How to pre-order HTC’s Vive VR headset?


Good news for all VR enthusiasts out there! HTC’s Vive just started the pre-order phase of their most awaited VR headset. You can pre-order the awesome VR gear for $799 in the U.S, £689 in the UK and €899 in Europe. The package is bundled with a Vive headset, a set of wand controllers and a couple of room sensors that will track the user’s movements, and VR applications.

VR titles included in the package

1. Job simulator – is a VR title that will also be available on PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. The simulation is set in an office cubicle, convenience store or a kitchen. Users can experience the three different scenarios, they can select a preferred job type and interact with the virtual surrounding.

2. Fantastic Contraption – it is an interactive colorful game that will let you experience building a structure to reach a specified goal on a particular map.

3. Tilt Brush – it is a painting game developed by Google. Users can paint using lights with different colors in a 3D world.

The three VR apps will be offered on a limited time only!

PC specifications for HTC Vive VR

HTC’s VR gear will only run smooth on a PC with decent specifications. The minimum recommended hardware to run the HTC’s VR headset:

  • Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 processors or greater
  • Video card – AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics or at least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • 4GB RAM

HTC is prepared for such demand on specification, you can also order a VR-ready rig along with the VR headset. The idea of having a VR ready rig is convenient for people that have a slower PC, people that don’t have time to build their own rig, and people that are not well versed on building a computing system.

Pre-order processing

You can process your order by visiting their website or their selected partners. As of now, HTC is implementing the one person – one device policy. Shipping starts from April 5, 2016.

They are accepting payments from any credit card or PayPal. For consumers that are planning to purchase the VR headset with their credit cards, a hold will be placed until shipping. If you are planning to pay using PayPal, the amount will be automatically charged in full payment. If you are in the United Kingdom, expect to pay an extra £57.60 for the stand-alone charges.

International pricing

Region                                  Currency                                              MSRP

US                                        USD                                                       US $799.00
UK                                        GBP                                                       £ 689.00
Canada                                 CAD                                                       CAD 1149
Australia                               USD                                                       US $899.00
EU                                        EUR                                                        € 899.00
Belgium                                EUR                                                        € 899.00
Czech                                   EUR                                                        € 899.00
Denmark                              EUR                                                        € 899.00
Finland                                 EUR                                                        € 899.00
France                                  EUR                                                        € 899.00
China                                    CNY                                                       CNY 6,888
Taiwan                                  TWD                                                      NT$28,288
Japan                                    JPY                                                        JPY 111,999
New Zealand                         USD                                                       US $949.00
Norway                                 EUR                                                        € 899.00
Poland                                  EUR                                                        € 899.00
Spain                                    EUR                                                        € 899.00
Iceland                                 EUR                                                        € 899.00
Ireland                                 EUR                                                        € 899.00
Italy                                     EUR                                                        € 899.00
Germany                              EUR                                                        € 899.00
Netherlands                          EUR                                                        € 899.00
Sweden                                EUR                                                        € 899.00
Switzerland                          EUR                                                        € 899.00

Please note that the sales tax is not yet included in the MSRP. Visit HTC vive for more information. Want to buy this? Care to compare it with other VR HMDs? Do you have a specific game title that you want to be integrated on this platform? Write bellow.


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