a clear indication that the upcoming release is near and they want to clear out most of their Hero 4 stocks.

If you like new gadgets and cooler stuff, then the upcoming Christmas sale is not for you. If you can’t wait any longer and you are on a tight budget, go for it, it’s a great deal.

The Do’s and Don’ts of drone flying

Having fun means flying safely!” – Federal Aviation Authority

Although recreational flying doesn’t require an approval from FAA, they vouch for a strict compliance with the guidelines set by their agency for a safer and fun way of flying drones. Avoid any daring stunts that will jeopardize airplanes or other people’s property on the ground.


  1. Do fly a model aircraft for personal fun.
  2. Do take lessons and learn how to fly safely.
  3. Do register your aircraft if it weighs more than 55 lbs.
  4. Do contact the airport or control tower when flying within 5 miles of the airport
  5. Do fly a model aircraft/UAS at the local model aircraft club.


  1. Don’t fly model aircraft for payment or commercial purposes.
  2. Don’t fly near manned aircraft.
  3. Don’t fly an aircraft weighing more than 55 lbs. unless it’s certified by an aeromodeling community-based organization.
  4. Don’t fly beyond operator’s line of sight.
  5. Don’t fly contrary to your aeromodeling community-based safety guidelines.

Any unlawful use of drones can lead to multiple lawsuit. Contact FAA for additional guidelines and information. And if you have questions, post them bellow.


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